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First Lady I want to become Susan Elizabeth Phillips when I grow up some She writes the sort of books I really really wish I had written Not because they're sheer genius or the characters are phenomenal or the plot's epic or anything extraordinary like that but simply because they comfort me They actually matter and make a difference in my opinion of little things like love happily ever afters second chances and the power of fate Call me cheesy but it's true I read SEP's novels and they instantly put me in a good mood No matter how tough or tiring the day is SEP never fails to put a smile on my face The world needs books like these Books that serve a purpose make a difference have some sort of moral story as well Now about First Lady in particular I began the book praying for a swoon worthy hero because I didn't find him in the first 3 books and ended the book head over heels in love with Mat He's such a man And I don't say that lightly There's nothing feminine about him at all but he still manages to be sweet and emotional when the situation calls for it A perfect fictional man I have yet to come acrossNealy is also an extremely capable and admirable woman but all my love is still reserved for Mat which is a nice change from the first 3 books where I rated the books mostly because the heroine was so wonderful Lucy and Button complete this impossible family Lucy's the kid I wish I'd been and Button's the kid I wish I had I'm so glad there will be of Lucy in Call Me Irresistible I could go on and on about how much I loved this book and how I loved reading it even but I'll stop now and let this suffice Favorite uotes1 The final few years before his escape from the Hell House of Women had been especially bad His father had died by then putting an end to the fantasy Mat had entertained that he'd come back and take charge The girls were growing older and temperamental Somebody was always getting ready to have her period going through her period getting over her period or sneaking into his room late at night in uiet hysterics because her period was late and he was supposed to figure out what to do about it 2 You bought white underwearOnly because I wanted to irritate you If you hadn't been there I would have chosen something exoticLike whatLike none of your businessNo I'm serious This is an important uestion The kind of underwear a woman buys reflects her characterI can't wait to hear thisThat's why the idea of you wearing white panties bothers meI seem to be having trouble keeping upIsn't it obvious That's the favorite underwear of female serial killers3 How could he have been so blind From the moment they'd met he'd been drawn to her like hot fudge to ice cream He'd never enjoyed a woman's company never been soaroused by one And not just physically but intellectually and emotionally If some evil genie came up to him right this minute and said he could have Nealy forever but they could never make love again he'd still take her And what kind of thing was thatHe had it bad 455 stars Listened to this on audible through I signed up for Scribd and found some audibles on there that are not available on my usual audiblecom was delighted to see a few SEP favourites thereI just want to mention the narrator Anna Fields One of the best narrators I have come across She will be sadly missed in the audible worldOf course this was fantastic One I will read and listen to again in the future The beautiful young widow of the President of the United States thought she was free of the White House but circumstances have forced her back into the role of the First Lady Not for long however because she's made up her mind to escape if only for a few days so she can live the life of an ordinary person All she needs is the perfect disguiseand she's just found it As an entire nation searches for her the First Lady teams up with an infuriatingly secretive uietly seductive stranger and two adorable little orphaned girls in need of a family And all together they head out across the heartland chasing their own American Dream on a wild journey adventure and glorious rebirthAuthor Biography Susan Elizabeth Phillips soared into the New York Times bestseller list with her 1998 smash Dream A Little Dream and remained there through two subseuent novels Lady Be Good and First Lady In addition to being the only two time recipient of the Romance Writers of America's prestigious Favorite Book of the Year award she also holds Romantic Times Career Achievement Award Susan delights fans by touching hearts as well as funny bones with her wonderfully whimsical and modern fairy tales A resident of the Chicago suburbs she is a wife and the mother of two grown sons Story Rating 5 StarsHero Rating 5 StarsHeroine Rating 5 StarsSecondary Character Ratings 5 StarsRomance Rating 5 StarsHeat Level 275 StarsEnding 5 StarsOverall Rating 10 STARS Because I can and because it deserves itWhy oh why did I wait so long to give a SEP book a try I’ve had friends ragging on me for YEARS to read one As a matter of fact I never even read a review for one of her books until I read Sharon’s and Karen’s which both reviews were for this book So I though what the heck I’ll give it a go And you know what I LOVED EVERY MOMENT and I LOVED EVERY CHARACTER I’m not going to go into the details of this story just my feelings because that’s the way I rollMat what an excellent character he was He only did one teeny tinny thing that I thought was wrong other than that I loved how even though he did not want any woman in his life he was surrounded by them The way he treated them was really something special considering the circumstances He was protective caring and sexy as hellNealy what a wonderful character she was I could totally understand why she ran I loved how amazed she was about everything that we take for granted How she took care of and how she treated Button and Lucy She was smart witty caring and fun Lucy she was a little spitfire She really pulled on my heartstrings I could feel how starved for love she was and how much it meant when someone was kind to her Her matchmaking ways added so much to this book But most of all the love she had for her little sister button was something to beholdButt AKA Button AKA Beatrice AKA Tracey whew That child sure had a bunch of names She stole my heart with her cute and sassy ways I adored how she called Mat Da and Nealy Ma How she would bite Mat hahahahaha LOVED HERThe sexual tension was really high between Mat and Nealy right from the start Things did not heat up right away with the children and all There were a few sexy times between them but nothing too descriptive I usually like my romances to be scorchers but with a story and characters like this I could care less Every once in a while it’s refreshing to read a romance based on story line and characters aloneOf course with most romances everything does not go perfectly Mat made a HUGE mistake and the way he went about fixing it and the things he said were the stuff that romantic dreams are made ofIn the end the epilogue had me all watery eyed with tears of joy Things work out better than I could have ever imagined WHAT AN AMAZING READSo for all my SEP loving friends when leaving a comment on my review PLEASE recommend me your favorite SEP read I may just give it a go SEP for President Susan Elizabeth Phillips can do no wrong Another fabulous book by a phenomenal writer First Lady is the story of widowed First Lady Nealy Litchfield Case and her escape from DC to go on an unaccompanied tour of the USA As the daughter of the former Vice President she has always been in the political public eye and wants a taste of a normal life While on her journey she meets up with a grumpy journalist and his 2 possible children Another book full of laughs and heart This story is inspirational as much as it is touching The uotes that really resonated with me were Nealy’s political uotes Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone in the White House like her today She’s the complete opposite of Trump “Cynicism is nothing than an excuse for underachievement It’s easier to criticize others than to do your part to fix a tough problem”“Cynicism gives decent people an out They can assume a posture of moral superiority without ever getting their hands dirty coming up with real solutions”“Partisan politics have stolen our politicians backbones”While I’m mentioning political uotes here this wasn’t really a political book It’s a love story and a story of personal growth which is what all of SEP’s books are about I listened to the audiobook and loved it so much It was narrated by Anna FieldsKate Fleming I believe it was one of the last SEP books she narrated before she died Such a shame She was such a talent excitement excitement new for me SEP book But wait something’s happening – wait What the hell are you doing Kids Gah Get them off my precious book GET THEM OOOOOOOFF jumps out of the windowafter one week in the hospitalcough I’m ok just minor injuriesWhat the hell Why the kids my dear SEP Why did you ruin the book WhyyyyyyIn case you’re new to my awesome reviewing you must know one simple and important thing about me Go ahead Ask me why Wh Why You dare ask me why I’ll tell you why Kids are soul sucking demons They will make you hurt mock you steal your food and pee on your favorite carpet Plus they drool and stink They pull your hair pee on you and vomit on your great grandma’s ashes Vile disgusting creatures end of emotional breakdownSo yes the main reason for my score is this The other reasons will come after this awesome gif of molested cats image error 4 to 45 stars A lovely story about a fictional widowed First Lady of the USA who is so frustrated by her life that she disguises herself and takes off in secret from some private 'alone time' The political overtones of the book are a little out of date now with President Trump in the Whitehouse and a different political landscape these days But it's easily possible to put all of that aside and just enjoy this book for what it is a charming and romantic fantasy road trip Nealy manages to give her Secret Service minders the slip and is enjoying her journey through America's heartland She is loving all of the little day to day things that in her usual life as a famous person she does not get to experience Then she meets up with Mat Jorik and his two 'daughters' From then on most of the book is an amusing and entertaining road trip with four very different people who don't always see eye to eye There are some funny situations some hilarious one liners and a cast of eccentric secondary characters The two girls are both delightful the sullen but secretly loving teen and the extremely cute babytoddlerInevitably the Secret Service catches up with Nealy and the game is up Some hard decisions have to be made about the four people who have come to care so much about each other on their road trip But the ending of the book is done well in my opinion Within the fictional landscape of its setting the ending feels right and is very satisfying kind of in the way of a movie happy ending that you know isn't real but you love it anywayThis book forms a part of the Wynette Texas series because here we first meet the teenaged Lucy Jorik who features later in Call Me Irresistible and The Great Escape But for those who don't wish to read the rest of the series this one can easily be read as a standalone And even though it was first published in 2000 it is still a very enjoyable read in 2018 ★★★★½I love love love Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck's 1953 movie Roman Holiday So imagine my very pleasant surprise when I began to realize that First Lady is nothing short of a modern day grown up retelling of one of my favorite films SighThe widowed first lady of the United States White House desperately needs a respite from her role She just needs a bit of ordinary for a while her duty to America is draining the life out of her But if she wants a break she has to make it happen herself She has to escapeliterally Susan Elizabeth Phillips offers enough original details to make First Lady its very own story but the subtle similarities between the two storylines were such fun It's funny sexy and incredibly sweet with an appropriate touch of patriotism If you're a fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips or if you happen to enjoy the Oscar winning film as much as I do then check out First Lady It's a winnerMy favorite uote 'You bought white underwear' 'Only because I wanted to irritate you If you hadn't been there I would have chosen something exotic' 'Like what' 'Like none of your business' 'No I'm serious This is an important uestion The kind of underwear a woman buys reflects her character' 'I can't wait to hear this' 'That's why the idea of you wearing white panties bothers me' 'I seem to be having trouble keeping up' 'Isn't it obvious That's the favorite underwear of female serial killers'First Lady is the fourth installment in Susan Elizabeth Phillips's adult contemporary romance series titled Wynette Texas The series contains the following installments as of January 2016 In my opinion they can each be read in any order as standalone novels#1 Fancy Pants#2 Lady Be Good#3 Glitter Baby#4 First Lady#45 My Secret Service Valentine#5 What I Did for Love#6 Call Me Irresistible#7 The Great Escape “A perfect rose for a perfect Lady” Gosh I really really loved this book First Lady just might be my favorite of this series thus far This isn’t what I would call a traditional series There isn’t a connection from book to book Though one would think so when you see #1 #2 #3 etc So if you are thinking of giving this author a try all these books can be read as standalones and read in any order It never takes long for SEP to draw me into her stories There is no delay in making a connection with the characters or figuring out whether the story line is going to work for me She has the ability to peak my curiosity early on and I just love that In First Lady we get to meet Cornelia Litchfield Case who is a First Lady and Mathias Jorik who is a Journalist and is “dealing” with his past Both Carnelia and Mat are at turning points kind of in their lives and when their paths cross they start this little adventure that for one is a perfect distraction and for the other is somewhat of an inconvenience Mathias Mat Jorik He was tall dark and handsome He was also very sweet he won’t admit to it sexy and funny Mat was trying to get his life back on track as a Journalist and while he found himself in a bit of a predicament he was going to make things work for him Nealy Case would make getting his life back on track a little difficult though But I guess you could say that about Lucy and Button’s too Cornelia Nealy Litchfield Case was a princess a very kind warm and graceful one Nealy was trying to escape her life as the First Lady which isn’t an easy task Holding that title was wonderful honor and she knew that She also knew she needed some freedom from it too Nealy had a plan that she knew wasn’t perfect though it would buy her that freedom she wanted But she had to make a deal that she wasn’t sure about but it would be a deal that would be hard to walk away from This adventure that brings Mat and Nealy together revolves around two other wonderful characters One is Lucy who is a bitter a little misunderstood teenager There wasn’t much she was happy about and I didn’t blame her At 14 she had a lot resting on her shoulders Her actions might have been a bit hurtful but her heart was in the right She wanted happiness too If not for her for her baby sister ButtButtonBeatrice And this little bundle is Butt Mat referred to her as a “demon baby” Come on does she look like a demon to you Butt was the one that Lucy needs the assurance for She wants Butt to have a family and people to love her She wants that for herself too but she doesn’t want to wish for too much This was such a tender story It was a little sad too My heartstrings were tugged on many times There so many moments that I enjoyed And normally most of my love goes to the two main characters but in this one I found myself loving Lucy just a little There was something about her She was such a strong young lady just looking for her rainbow If you are a fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and haven’t read this yet it is an absolute must that you do If you have never read a book of hers then pick this one up You will not be disappointed 5 STARSI don’t know how she does it But she does I know I sound like a broken record but I LOVED IT This book had a bit of a different storyline At first I have to admit I was skeptical that even SEP could create a feasible romance out of a grief stricken First Lady but as the story unfolded I was just captivated by these endearing characters Each and every one capturing my heart with their uirky personalities and the heart wrenching situations that followed them through lifeCornelia Litchfield Case known to her close friends as Nealy was born and bred for the political life Growing up as the only daughter to the Vice President of the United States how could she be otherwise Always taught to carry herself with grace and poise she was the ultimate icon for the American blue blood So when she married Dennis Case it was no surprise that she would become the nation’s most beloved and admired First Lady to date But when her husband the current President of the United States was assassinated it turned her world upside down But it also opened up a opportunity she hadn’t even known that she’d yearned for Freedom And just when she thought she could step away from the spotlight and finally get the freedom she longed for it was once again snatched away by the forces that had been running her life for as long as she could rememberWell not any She had a plan To finally get the freedom and anonymity she longed for at least for a while What she wasn’t expecting though was the crazy band of travelers that would join her on this flight for freedom she would take Mathias ‘Mat’ Jorik a dis heartened journalist on a hiatus from his less than satisfying but highly successful career as a tabloid television producer was looking for a story that would earn him back his credibility as a writer But a huge road block has just been thrown in his face in the form of an orphaned fourteen year old girl and an adorable but very unhappy blue eyed Demon in a diaper “What’s her name” Another pause“Butt” “You’re a real comedian aren’t you”“I’m not the one who named her” And if that isn’t enough drama to ruin his day enter Cornelia Case “The Angel of Baby Death” This is such an endearing story The drama runs deep It is a sad story really that turns out uite funny and really happy in the end the dialogue is fabulous The characters are all so incredibly sweet You can’t help but fall for each and every one His lips brushed her hair “Will it make you feel better if I fight with you”“I think so”“Okay Take off your clothes”If only it were that easy She sighed “We can’t solve this with sex” “Take ‘em off anyway I need to be serviced”“Serviced Is that any way to talk to a First Lady”“You’re my First Lady and I’m just getting started” Mat is so surly and sarcastic The perfect cynical journalist dis heartened by his job and his big demanding family of seven sisters He’s had about all the drama he can take But somehow it keeps following him around like a lost puppy And just when he achieves everything he’s always dreamed about he realizes that it’s only left him empty and yearning “You make me see the world in new ways You're the first thing my heart greets when I wake up in the morning You're the last thing I see in my mind before I fall asleep”“Just looking at you shines sunlight on every moment I live Before I knew you I wasn't even alive I thought I knew what I wanted but I didn't have any idea You barged into my life and changed it forever I love you I admire you I lust after you I adore you” Loved the book It is part of the Wynette Texas Series but it reads like a stand alone I’m thinking the connection to the series will reveal itself later on I am looking forward to the next book in the series I haven’t read a bad SEP book yet This one had me laughing out loud and wanting to post updates every other page So what’s new And as usual a lovely Epilogue for the HEA Enjoy