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The Mythic Tarot Workbook For centuries people have attempted to unlock the mysteries of the Tarot and its relationship to their lives Until now however this ancient system of divination has remained an obscure occult pursuit The Mythic Tarot sweeps the medieval dust off the Tarot and brings it into the twentieth century in a form accessible to everyone Now even the layperson can explore the secrets of the unconscious to find its bearing on his or her personal life and growth This package contains everything the beginning card user needs a newly designed Tarot deck based on the Greek myths; an illustrated 224 page book explaining how to use the cards; and a silky cloth on which to lay them out THE CARDS Elegant full color the design of these cards is based on the Greek myths These familiar evocative images make it easy to remember the specific meaning and nuances of each card THE BOOK Clearly and simply presented from a Western point of view this illustrated book explains the origins of the Tarot how the Tarot works the meaning of each card and how to read the cards THE CLOTH Made of a silky wrinkle proof material and imprinted with card outlines for the Celtic Cross spread the black cloth shows you where to lay out the cards and serves as a protective wrapping for the cards when not in use Used intelligently and sensitively The Mythic Tarot will stimulate an innate curiosity about yourself as well as provide the first step toward developing intuition the hallmark of the regular Tarot reader

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  1. Jag Jag says:

    Very helpful

  2. Heather Kernan Heather Kernan says:

    Takes basic card reading To Next level

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