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Halfway to the Grave I'mConflicted I've been pondering for far too long regarding this book and how I feel about it In the beginning I dug it I mean I dug it Right I did I mean yeah the writing is shallow and uick the characters are just shoved in your face and then taken away at the author's whim but the dialogue and action are engaging and it keeps you reading That's good right Turns out not always Like road trips They're awesome until someone blindfolds you and directs you right off a cliff That's what I feel like this author did to me; gleefully drove me over a cliff And I'm dead right I'm lying on the ground my body is broken my life force soul cosmic parasite whatever you want to call it has left my earthly vessel but my conscious self is still functioning and I'm pondering how to react to this turn of events What's most startling is that up until about 34 of the way in I had planned on giving this book three or four stars The endingthat was the cliff I guess I should explain Oh yes there will be spoilersNow if you've read the synopsis you know this is the story of Cat a half humanhalf vampire outcast with an emotionally distant prejudiced mother no friends and a hate hard on for all vampires since her biological father was oneand raped her mom OK admittedly it started off on shaky ground but the humor was good enough to force my hand into giving it a pass Eventually Cat meets Bones a bounty hunting hitman vampire who nearly kills her and the two of them team up to take down bad vamps See Cat is convinced all vampires are bad but Bones helps show her the light 'Cause he's all chivalrous and moral and shit I dig Bones as a character aside from his ludicrous giggle inducing nickname because he's a vamp who isn't cartoonishly villainous but neither is he the self loathing emo type like Edward some other literary vampires Basically think of Spike in the 6th and 7th seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer And Cat is what would happen if you took Buffy Faith and Sooki Stackhouse and smooshed 'em together So we have our premise and we have our characters and we're ready to move on Good sexual tension checkZany vampire killing adventures check A crime syndicate with one or two big bads to take out checkGood banter between hero and heroine check An awesome bloodbath at the end checkA heroine who can take care of herself check Sounds like this book has it all right Well it does Including a propensity for the heroine to occasionally act like a complete and total idiot Why does this always happen to me Why Why can't I ever read about a female protagonist who is kick ass and consistently smart No what always happens is that they're either chronically stupid the entire time or they show promise only to fall apart at the weirdest times In the case of Cat her great moment of Derp arrives towards the end She'd acted dumb on occasion before then but the one that really floored me was at the end After taking out the big crime syndicate Cat and Bones are separated and she ends up in the hospital recovering A couple of FBI guys show up think MIB meets X Files and manipulate her into working for the government They use her mom and Bones as leverage to get her to agree to this and she understandably doesn't trust them and is pretty pissed off but she feels she can do nothing but agree Let's forget for a moment that I would never in a million years take that deal seriously if my mom were a prejudiced bitch like hers I'd dump her ass somewhere and never look back the important thing is that Cat thinks it's the only way to keep her mother and Bones safe so she agrees Never mind the fact that making those kinds of decisions for other people is supremely arrogant and self centeredI'm getting off track Anyway the reader has had it drilled into hisher head from the beginning of this story that Cat doesn't trust easily She doesn't even seem to trust her mother Keep that in mind When Bones first started training Cat he let her in on all sorts of vampire secrets including the fact that vampire blood heals So at the end Cat is still all hopped up on Bones' blood she knows these secrets she's cavorting with bureau men she doesn't trust both of whom are as prejudiced against vampires as her mother and want them all dead and what does she do She tells them that vampire blood heals It was at that moment that I pinched the bridge of my nose and was like HmmmmI can't think of anything bad the bureau could possibly do with that informationcan you Now I think I have to keep reading because if there isn't a scene in any of the later books where Cat stumbles upon the FBI's secret vampire milking room I might die of shock Welcome to the wonderful cliche world of vampires TBH I read this book for the funny title but it actually surprised me It had a great blend of supernatural and urban fantasy world building – sexy dark romantic witty action filled plot filled with fantastic characters So the plot deep raspy voice Its been years since Cat learned of her true despicable nature and hundreds of people have died Some by bad luck Others by pure stupidity I mean really why would you CHOSE to go to a club full of vampires But that didn't bother the Cat none she only cared about one thing and one thing alone killing vampires Because in a game of life or death you either live or you die Our heroine Cat is a sexy strong ass woman who is half vampire who is determined to killwait for it other vampires “I'm saying that I'm a moody insecure narrow minded jealous borderline homicidal bitch and I want you to promise me that you're okay with that because it's who I am and you're what I need” She is brutally honest with herself about her homicidal tendencies but tends to block out any other feelings she may but insists she doesn't haveat least till the last possible second of denial “Life sucks and then you die” Her can do attitude was honestly just so overwhelmingly optimistic at timessarcasm but it was pretty hilarious seeing her perspective as she encounters some crazy shit “Sonofabitch” I shouted Great that was going to leave a mark There’d be a bruise the size of my stupidity” It's always refreshing when both you and the character are reviewing their actions screaming YOU STUPID BiTcH wHyyyyy Hehe She was an entertaining character and I chuckled a couple times Basically she the bloody Kate Daniels of the vampire world and I loved that While she did have a littlespecial snowflake going on her strength was also a weakness which created a nice balance between kicking ass and learning how mortal she is “My eyes narrowed as I considered my options One Put a stake through his heart Appealing but morally incorrect” We've all had that one bad ex but Cat's ex might actually take the cake He was a total douche but it did help ground her character a little bit with some history plus his worth to her is hilariously overestimated We all know that special moment when you meet your next possible love the dramatic music playing in your head how you always say the right words and of course wearing your best outfit Cat's moment was a tad different You were so nervous you kept blushing Never had someone try to stake me who blushed so much” Meet Bones sexy ancient vampirewho kills other vampiresand has a British accent Because ya gotta have something to differentiate him from the othersi'm embarrassed to say it totally worked TEAM BONES AND CAT ALL THE WAY BACKOFF HATERS “Are you telling me bloody caramel apples and books taught you how to kill vampires Is that what you’re saying Well good thing most of the recent generations are nearly illiterate or we’d all be in serious trouble Blimey” These two had some great banter back and forth in between all the blood and gore and fighting I couldn't help but fall in love with these two characters Thank gawd there was no insta love It took a while for them to tolerate let alone trust each other “Lucifer’s bouncing balls Kitten not again Uh ​oh I suirmed instinctively also trying to block Tony’s body from his view As if that made him any less dead” I wish there had been a little scenes like this focused on the comedy and working together Would it be that bad to have little character building and snark in between the death death and death There comes a time in every reader's life where the repetition of action sex supernatural becomes dull I know I know blasphemy After several attempts and almost killing each other the two fell in love “I love you”My mouth fell open and my mind briefly cleared of thought Then I found my voice“No you don’t”He let out a snort and dropped his hand “You know pet that is one truly annoying habit you have telling me what I do and do not feel” But whats worse than admitting you have feelings for a dude Admitting them to your mother Kitten you still haven’t told her Blimey what are you waiting for”“The Second Coming of Christ” I snapped “And not a moment sooner Here in the closet” The mother can fall in a hole and die for all i care No commentsNow for the only secondary character I actually gave a shit about Timmie I loved Timmie he was so cute and college struggleshonestly I relate “I’m sorry” he choked making it worse by trying to talk More coffee emerged spraying me in the face His eyes bugged in horror but I laughed so hard at seeing him leak like a thermos with holes that I started to hiccup” I really regret him not having of an involvement I thought for certain he would've gotten caught up in the action It just felt like this book's character development was limited to Cat her love interest and whatever bad guys she came across Timmie was also the guy that pointed out the obvious to Cat and basically beat the sense into Cat when she started getting too i want to but i shouldn't Aaaaa men suck But after his three scenes to help Cat he faded away RIP Timmie screentimeMy biggest complaint is the ending I HATE with a BURNING passion the view spoiler I have to leave you so you'll be safe but see ya in the next 7 books hide spoiler Flirting With The GraveHalf vampire Catherine Crawfield is going after the undead with a vengeance hoping that one of these deadbeats is her father – the one responsible for ruining her mother’s life Then she’s captured by Bones a vampire bounty hunter and is forced into an unlikely partnershipIn exchange for help finding her father Cat agrees to train with the sexy night stalker until her battle reflexes are as sharp as his fangs She’s amazed she doesn’t end up as his dinner – are there actually good vampires Pretty soon Bones will have her convinced that being half dead doesn’t have to be all bad But before she can enjoy her status as kick ass demon hunter Cat and Bones are pursued by a group of killers Now Cat will have to choose a side and Bones is turning out to be as tempting as any man with a heartbeat ★★★★★ 5 'I think I've found my new favorite PNRUF SERIES' STARS CAT You're not a woman You're the Grim Reaper with red hair BONES If you run from me I will chase you and I'll find you Short summary Catherine Cat Crawfield is a 22 year old half humanhalf vampire Ever since she was a little girl her mother a human who was once date raped by a vampire and thus became pregnant with Catherine has told her that all vampires are evil demonic creatures that can't be trusted and that they all must be killed So for the past six years Cat has used her superhuman strenght to hunt down vampires in her city and kill them without mercy Then one night she runs into he vampire called Bones who's a ruthless killer and bounty hunter Bones turns out powerful than her and he ends up kidnapping her and proposing her with a deal he suggest the two of them to team up and hunt down the most dangerous vampires together that way they'll be even powerful It's an offer Cat cannot refuse and soon she finds herself part of a powerful and merciless duo of vampire hunters There's only one way to fight and that's dirty Clean gentlemanly fighting will get you nowhere but dead and fast Take every cheap shot every low blow absolutely kick people when they're down and maybe you'll be the one who walks away What I loved ❥ The writing it kept me enthralled and captivated from the very first page There was a perfect balance between the seriousness and suspense of action scenes and the humor and romance between the two main characters The dialogue between Cat and Bones was hilarious and had me laughing out loud than once❥ The characters Cat and Bones are a dynamic fun sexy couple that complement each other perfectly And Bones is pretty much my new favorite alpha male book boyfriend; he's smoking hot a ruthless killer but he his tragic past and the patiente and care with which he treats Cat aka his Kitten show that he also has a soft spot And every time he calls her luv with his sexy Brittish accent I melt a little inside sigh Cat on the other hand is a badass heroine with a very tough to the point attitude which is very refreshing in a heroine The only character that I'm not really a fan of is Cat's mother But maybe she'll come around during the rest of the serieseventually❥ The action suspense sexual tension passion humor romance and tragedyall these elements turned out to be the perfect combination to keep me hooked from the very first page until the very last one There were some very interesting twists towards the ending that I didn't see coming and that made me all the curious to find out what's going to happen next in the fascinating danger filled lives of my new two favorite vampire hunters You hold the ones you love close and fight the battles you can win and that Kitten is how it is There's not really a cliffhanger but still I'm already looking forward to starting the next book in this series soon 25 starsI feel a little torn about this book Can't say I didn't enjoy it in some way but at the same time I can hardly say anything in its defenseWhat I liked1 Spunky dialog 2 Dirty talk3 Steamy hooking up Bones is a very generous attentive and giving lover if you know what I meanWhat I didn't like1 This is not urban fantasy this is paranormal romance The majority of the book is dedicated to flirting snogging hooking up and love confessions2 Many complain that Bones is Spike rip off Not sure about that as I have never watched Buffy but the story certainly reads like an indulgent fanfiction It is a mix of non stop snarkactionsex scenes guess which ones I was constantly flipping to with almost no character development or world building to speak of Halfway to the Grave is filled with cutesy gratuitous scenes of jealousy sex on the stairs and proclamations of love the stuff that any fanfiction is full of The characters are defined exclusively by snarkysexy dialog with almost no back stories Cat for instance has no friends hobbies interests etc; and the story fails to create any kind of sense of place there is barely any description of anything clubs apartments citiesI understand the appeal of this series I honestly do I enjoyed almost blushing virgin Cat and dirty mouth Bones conversations and flirting very much But you can't sustain a book let alone a series of books on just dirty talk no matter how entertaining it is As for literary uality Halfway to the Grave has none Not really interested in reading the seuels This is one of THE ABSOLUTE BEST PNRUF series out there With one of the strongest long lasting couples Here's how I see Bones are you drooling yet I am ecstatic a fabulicious new series Sexy vampireswhat else could I ask for Cat Bones are now my favorite vampire couple Cat is a sexy kick ass half humanhalf vampire determined to kill vampiresafter all her mother was raped by an evil vampire aka her father “I'm saying that I'm a moody insecure narrow minded jealous borderline homicidal bitch and I want you to promise me that you're okay with that because it's who I am and you're what I need” Bones is a sexy ancient vampire slayer of evil vampires with a fab English accentyes he’s British And GORGEOUS I absolutely loved the humor and the interaction and dialogue between Cat Bones is let’s just sayTO DIE FOR A love storyooh I love it “Cat hmmm From where I sit you look like a Kitten My head jerked around and I shot him an annoyed look Oh I was going to enjoy this all right It's Cat I repeated firmly Cat Raven Whatever you say Kitten Tweedy” A great blend of supernatural and urban fantasy world building – sexy dark romantic witty action filled plot filled with fantastic charactersthose male vampiresYUMimgsrc” that left me wanting 2718 ON SALE for 299 starsGAH So here's the deal NIGHT HUNTRESS by Jeaniene Frost is one of the first UF series I ever read so it holds a special place in my heartThat being said there are aspects that haven't aged well At all Things that were cornball the first time I read them in 2007 are borderline stoopid in 2015 Things like “I thawt I thaw a putty tat” Okay that was always stoopid How 'bout this “Tell me why you registered for college” I asked in amusement She nodded pointedly at an attractive male who passed by us “The boys This place is crawling with them It’s like an all you can eat buffet” UghBUT Bones is one of the most perfect love interests ever conceived In fact if he wasn't a vampire not my favorite he'd be a strong contender for Numero Uno Book Boyfriend currently held by Clayton Danvers of Women of the Otherworld fameHe's a Bad Boy A killer for hire with just a touch of vulgarity that makes him intriguing rather than crass Or maybe it's that his rough edges are acceptable bc he's also daring without being reckless loyal and oh so patient with his temperamental CatBeing a bit temperamental myself I appreciate that He's also dead HA sexyBUTAnd I'm probably digging my own grave here PUNS I has 'em but he's also very obviously modeled after Spike As in James Marsters from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER You What's wrong with thatMe Well You glowers menacinglyMe HIS HEAD IS TOO BIGIt really is And it widens oddly at his forehead Almost like he's some Mad Scientist Super Villain I want to like him really I do And sometimes it's almost possible But then there's thisSO This reread I was on a mission I was determined to find a suitable alternative for Bones in my head And I did Behold Justin TherouxI was horribly disappointed to discover that he's only 5'9 BUT that's the awesome thing about Bones in my head I can stretch him to the 6'2 he's meant to be preserving the aspect ratio of course and VOILÀ Perfection takes a bow congratulates selfCatherine Crawfield is one of a kind She's grown up knowing she was different but any attempts to discuss her extras with her mother are met with anger and shame So she does her best to hide her strangeness Pretends to be normal Until finally on her sixteenth birthday her mother tells her the truth Catherine's father was a vampire who raped her Five months later Cat was born premature but fully developed To illustrate the point Mommy Dearest stabbed her in the thigh to make her eyes glow Just like her father'sThe MonsterCatherine must be careful you see She has evil inside her and it wants out Cat's mom kind of a bitch After that Cat makes it her mission to hunt and kill creatures like her father Now she's twenty two and she's refined her techniue learned through trial and error the best ways to beguile then dispatch her prey But one night things don't go as planned Her target isn't falling for her usual lines and in the inevitable confrontation he gets the drop on her and after being knocked unconscious she wakes chained to a wall in a cave Not goodThat's when things get really interestingSuffice it to say that they Cat and Bones form an unwilling alliance and thus begins Cat's education about reality vs what she's been told And this is where another of the Big Problems rears its ugly head the slut shaming Given what you already know about Mommy Dearest it shouldn't come as a surprise that Cat's formative years included a rather narrow minded Christian perspective on dating and relationships So it's understandable that she has a hard time with her world being turned upside down what with learning that vampires aren't any evil than humans and that sex is part of a healthy adult relationshipBUT that doesn't make her self flagellation any easier to read The only thing I can say is that it's a realistic part of her character development not a long running theme Those are my only real complaints the corn and the shame I acknowledge that the whole Spike thing is completely superficial and subject to individual preference And despite those issues HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE by Jeaniene Frost was still an entertaining read The plot was interesting enough to hold my attention in the face of awful turns of phrase and sporadic bouts of self loathing It's pretty funny too And Bones than makes up for any early deficiencies in Cat's character Overall far from a perfect first installment but worth continuing Recommended Calling all Spikeaholics Warning Warning Sexual content aboundsThis book is the perfect fit to fill the Buffy sized hole in my heartCat is a part vamppart human super strength vampire slaying goddess with eyes that glow green when she gets riled up She has been slaying since the age of 16 Bones is her sleek and sexy bleach blonde British vampire sidekick who also slays vampires for kicks And for the bounty Together they form a kick ass team who love to heat things up on the dance floor and in the bedroomBuffy rip off much YES But if you expect that it helps The absence of Buffy has really been playing on my psyche lately so this was exactly what I needed If you go in expecting something original you WILL be sorely disappointedJust because it's a derivative doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable Plus I was in the mood for a snarky mindless romp which is exactly what this is I think mood will definitely have a huge effect on how you view this bookGawd every time Bones spoke I would start having to fan myselfI felt like I was having hot flashes Geez why are my thighs all sweatyIf you've read any of my Fever reviews notably Faefever or Dreamfever you probably know that I can go a bit overboard with the love for my favorite male characters Bones is no exceptionBones is what you would get if you mixed together two of my favorite things soot covered half naked firefighters and rocky road ice cream Burning hot dirty deliciousnessDAMN Wish I had a visual aid for that one Hmmm in fact I would gladly hand over a million dollar bill for such a pictureHe had me so sexually frustrated in the first half of the book that I was pulling out all my hair I'm pretty much down to my LAST eyebrow nowAnd yes I look exactly like thatPart of my problem was that I wanted it to keep going with that much intensity But halfway through the book they are already getting it on Not that it wasn't good but I would have liked a little tease I wanted the to be tortured with it But I'm weird like thatSo technically Cat is not a virgin but in the beginning she acts like one She's very virginal And at first she blushes every time he says anything to herAnd she's 22 and getting ragged on for staying out all night once I can't stand her mom or her grandparents Get the EFF over yourselvesI can barely justify giving this book four stars but I decided that three would be too few That doesn't mean that I didn't love itI feel like I just need to add that unlike the Fever series where I loved Mac and cared deeply about the things happening to her I really didn't care at all about the plot of this book or really even that much about the main character The only thing that kept me going was the relationship between the Bones and Cat so I really hope that this changes in the seuelsSo obviously I did love Bones no really But that's the main problem He made this book for me If you take him out this book is two stars maybe The rest of the story and the main character were not all that captivating Cat is NO Buffy though she tries to be Although I did find this artwork It's supposed to be Buffy and Spike but it makes me think of Cat and BonesThis is your typical vampire slayin' and vampire layin' book Besides the green glowy eyes that the vampires have there isn't alot here that you wont find in another vamp romance except for Bones He makes it sooo worth itRegardless of it's flaws it's definitely a SUPERnatural fun ride And really hot to bootOh Bones sigh Oh Bones oh BONES smacks the desk with both handsTrust me With Bones you wouldn't have to fake it 5 Hallo Kitten StarsFirst read 2202014Reread 11192015Re re read 11112019SpoilersIs that a stake Bones or are you just happy with my new dress Cat Maybe he knew Maybe on some deep deep level he could sense I was evil I wish I hadn't been born this way I wish I hadn't been born at all CatMy God I love this series I loved this book the first time I read it and I love it now Night Huntress series is one of my all time favorites and after years of reading it's still one of the best series I have ever read God but I love me some Bones and Cat They are my favorite book couple everI've wanted you from the moment we met and if you think sitting next to me in your bra doesn't overwhelm me with desire you're very wrong I just don't force myself where I'm not invited Bones Charlie whistled Amazing Grace as he drove It was all I could do not to whip my head around and snap Are you kidding me Couldn't he pick something appropriate like Shout at the Devil or Don't Fear the Reaper Some people had no sense of the proper music for a kidnapping Cat What this book is aboutCat hunts vampires She has since she was 16 That was the day her mom told her where she came from That her father was a vampire that date raped her mother Having grown up with all kinds of weird abilities Cat never fit in Then her mom told her all the time that she came from evil that evil lived in her and all vampires are evil murderers Cat went out every weekend picking up vampires Killing every vampire she picked up so that maybe then her mom would forgive her for the way she was born One weekend she bit off then she could chew when she went up to a blonde vampire Bones When she leaves with him things don't go as planned and before she knows it she has been knocked out and chained to a cave with said vampire asking her who she works for When she tells him her story that she is half vamp and what her father did he offers her a deal Help him hunt vampires as bait and not only does she get to kill vampires with back up but he will help her find and kill her father Cat jumped on that deal As her and Bones hunt they uncover a vampire sex and blood slave ring Will Cat ever let go of her vampire prejudice and see that there are good and bad in both vampires and humans or will she let her prejudice cost many lives maybe her own Can Cat and Bones stop the bad vampires from killing any young women I've been scared for you since I found out I was pregnant she went on The lights were off but I didn't need them to see the tension in her face From the day you were born you looked just like your father Then each day after that I watched your abnormalities grow as you did Soon you'll leave and I won't be there to watch over you any You'll have only yourself to make sure you don't become like the monster who sired you You can't let that happen Finish school get your degree Move out of town make some friends it'll be good for you Just be careful Don't ever forget you're not like everyone else They don't have evil in them trying to break out like you do Cat's mom Justina My Bones Bones is oh so yummy He is so sexy my panties melted Damn that vampire got me hot The things that vamps says Mmmm Damn He showed Cat that it's not being a vampire that makes a person evil it's their heart He loved Cat all of her just for who she was not even her mom did that He kicked so much ass and embodied everything a vampire is suppose to be I can't sing enough praises for Bones He was smart sweet sexy badass brave and caring Why Bones Why aren't you real God but I wanna jump his bones lolI love that you did it to protect me but next time try aiming to wound hmm You know maybe throw the knives at someone's head instead Then they're incapacitated momentarily but not reduced to a pile of rotting remains Just food for thought BonesI can't stand to see you do this to yourself I regarded him with wariness Do what Continue to punish yourself for your father's sins he replied steadily How long are you supposed to pay for them How many vampires do you have to kill until you and your mum are suared You're one of the bravest people I've ever met yet you're scared to death of your own mum Don't you realize It's not me you're hiding in a closet it's yourself BonesI know what you're thinking and you're wrong This isn't goodbye Kitten I didn't survive over two hundred years to find you only to lose you within five months I want you but I'm not saying goodbye to you because we will get through this BonesMy Cat I so have a girl crush on Cat I loved her every bit as much as Bones Her mom treated her like it was her fault she was born out of a rape and that she was evil Cat never knew true love She hated herself but she still cared deeply for others She tried to do right She wanted to help and save others so they wouldn't end up like her mom I could understand why Cat felt the way she did and her actions She felt very real to me Even having the life she had she was still an awesome person She was brave strong willed sassy smart and straight badass I'm saying I'm a moody insecure narrow minded jealous borderline homicidal bitch and I want you to promise me that you're okay with that because it's who I am and you're what I need I missed you every minute this week and I don't want to spend another day without you If my mother disowns me for being with a vampire then that's her decision but I've made mine and I won't apologize or back down from it CatI want you to know that despite everything I'm so glad I met you I choked out It was the luckiest day of my life If I hadn't I never would have known what it was like for someone to love me all of me even the parts I hated I would have gone through life empty and guilt ridden but you showed me a whole new world Bones I'll never be able to thank you for all you've done for me but I will love you every day until I die CatYou are going to wash your mouth out If you kiss me I don't want a face full of hepatitis Cat Lucifer's bouncing balls Kitten not again Uh oh I suirmed instinctively also trying to block Tony's body from his view As if that made him any less dead She was going to stab you I said in my defense Look in her hand He was looking at the ground near my feet instead Him too I nodded sheepish He jumped me Bones just stared You're not a woman he said finally You're the Grim Reaper with red hair Bones and CatThis book's pace was great It doesn't matter how many times I read it once I start I can't put it down Cat and Bones together are explosively hot The book really built up their relationship They are one badass vampire hunting team Their love feels real and tangible I couldn't help but fall in love with both of them I fucking hate her mother Justina treated her daughter like shit Justina made Cat pay for her fathers sins over and over never accepting her and loving her Jeaniene Frost did a great job of building the paranormal world in this series I had a great understand of the undead world and never felt lost The plot was action packed There was blood guts spit and ass everywhere Towards the end there is a awesome fight where Cat and Bones are just handing everyone their asses This book had it all It made me laugh smile swoon jump up and down in excitement and cry There is no HEA in the end it is a to be continued And the ending OMGThat's right luv Softly but with unyielding resonance If you run from me I'll chase you And I'll find you Bones I will never stop loving you No one can change that No matter what happens later I'll still love you Cat