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Show No Fear A Bouncer's Diary very nice Oh my goodness If you want to look inside the mind of a safety expert with personality I firstly need to point out that the book I read is the updated version of Show No Fear which the updated version is called Show No Fear ReduxShow No Fear Redux a Bouncers Diary is basically an autobiography of the authors own accounts of his time as a bouncer I have to say there is a lot to being a bouncer than I first thought at least to be a good one anyway The author walks us through his teenage years when he was first introduced to karate and starting his bouncer careerWhat follows is an array of true stories of situations that the author and his work colleagues faced on a normal nights workThere are uite a few humorous parts in this book as well as some sad There are uite a few people that the author worked with through his career that I would love to have met as they certainly stood out to me Particularly one certain lady that sounded like a lot of fun who ran one of the places that he worked forOverall this is a great book that gives us readers an insight into the life of a bouncer and certainly makes for an interesting read Don't be expecting lots of blood and fights as you will be sorely disappointed even though there is some in there that is only a small part of the story This book will show you that there's a lot thinking actually goes on than just lashing out and hitting people I certainly think it will surprise some readersMany thanks to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I thought this book was pretty cool My older brother was a bouncer at a strip club in Vegas for several years and the stories he told were mind blowing I liked that this book did the same and tells about real experiences and how people really act It’s got some language and violence of course but it is a fun read I finished it in a few hours it isn’t very long and I think there could have been included but what was there was awesome Easy to read and entertaining Time for a bit of scum bag cleansing In this eye opener of a book the author records the unusual and violent incidents in his career as a bouncer It may shock you to realise exactly the risks that bouncers take on the doors of night clubs and pubs and even at private functions If the bouncer is to show no fear he must build up strong mental and physical toughness through disciplined training The author gets plenty of opportunities to try out the techniues he learns in the gym whether it's a stranglehold or a right hook If you have a run in with some weekend warriors words are simply not enough to deal with it But this is not a disheartening story of mindless aggression Some incidents are really funny and the author's colourful language and wry humour help soften the blows when they come Read this book and next time you'll spare a thought for the bouncer who takes the crap so you don't have to No great shakes but a readable account of a brit's career as club bouncer

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