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Scored Okay so I eat sleep and breathe football and reporting the beautiful game is my dream career But that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for a major crush on the England captain Lewis Tate The bloke is sex on legs hot with a capital H Add in his awe inspiring talent his brooding good looks and what’s not to lust afterSo my excitement is sky high as I set off with the official press team to cover England’s battle for the European Cup But when a series of unfortunate or as it turns out fortunate events attracts Tate’s attention my way who am I to say noAdd in a misogynistic manager an over zealous colleague two blue silk ties and some incredible ball handling skills and it becomes clear the road to victory for me will be an intensely erotic journey Determined to savor every moment I hang onto my sanity as best I can while living the fantasy and wondering if it can ever become reality Because once Lewis Tate has taken me to heaven and back its clear no one else will ever compareReader Advisory – Scored is an erotic romance suitable for mature readers

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  1. Jx PinkLady Reviews ♡ @bookwormthoughts Jx PinkLady Reviews ♡ @bookwormthoughts says:

    3 Football Loving Lewis Stars So fairly ordinary girl meets superstar football player “The man was devastatingly beautifulthe star of all my dirty dreams and football fantasies” Somehow she catches his eyebut can the dream become a reality for our heroine????? Or will people and other obstacles get in their way??? ♥ ♥ ♥Our heroine Nicky is a football loving journalist who works for a football magazine called Kick resultShe has her dream job AND she’s sent to cover the European Cupshe’s so happy and cannot begin to imagine the events that will come her way♥ ♥ ♥It was uite funny in places; Nicky’s a uirky character with a great personality and Lewiswell there's nothing NOT to LOVE about the blonde haired kind and passionate hot stuff that is Lewis Tate “I’d never wanted a man as much as I wanted Lewis Tate” It’s a very light happy go lucky read with lots of gorgeous sexy timesxx OH YESThe sex was HOT HOT HOT and very detailedLOVED the detail of their sexual activities it was yummy Let me tell you reader he knew a whole lot than that Howeverin places I found myself a little bored it was too detailed at times about things I didn't need to know aboutyikesonly during some parts the detailed sex was fabI actually wish I'd known the book was going to end at 70% because I could feel it had finished but it looked like I had a lot of book left??? I don't know if this put me off a littleso top tip the e book finishes at around 70%I kept waiting for something epic to happen but it just kind of simmered along I would've liked a little light and shade I think some of the issues could've been further explored and developed to create drama and angst and I wish we had learned about the characters histories but that is just my opinionview spoiler “in his arms I had found my contentment” hide spoiler

  2. Michele Michele says:

    Nicky Thomas is a female sports reporter for Kick Magazine and has been given the chance of a lifetime Following the English football soccer team as it battles for the European Cup she will also follow Lewis Tate captain of the team He is England's golden boy and and beyond sexy Coach Fellows has strict rules for his team when they travel especially with The Cup in the balance No women are allowed to distract the men as they focus on winning so when Nicky shows up at the first press conference coach ignores her So when her outspoken nature gets her noticed by coach and Lewis Nicky jumps at the opportunity After a series of hurdles meant to keep them apart Nicky and Lewis find each other rooming across the hall from each other They share casual words and long looks until fate throws them together but no one can know til the after the final game I loved the detail given to the aspect of the game Lily definately showed her love for the game and made me feel like I was right there watching the game The romance between Nicky and Lewis was smoldering and when fanned with enough room to breath it combusted

  3. Erica Erica says:

    I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Lewis Tate OH MY HOLY EIGHT POUND BABY JESUS IN A TUXEDO T SHIRT This man is perfect with NO FLAWS I read this today at a indoor play area while my daughter played and I know that the other moms had to be wondering what I was reading since I either had a goofy smile on my smile the whole time or was giggling This book is SOOOO romantic If you are looking for a hotter than hot romance with no major drama heartbreak or serious conflict this is your book It is SOOO cute and sweet and romantic And HOT No shortage of hot sex scenes in THIS book And you do not need to know a thing about soccer sorry my British friends football is played with a pigskin don't throw tomatoes to enjoy this sports oriented romance At first I just giggled my ass off at Nicky Poor girl could not get away from embarrassing situations with Lewis Lesson to all if you must travel with your vibrator take the batteries out before you pack Second lesson don't wear a white swimsuit for the first time without testing it in the shower OMG I was laughing SO HARD But clearly Lewis fell hard in love with Nicky and she with him They are absolutely PERFECT for each other Lewis' dirty talk is something else But when he threw her up against the wall because he couldn't wait another secondyeah I was history I was smiling a goofy grin ALL NIGHT after reading this book It was truly a wonderful romantic story and I LOVED IT Hearts and flowers indeed

  4. Stella Stella says:

    Lately I've been on a sport romance reading kick and yet Scored is the very first story which featured a European football soccer player until now I've only read about American footballers hockey or baseball players Having read Lily Harlem's Hot Ice series about sexy hockey players I knew I was in for a steamy story and Scored most certainly did not disappoint It was sexy yet heart warming and romantic The kind of romance that makes you sigh and dream of meeting and especially be wooed by such a strong and sexy athlete in person ; The heroine Nicky is a sports reporter and not only the fact of being a woman but also being petite definitely makes her life harder to be taken seriously by all the men in the game because let's face it all the other fellow journalists players and coaches are rather sexist But Nicky is tougher to let something like this discourage her I loved how fierce and serious she was about sports and being treated as a sports reporter and not a tabloidgossip writer But besides her tough and feisty approach to her career what made her very relatable and likeable was that she was human due to her semi professional crush on the football captain of the UK team Lewis TateAnd Lewis sighs He was dreamy All big and strong serious about being captain and inspiring his team yet playful and warm hearted despite being such a big star and having everyone fawn over him I loved the way things progressed between him and Nicky that first they talked and got to know each other a bit before taking things to the next levelI'm just trying to understand what you’re doing in my room again Lewis Maybe he was a sadist and enjoyed seeing women fall for him then tossed them aside and watched the carnageYou really want to know why I’m here? His voice was low and seriousYes He moved over to me did that thing again where he filled my vision and flooded all of my senses He cupped my cheek in his palm and his gaze latched onto mine soft but somehow burning with intensityI'm just a guy who likes a girl Nicky That’s why I’m hereAnd don't misunderstand that he didn't come to her room to get some but to spend some time and chat with herHis charisma was irresistible I could feel it across the pages and I was so there with Nicky when she just couldn't not be under his spell Lewis exuded such raw chemistry that he gave me butterflies just reading about him I loved his intensity sighsHe paused for a second Cocked his head You forget Nicky I am a man who gets what he wants I swallowed tightly The determination in his eyes the way his jaw had set sent a thrilling shiver of anticipation through meAnd you want? He stroked the back of his index finger down my cheek then threaded his fingers into my hair and held the back of my headI want you Nicky Don't you get that? I want you with me next to me in my bed in my pool I want to get to know everything about youAnd yet he was also a thoughtful caring man just look at this part to see how he reacted what he sent to her when Nicky was abed sickAnd this madam for your comfort The first man who’d brought in the flowers handed me a box I looked inside It had bandages and tubigrips packets of painkillers a Cliniue pamper me set manicure box tampons and a pink fluffy teddy wearing an England topsighs The dream a big strong virile man who is also kind warm hearted and caringHaving read several Lily Harlem novels I believe Scored is one of her best stories the story evolved smoothly and I just loved how effortlessly the humour was interwoven in the sweet or smexy partsA nuclear bomb could detonate outside the hotel and I wouldn't notice Lewis Tate was hard for me Life had never been so goodI also greatly enjoyed what a crucial role the sport played in Scored In some sport romances it is just mentioned that the hero is an athlete but you don't see much about what this entails for him but here we got to read about matches and strategies and I liked that a lotVerdict I am sorry for the gushing review but I just couldn't help myself I loved Scored and that was mainly due to its dreamy hero Lewis was swoon worthy both outside and inside with a wet dream body and a caring and loving heart he was a dreamlike fantasy If you enjoy reading about sexy athlete heroes you absolutely have to check out Scored I'm sure you'll love it Plot 810Characters 910Writing 910Ending 910Cover 810I give it 45 stars

  5. ╰☆╮ LovesToRead ╰☆╮ ╰☆╮ LovesToRead ╰☆╮ says:

    As a girl who also loves sports including football American the concept of this book was rather interesting to me SO many people associate sports with men that they often fail to realize that there are woman who not only like them but love themNow I will be the first one to admit that I know absolutely nothing about soccer or as the rest of the world calls it Football but I enjoyed having it as the backdrop of the story Famous high profile sexy soccer player and a woman who is determined to make it in a man's world of sports reporting A book that shows the downside of fame the upside of hard work and the loneliness of both Assumptions are made secrets are kept and lines are crossed all while a journey into the unknown is embarked on by two people who really should be staying away from each other Attraction is evident feelings are growing and love is inevitable The key to making this work is to tread carefully keep winning games and ensure that nothing is leaked out for the world to see Not an easy task especially when two people are keeping secrets sneaking around and on the receiving end of threatsI admired Nicky's resilience and her ethics While she was inclined to be able to get the inside scoop in the ins and outs of the team and specific players she never once used Lewis' affections to her advantage and always kept it professional and honest Have to admire a person who is not willing to compromise who she is as a person to gain leverage in a profession where her fellow reporters are against her and use inside and first hand knowledge to play dirty While some would do that she was always on the high road I also had a soft spot for Lewis His personality was uiet brooding and surly but you knew that there was much to him than that His concern for Nicky before and even after they hooked up was touching especially when he spoke of making sure she was okay with how he was and how he treated her It was like he was waiting for her to be turned off by him and he seemed legitimately concerned about her changing her mind about himWatching them explore each other's likes and dislikes was fun for me Perhaps it was the exotic nature of the backdrop of all those foreign lands or maybe it was the lack of familiarity of the UK foundationor it could have been the fact that I was actually getting excited to see if they continued to win the games and make it to the finals After all there truly was a lot on the line It all added up to a pretty sweet read for me I am not sure if this is part of a series or a standalone but if there is to come I just might find myself learning about soccer

  6. Rachel Rachel says:

    45 starsI really enjoyed this book It wasn't shocking there was very little angst and we get a HEA it was the perfect book for anyone looking for that kind of read Not too heavy not overly sweet but a great sexy readNicky is a female sports journalist in fact the only female sports reporter following England's football ie soccer team on a whirlwind tour for the European cup She's bright great at her job and an avid sports fan so Nicky can't help but wonder why she doesn't get the same attention as her male counterparts That is until she catches the eye of Lewis Tate England's team captain and the guy Nicky has been crushing on for years Well he's very hot and very talented so pretty much every woman has a huge crush on him But for some reason he's drawn to Nicky Even after she repeatedly embarasses herself in front of him on multiple occasions And as Nicky gets to know Lewis she realizes that there's so much to know But they have to keep their budding romance a secret until after the tournament or else sht will really hit the fan for both of them I loved Nicky's character She was intelligent thoughtful an all around good person and absolutely adorable I would have been mortified at some of the situations she found herself in but she seemed to bounce back pretty well She was not at all annoying which is very refreshing in this genre of bookAnd Lewis Tate He was fantastic Hot athlete but not a huge player a great guy he was commanding and in control but not controlling or angry or anything concerning He was sweet to Nicky and truly cared for her but was ummm super hot and not sweet in bed Those scenes were steamy Overall this was a great little read If you're in the mood for something light and entertaining this would definitely be a good pick EnjoyAn ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  7. Sassafrass Sassafrass says:

    Very cute and hot romance This had some funny lines in it and even funnier situations I had to LOL a few timesNicky is a sports writer and she loves football aka soccer for all of us Americans out there She's set to cover the European cup for her magazine and that consists of following the England team to to the competition That has the added bonus of letting her see super hot extremely talented team captain Lewis TateCertain circumstances have them running into each a few times and that leads to some very serious attraction which leads into flirting which eventually leads into sex They fall instantly into lust but there are some big obstacles Nicky has a boss that seems to be interested in gossip than in football and Lewis's coach has forbidden the team from having female attentionAll of this leads to a very hot affair that ends up turning into something else but can Nicky defy her boss and keep things about the football? And can Lewis keep his head in the game when he can't get his mind off of Nicky?I thought this was absolutely adorable I loved Lewis He was so intense but vulnerable And I loved the way he wasn't afraid to let Nicky know how he feels about her They had some hilarious interactions in the beginning that I laughed my ass off about They also had some smokin' hot burning up the sheets interactions that were pretty memorable as wellMy only problem was I felt like the story line with Nicky's boss was dropped I thought the whole gossip angle really could have added some tension to the story

  8. Victoria Blisse Victoria Blisse says:

    It is well known that I am footy mad I love Manchester United and have spent untold hours watching matches and agonising over the results You can tell from this book that Lily Harlem is also a fan who knows about these things All the football talk is believable without being too nerdy So if you love football soccer you'll love this book and if you're clueless you'll love it tooLewis Tate the England Captain in Lily's tale is a real catch He's hot skilled witty and did I mention hot? He's also a gentleman and a bit forceful in the bedroom Oh yes he's one of those forceful types ladies and if you're anything like me you'll be swept off your feet by him within a few paragraphsNicky the football reporter who narrates this tale is such a loveable soul I can forgive how wonderful she looks in a see through bikini because she's a bit clumsy and has wild hair and wild ways that refuse to be tamed She's believable and I loved reading her storyThe heat in this tale is scorching but it takes a looooonnnng time to get to the action but trust me that's not a bad thing This is a slow burner which builds the anticipation so deliciously you'll have to keep reading to find out when the sex actually happens And when it does phew you won't be disappointedI can thoroughly recommend Scored It's a clever story with twists and turns and lots of hot sex and football What could a girl want

  9. Charlac Charlac says:

    Sexy as hell soccer player Lewis is Captian of the team trying to lead his team to win the CupBTW did I mention he was English??Katie is a sports reporter trying to make it in a man's world I must say this had some great moments and some not so great I did lol a few times I found the sparks between the two very hot and loved how possessive Lewis was I reminded me a lot of Bridget Jones Diary but maybe it was just the English slang used But over allit was HOT FUNNY and

  10. Hbeebti Hbeebti says:

    This was pretty good Lots of sports talk and lots of sexy time Here's the but for some reason I kept expecting towards the end of the book to be some kinda drama The reason for that is because Nicky's boss kept harassing her to get the scoop on the player like they were a rag magazine and not sports Then Lewis boss who was all but breathing fire at Nicky Then Phil the other reporter was made you have you guessing that he was on the up and up Nothing happened Nothing No misunderstandings or drama But I did really enjoy the press conference at the end So even though I was disappointed on the drama front the ending was sweet

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