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Secrets Drarry FanficBeginning with Draco's unexpected arrival at the Dursleys Harry's summer becomes filled with activity and many secrets He generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light sideWords390438 complete

10 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Dana Dana says:

    Ok truth fact the writing here is not great It’s not so bad that I had to put it down but it’s no JK Rowling and it pales in comparison to a lot of the really good Glee fanfiction I read in the height of my fanfic days There’s a lot of repeated words; sometimes I’d find the exact same verbadjective used 4 5 times on the same page However the story is fun and I liked her portrayal of the Harry and Draco relationship It developed naturally and both Harry and Draco kept their most well known character traits A lot of fanfic authors rely on gimmicks to turn Draco into a romantic prospect memory loss muteness etc and to me that’s not Draco any This character was definitely Draco Malfoy with believable growth and development that lead to some maturity The sex scenes were decent and there was a good balance between sex scenes and plot Sometimes there was some unbelievable behavior on the parts of the adults regarding Harry and Draco’s tendency to flaunt their PDA but overall I was satisfied with their relationship I loved the way they continued to argue with each other The story took place and was written between book 6 and book 7 which made for a very interesting reading experience So much that has become ingrained knowledge in me about Harry Potter Hallows war casualties etc wasn’t present here This is not a flaw or strength obviously just a fact but it definitely affected the way I read I LOVED the huge inclusion of Fred George and Ginny who are three of my favorite characters especially since Fred made it out alive The book was largely violent with dark magic than the actual Harry Potter 7 but far fewer characters died I also thought the sideplot involving Lupin and Snape was a fun diversion and not something I would have thought of To be honest the uality of the storywriting was not the best but I just loved being back in Potterworld so much that I enjoyed my time with this bookRating 35 stars out of 5

  2. Pr!ya Pr!ya says:

    I just discovered this mammoth of a fic which was completed before Deathly Hallows was published I love the nuances of the characters and how beautifully everything comes together The story spans about 2 months but is thoroughly detailed Loved it

  3. Daniel Daniel says:

    This was a fun ride it was sweet

  4. M M says:

    Should've been about 650 pages shorter and contained a lot less of them randomly saying 'fuck you' and having corny repetitive conversations

  5. Emma Emma says:

    This is one of the best fanfics i've ever read Pretty terribly written to begin with if I notice the style of writing you KNOW it's bad but the story is incredible It's fascinating to see writing improve as a story goes along i assume as it was written as a serial there was feedback as each chapter was published? I can't imagine being able to weave so many ideas together and it's so impressiveSet after book six this is a reimagining of final book This Harry Potter is a far darker Harry Potter than what we're used to and I thought that it fitted his character perfectly It's also a far emotional Harry Potter if that's possible There isn't at much of the usual gang as I'm sure many people would like Ron and Hermione have an even smaller role than Ginny and the Twins sorry the matching pairObviously it has some dirty bits in it as all good fanfiction does but it doesn't detract from the story Excellent all roundNow I really need to actually start reading a real book soon sigh

  6. Eva Eva says:

    DUDE MAN I can't express how I feel about this monster of a fic because a monster it is reading 400k in three days is not a good idea I just know this fic is going to infiltrate my dreams; it will also probably feel like a fever dream than a real thing I just know that I never knew I needed Harry trusting the Slytherins and the Slytherins trusting him until I did This is one of the only times I actually liked ??? Severus Snape Lucius and Narcissa were wonderful DRACO The twins Sometimes I felt like Draco and Harry's relationship was unrealistic because they were so sweet with each other but they bicker and fight about everything as well They're just so good I'm not even gonna talk about the plot because it was A LOT Never a dull moment in Vorabiza's 7th year AU Haha I'd have so many mental breakdowns if I were Harry

  7. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    I listened to Opalsong's podfic for this and so I'm not sure whether how I feel about this is related to the story itself or that presentation of it Overall I enjoyed it and it was an impressive podfic achievement but I never got over her nasally Snape voice the fact that Harry sounded like he was running around in a stromp for most of it or the fact that she pronounces Blaise Blace and not Blaze I found certain things stretched my credulity especially how uickly Lucius and Harry were best buds and I thought it stretched out a tad too long but overall it was fun to listen to I may come back to the story and actually read it sometime in the future and see how I feel about it separate from the podfic

  8. almooneh almooneh says:

    HOLY HEAVENthis fic is my absolute favourite fic of all time EVERthe characterization the writing a harry with a brain the twins remus cissa snape VICTORIA oh goodness this book was brilliantand don't get me STARTED on the drarry

  9. Rhema P __(:з」∠)__ Rhema P __(:з」∠)__ says:

    Any fic that doesn't need to have any WeasleyDumbledore bashing to have the Malfoys on the Light side and still leave everyone sans harry flabbergasted is worth it in my opinion Well that and some well placed humor which this fic has a lot of

  10. Cláudia Cláudia says:

    Great book Loved it And the way this story was written before the last book came out is so so cool Loved all the characters 🥰 The family Harry got is so cool and adorable and fuck everything but I really liked Lucius for the first time ever 🤭🤣

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