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Champagne Kisses The Drakes of California #2 An heir to Southern California's most fabled vineyard Donovan Drake works as hard as he plays Betrayed by love in the past the consummate bachelor prides himself on never committing to one woman But Marissa Hayes isn't just any woman And Donovan has just two weeks to show the guarded voluptuous beauty exactly what she's been missingFalling for her boss is number one on Marissa's list of don'ts But from the moment she experiences Donovan's intoxicating touch her heart tells her something else Slowly but surely his seduction is breaking down her defenses Is their passion as fleeting as her brief stay at Donovan's fabulous resort Or have they found a love as timeless as the finest winestrong enough to withstand anything even a threat from Marissa's past

10 thoughts on “Champagne Kisses The Drakes of California #2

  1. Tia Tia says:

    The plot is formulaic and the language is over the top I can't go on The naive damsel is over done Hopefully I will select another book by Ms Day and find it enjoyableI was provided an eArc by the Publisher via Netgalley

  2. Lady Raven RAVE! Lady Raven RAVE! says:

    Story FAIRLY GOODIntimacy Level SWEET GOODEnjoyment GOODLength 217 pagesI am a fan of this series since the first book Diamond Dreams In Diamond Dreams you sense a chemistry of sorts between Donovan and Marissa when they first met and I was excited to read their story in Champagne Kisses After reading Champagne Kisses I was please with interaction between Marissa and Donovan and the pace at which the author chose to take things between them However I was slightly disappointed because the intensity I felt in the first book between Diamond and Boss I didn't feel with Marissa and DonovanWith saying that Donovan is the serious one of the family and he is always in business mode He's also been hurt in the past but decides to take a chance with Marissa Marissa is the no nonsense assistant for Boss Construction She also has been hurt in the past and keeps herself guarded Marissa and Donovan's brewing relationship was sweet as both characters tip toed around each other trying to not screw it up I actually liked Donovan's insecurity and uncertainty when he is around Marissa This leads him to ask for advise from his father and his father's advise was priceless That definitely brought a smile to my face They might not have had intensity for my liking but they definitely had the sweet thing going for me and that was still nice for meOf course I can't close my review without mentioning Papa Dee That man might be ninety nine but he has my heart in his pocket I'm definitely looking forward to Dexter's story and I'm also intrigued about the mentioning of the Louisiana Drakes I smell something brewing and hope there will be to come from the six cousins of LouisianaThis was a sweet and pleasant romance between two characters who finally came together to give a wonderful read

  3. Kim Kim says:

    The writing style that I have grown to enjoy from this author is slipping away This story was lacking in so many areas There was absolutely zero passion between Donovan and Marissa There interactions seemed extremely forced Their love scenes were dull boring and uninteresting I just didn't believe the attraction between them Marissa's hang up with Steven was a complete joke What he almost attempted to do to her was not enough for her to be so fearful of him and jumpy every time she was around him It took me about a week to get through this book because it just did not hold my attention The one bright spot in this book was Dexter He added a bit of comic relief and some much needed wisdom to Donovan when he needed it There was a lot of talk about the Drakes of Louisiana so I foresee a spinoff series in the near future I've been completely underwhelmed by this series so far and don't know that I'd like to continue on I will though read Love On the Run as it is from Kensington the original publisher that introduced me to Zuri Day books Hopefully the writing style has returned to the level it was in her earlier books

  4. Sláinte Wanderlust Sláinte Wanderlust says:

    There was a lot that i could of liked about this book but things kept popping up making me forget i had enjoyed any of it The dialog descriptions during the sex scenes made me feel ueasy some of the uotes could go into the worst things to say or think during sex hall of frame Oh and Marissa was really ridiculously easy considering she is a very strong believing practicing christian her dad is a preacher Why is she having sex with a man she barely knows isn't married too? It didn't make sense for her character sign I wouldn't recommend this book I wouldn't read anything else by this author

  5. Maxie Maxie says:

    Ms Day created Champagne Kisses as a seuel to her first narrative She guides her readers deeper into the lives of the Drake family business and their entanglements The storyline is realistic in many aspects and uite fictitious in others The chemistry among the characters is somewhat strange because the events do not adhere to the norms of faith and behaviors Donovan and Marissa are intriguing partners that may confuse the reader There are some simmering emotional and sensual energies between Donovan and Marissa Champagne Kisses is an easy read but not one that will have the audience fanning the flames of desireThis unbiased review was provided thanks to Netgalley

  6. Dhaverma Dhaverma says:

    Couldn't get into the characters at all Didn't like them

  7. Kendra Griffin Kendra Griffin says:


  8. Mariann Mariann says:

    I think I read this gem before and it still warms my heart

  9. Rhonda Rhonda says:

    Champagne Kisses by Zuri Day 4 STARSChampagne Kisses is a Drake family story Thier are a few love scenes that skimmed over with Thier is plenty of plot besides the love scenes in this bookIt also deals with a lot of issues that are happening in this modern world Like stalking privacy when you are alone is not always safe as you think hidden pictures take and put on internet Dumb mistakes that collage students too that haunt you for yearsBeing a mother of two collage age girls I worry about some of these issues for a good reasonI love the Drake family Thier historythier love and support for each other is wonderful They are welcoming people into thier worldThe Drakes inheirited a lot of property They have built up a good business and now they are expanding even built a resort on itDiamond and Jackson just got married and about to leave on thier honeymoon for two weeks Donovan Drake got a phone call from his assistant that she is in the hospital and has to have surgeryDonovan cares for her she has been thier for decades Donovan is heir to Drake Wines Resort spa He is the oldest of the three Drake children Now that his mother has married one off turns her hands to her oldestJackson said how about his assistant help for the two weeks he will be on his honeymoon she could help get the reports entered in the computer and wont spill the beans to anyoneMarissa Hayes has had bad luck with guys Even her best friend turned into a jerk and still was He tried to drug her drink at a bar But a couple saw him do it and warned herYeah for them He keeps stalking her she has already changed her job once for himMarissa is now very causious now But boy she is attracted to DonovanI look forward to the last Drake brother I am sure that this playboy will have his own book tooI don't drink achol but it is interesting to read about it and it's historyI was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review10012012 PUB Harleuin Imprint Kimani Romance 225 pages

  10. Toni Toni says:

    This book continues the Drakes of California series Day started with Diamond Dreams The Drakes are a multi generational family that own a vineyard in Napa Valley At his sister Diamond's engagement party a woman catches the eye of Donovan Drake He invites her to another winery for a drink in order to get to know her better away from his mother's inuisitive stare and she agrees but never shows upMarissa Hayes' reasons for standing Donovan up are for his own good she believes But four months later when her boss Diamond's new husband volunteers her services when Donovan's company is in a bind she has to come to grips with her past and her attraction for her temporary bossIn the first book in the series the suspenseful part of the story was resolved a little uickly for me but it was handled much better this time around As always learning about the winery business and the rich history of the Drake family makes this a well rounded tale

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