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Working in the UnOffice If you've never worked in shared office space this is a pretty good introduction to what it's like OTOH if you have it's a tough read IMHOlots of ' yeah yeahtell me something I don't know' Rather average collection of observations and superficial 'tips and tricks' on co working places A serious work on interviewing co working spaces residents should be noted though The Style of Coworking with its better produced illustrations is preferred Not a review; just a word to you would be readers from us the authors Coworking spaces are popping up everywhere left and right it seems It shows the enormous enthusiasm and faith in the idea In this rich environment of options you are faced with limitless possibilities to flourish but it can be difficult to make the right choicesThere are uestions to consider such as1 How can I tell whether a space is right for me?2 How do I make the transition from my home or a conventional office space to a shared or collaborative workspace?3 Once I'm in how can I leverage the space the community in making my business or organization better?We did our research We talked to coworking members across the country as well as to space founders and reps and their collective stories and insights have been distilled into this handy volume This book is built from the experiences of small businesses and organizations tackling the same uestions above People like youTo our knowledge this book is one of the first of its kind written from the perspective of the very people who stand to benefit from coworking small businesses and organizations looking for better ways to work Like many of you we're researching our options of where to work love our independence but also tire of working in a vacuum and of course can't afford to break the bank These considerations have shaped our focus in writing this book Second from what we've seen the available publications out there are somewhat limited generally written by individual spaces that focus exclusively on their own membership poolIn contrast the stories and insights here are sourced from across the coworking spectrum of members working in some of the famous spaces in the coworking circuit and those working in uirky less well known spaces We offer a lively cross section of members and former members founders and space reps pulled from the variety of coworking spaces and shared offices across the countryCouched in this wonderful diversity you'll see how much coworking is a part of their inspiring stories regardless of their location background or size Coworking is so much than a backdrop and for many people it's the driving force behind big business decisions and successesWriting this book has been a fulfilling project and one we hope will add to the dialogue on the shifting state of work today of which coworking is very much a game changing catalyst When we first started this project we naively thought we would be able to demystify coworking in all its forms and lock down what makes the movement tick We think we've come close but in reality the approach philosophy and model of coworking is still evolving and this is only the beginningOur hope is that after reading this book you'll be better able to consider your options and find out if coworking is really right for you Genevieve and Andrew Working in the UnOffice co authors wwwCoworkingGuidecom Working in the UnOffice is for people interested in finding out if coworking is right for them It's also a how to guide to making the most out of the experience so you get your money's worth out of being a member It includes dozens of in depth interviews with small businesses and freelancers as well as with some of the biggest names in coworking from NextSpace Indy Hall pariSoma GangPlank Hera Hub TechShop and Part anecdotal narrative part practical how to guidebook this book has amassed tips and the shared wisdom of coworkers on making the most of a collaborative environment to spark ideas and enhance productivity Campbell McKellar CEO Loosecubescom The Lonely Planet of coworking guidebooks The Next Web A new overview on coworking and where it's headed Fast Company Coworking is a growing movementIt now has a guide GigaOM The newest book to arrive on the coworking scene Deskmag When bootstrapped entrepreneurs or independent professionals head to work it's usually to a makeshift office either a cramped corner at home a rented cubicle or a table in a coffee shop But an increasing number of people are considering a different workspace altogether The coworking space Where you work matters and coworking spaces are challenging conventional notions of where innovation and creativity come from People are increasingly finding that great ideas flourish in the churn and activity of working alongside others Across the country collaborative workspaces like Affinity Lab Indy Hall Gangplank NextSpace and The Hub are prompting the rise of a new generation of entrepreneurs From a practical perspective coworking seems perfect for independents save money beat the doldrums of isolation and meet other organizations and startups And it's the promise of innovation and community that makes it most appealing But with so many coworking spaces popping up it can be difficult to make the right choices Working in the UnOffice is one of the first all around guidebooks to coworking Book length 378 pages ISBN 9781937645007 e book edition ISBN 9781937645014 paperback edition This packed edition chronicles the rise of coworking and the social and economic trends making it possible Readers learn how to find and select the perfect space and master the art of adjusting to collaborative environments Includes candid conversations a

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