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Rosa de fuego One of my favorite books of all time is The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon In it there is the Cemetery of Forgotten Books a labyrinthine library that winds underground Rose of Fire is a short story that defines the origins of this labyrinth and how it came into existenceThe story begins in 1454 when a ship was sighted aground on the coast of Spain with a soul survivor tied to the helm of the ship On the dying man's person was a journal written in a foreign tongue This journal holds the key to the labyrinth as well as the key to immortality and a vial containing one of Jesus Christ's tearsZafon weaves in the legend of St George's day that occurs every year on April 23rd April 23rd is often celebrated by book lovers as World Book Day and in Spain it is celebrated with a gift to your true love of roses and books A practice we have included in my family since my daughter's patron saint is St GeorgeI heartily recommend Rose of Fire as a preuel to the Shadow of the Wind trilogy Read alone it is 16 pages and will get you excited to enter the exhilirating world that Zafon creates Rose of Fire is only available as an ebook but the good news is that it is free I don't know how to rate this It was extremely short and the blurb is misleading It barely tells you at all about the construction of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books It only tells you about the man who drew up the plans for it And then it ends Basically not necessary to the series unless Zafon had expanded the story and made it a novella or even a novel with cool Medieval elements I'm so happy that I could find one last text written by Carlos Ruiz Zafon to read He will be greatly missed in the world of literatureHe was such an amazing author His stories are written in a way that they pull you in the world he describes and not many have this abilityIn only 10 pages he manged to write about the maker of labyrinths Constantinople and her king before she fell about pirates a phial with dragon's blood a pendant with grains with a tear from Christ Shehrazade and 1001 nights I can't believe that I won't read anything new from him and I'm sad those 10 pages are over My advice is that if you haven't read The cemetery of forgotten books series you should do sooner rather than later This short story by Carlos Ruiz Zafón tells the story about the origin of The Cemetery of Forgotten Books It's a great story So why only 3 stars? Because It's a bloody short story and not 300 500 pages thick book instead It feels like reading a summary of a book Mental note to self When you are writing a review on your mother's computer in the future Save a draft for unexpected Blue Screen of Death incidents Set at the time of the Spanish Inuisition in the fifteenth century Rose of Fire tells the story of the origins of the mysterious labyrinthine library the Cemetery of Forgotten Books which lies at the heart of Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s novels The Shadow of the Wind The Angel’s Game and now The Prisoner of Heaven Download the free short story for Kindle Nook etc here A uick short story the Kindle version is free concerning The Cemetery of Forgotten Books and how it came to be I enjoyed it but was disappointed when it ended at 37% Against all odds I really liked this oneI'm looking forward to resume this series 35 A nice short story about the origins of the 'Cemetery of Forgotten Books' an ancestor of a certain character is mentioned as well made me smile Only complaint the page count says 34 but its only 16 18 pages are a preview of 'the prisoner of heaven' Mister Zafon's wonderful writing and imagery are on fine display here and he makes the most of the short length The chronicles tell us that when the maker of labyrinths reached Barcelona on board a vessel hailing from the East he already carried with him the germ of a curse that was to stain the city's skies with fire and bloodClever of him to work in the myth of St George as wellAs with all of Mister Zafon's works I didn't want it to end sighs Short but beautiful 3 I loved how the ending was left open hinting at something richwonderful happening in the future Think of it as a preuel to 'Shadow of the Wind' but it also could fit snugly in 'Prisoner of Heaven' as well no spoilers if you haven't read the other books yet or if this is your first taste of this authorWould not recommend reading the novel preview though if you haven't read 'shadow of the wind' or 'the angel's game' yet All in all I really enjoyed hearing the origins of this beloved Character in the uartet That's how I think of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books its presence is larger than life I would LOVE to go there and wander through the place taking down different books and running my hands along the walls I would be happy to get lost in there Hey Carlos I'll take the job of Keeper if it's available DWould recommend I decided to start on a re read of the Cemetery of Forgotten books trilogy when it suddenly became a tetralogy I'm not a series book reader type yet but I loved the first two in this series and thought the 3rd The Prisoner of Heaven felt too rushed Finding out there was a new book that was as substantial as the 1st two was thrilling I told myself that 4 books is still not a series Then I find out that there are two that I never knew about I was so irritated especially to find out one wasn't even available in English and the other couldn't be found in my library or or BN The other was this book I'm reading chronologically to the story and this one comes first I decided to poke around and found it When I got it I found out it's only a short story I was glad since I was already substantially into The Angel's GameThis was a letdown after all of that It's a very short story I'd give this 2 stars but there are so few reviews and I don't want to take it down since my frustration was from expectations It's not necessary at all to read this It just gives the beginning of how the Labrinth for the Cemetary of Forgotten Books came to be and how the curse came to Barcelona That other book that isn't in English I'm not worried about it now It's a novella and I'm sure it's not essential either

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Carlos Ruiz Zafón was a Spanish novelist Born in Barcelona in 1964 he lived in Los Ángeles United States since 1994 and worked as a scriptwriter aside from writing novelsHis first novel El príncipe de la niebla The Prince of Mist 1993 earned the Edebé literary prize for young adult fiction He is also the author of three young adult novels El palacio de la medianoche 1994 Las l

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