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  1. Meghant Parmar Meghant Parmar says:

    My jaws are paining after reading this novel It was very hilarious It was like a movie story a rom com which was going on and the characters in the books were absolutely perfect I had a lot of time in my hands to read this one and it didnt disappoint me one bit From start to finish there was never a dull moment I still have a big smile on my face when I'm writing this review It cant get better than this If u havent read a comical romantic story in a very long time this is a book to go for It'll keep u hitched all the time Lovely story It kept me hooked till the end Way to go

  2. Book Reviews & Promotion Book Reviews & Promotion says:

    REVIEW READ FULL REVIEW HERE a simple story with twist turn Its just like a film going on the characters in the books were absolutely perfect The plot of Nick of Time by Komal Mehta is based on the theme of love friendship The Big Fat Indian Wedding Alehya used to have fight with Vicky as he didnt liked himteasing each other by ruining their namesVicky is called as Weaky Vicky tease Alehya by name Motuthough she is no faty has loosed weight got slimWhat makes this read interesting is the narrative point of viewSet in the place like Chandigarh it reflects all the masala drama happening in weddingWhat i didnt like about the book is that it is written in the form of conversation even the Epilogue is also written in the dialogue formOverall Rating 35 stars Average read

  3. Divya Nambiar Divya Nambiar says:

    This is not just any book It is a book that summarizes how much 'Second Chances' often transcends a person's life in many ways than oneAnd when written by an author Komal Mehta who herself got a second chance A second shot at life it adds to the magic

  4. Sahana Sudarshan Sahana Sudarshan says:

    Movie like lighthearted read Read it during a train journey The language is not great plot has already been done Was entertaining like reading a Bollywood movie

  5. Yesashwini Yesashwini says:

    Was a very good readA very simple plot but written very comical that gives a book a uniue edge in the book

  6. Puja Puja says:

    The plot of Nick of Time by Komal Mehta is based on the theme of love friendship The Big Fat Indian Wedding Obviously it has all the ingredients for a complete masala read is entertaining to the fullest This book revolves around the lives of three childhood friends – Aleyha Vicky Shagun who are coming together after a period of 10 years for a marriage that invokes a lot complications confusions rather than the happiness associated with it Because amidst the wedding chaos Aleyha Shagun Vicky tumble headlong into life altering conseuences where they discover what their heart truly covetsThe story kick starts with Alehya uitting her frustrating job just as she’s celebrating her freedom she receives a call from Shagun inviting Aleyha to Chandigarh for her marriage A gleeful Alehya looks forward to a fun filled time which will be definitely liberating from the humdrum of corporate life in Chandigarh for Shagun’s marriage However all her plans for merriment go for a toss when she meets “The Groom” It’s none other than her childhood frenemy – Vicky with whom she has had a history of unsolved issues Alehya hates Vicky with as much fervour as she loves Shagun Needless to say there is friction between Aleyha Vicky from the word go and sparks fly when they meet But herein comes the twist in the tale where Shagun is hell bent on playing the peacemaker between the two schemes to put them together so that they get over with their juvenile banter start seeing each other for what they really are Though for Vicky Alehya their last chapter didn’t end on an altogether good note they decide to put it past them start afresh for the sake of Shagun What follows is a roller coaster of a ride where Shagun Aleyha Vicky find love in the most unexpected places have to decide between the right the wrong their heart What makes this read interesting is the narrative point of view The author has put forth the story through the point of view of Aleyha Vicky Shagun we get a glimpse into the confusion that reigns between their minds hearts However this is essentially Aleyha ’s story – she has always been the consummate good girl but that is until she comes to Chandigarh for Shagun’s marriage Coming back she discovers an entire a new side to her which she never even thought that existed Bollywood movie buffs will love this book since this read follows the distinctive romantic comedy storyline a very clichéd path with its typical twists turns A few mushy moments toe curling romance naivety of first love the reality check dilemmas heartbreak a miraculous happy ending – you have it all in here However in spite of the predictable story line there is a refreshing factor in the author’s narration that makes this read delightful as well as easy on the sensesComing to the drawbacks honestly I did not like the cover page For a read like this one might expect the cover to be glossy but this one seems dull Also while it was necessary to include the typical Chandigarh slang to create a relatable background the overt use of Hindi dialogues was a tad bit extra which might put some readers off The plot is fast paced but after the initial build up I felt that the story dragged a little bit in the middle before picking up momentum towards the endHaving said that this novel is a sweet uick read that portrays the balance between love friendship The author wonderfully brings forth the point that there are always two sides to every story Reviewed at

  7. CBDS CBDS says:

    I lovedddd this book like anything First of all I'm from Chandigarh so I could all the Chandigarh related humour This book was sweet and fast paced I love when childhood frenemies fall for each other especially when its got to do with Chandigarh The characters were perfect I love how the heroine is a tomboy and fat girl who develops into a beautiful woman and the guy is a complete playboy Completely my type of love story I love the jealousy the hero faces when the heroine even talks to another of his friends This book has everything Truth or dare getting drunk and making out fist fights over girls and romantic love scenes The best part about this book was that it wasn't a drag The hero told the heroine in just a few pages that he loved her and the heroine wasn't some indecisive wretch who couldn't make up her mindThe end was goodobv We're Bollywood We love happy endings but the author made it beautifully I love how the bride to be rides a bike to Ladakh and one of the hero's friendsplayboy also follows her I can't wait to read about that if a story comes out I bet it would be even spicy than this book ;

  8. Srivatsan Srivatsan says:

    It is a nice fast paced love story with added fun and thrill The first person perspective suddenly changes between the three characters in some chapters which might be confusing some times I personally like books that has separate chapters if there are different perspectives from each characters Last two chapters were really thrilling It's a uick and fun read

  9. Chintan Chintan says:

    I liked this contemporary romantic novel Dramatic but not overly filmy Komal Mehta had justified the emotional dilemma of all three characters very well Recommended for those who like sweet romance

  10. Aswathy Venugopal Aswathy Venugopal says:

    A funny romantic comedy a good read The story develops through the words of two characters Though the climax is predictable from half the way the way it took to reach the climax is uite interesting i thoroughly enjoyed a good stress buster esp the first part

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Nick of Time Hilarious comic fun about love relationships and marriage Alehya is back in Chandigarh after ten years to attend her childhood friend Shagun's wedding However her plans are rudely interrupted when she finds out about the man Shagun is going to marry