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Belonging Okay, now that I got that out of my system, lets get down to my incoherent thoughts ::exhales:: How can I like and strongly dislike a series at the same time? In all seriousness these books put me in such a foul mood but I can’t stop reading them The story is enticing, but the characters drive me freaking nuts.Belonging starts off where Temptation left off Rose is now living in the Amish community and she is thrown into the daily life of an Amish woman She gets up at the crack of dawn everyday, does laundry by hand, scrubs the white fence, and even helps deliver a baby or two I admire Rose for sticking it out and working so hard but she hates being there and can’t see herself being an Amish woman for the rest of her life yet she continues to torture herself and her family so she can make a life with Noah Yes, love requires sacrifice at times but Rose is sacrificing everything and Noah is sacrificing nothing And don’t even get me started on Rose being told to distance herself from her brothers and father It fills me with rage.I know this review is all over the place and it isn’t much of a review butof a rant on how Rose and Noah’s relationship angers me I want them to be together, but I don’t I don’t think they are mature enough to handle the road that is head of them I really don’t I’m still not sure if Karen Ann Hopkins wrote this as a YA romance novel, or a YA not to do novel It’s like Rose and Noah have no freaking sense! Ughhh I’m sorry, I’m just so frustrated with those two! The book as a whole was alright A lot of drama happens throughout this book and it keeps you interested in the story but the real drama doesn’t start until the last half of the book Reading from Sam’s pov, and having a new character, Summer, was sort of Belonging’s saving grace That’s right, this book has three POV’s But they pretty much have their own voice so it reads smoothly Even though this book drives me to insanity I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book That ending though, why, just why I’m happy but so unhappy Damn freaking cliffhangers and crappy situations UGH! 2.5 stars originally posted to Words at Home blog: is the second book in the Temptation series Belonging finds Rose attempting to give up her English life and become Amish so that she can be with Noah Rose gives up her family, friends, school (her dad insists that she finishes High School by correspondence) for what she thinks will be the opportunity to date Noah Little does she know that physical contact, or even spending time alone with Noah will be forbidden until she takes her vows, joins the Amish church and essentially becomes engaged to Noah This is what Noah has always wanted but Rose is in complete turmoil over the decision and is constantly second guessing herself and her decision While she wants desperately to be with Noah she struggles with the Amish way of life, their beliefs and expectations of her When I read Temptation I quickly found that I hated the characters but I still enjoyed the story and found that it really held my attention Unfortunately I really had to struggle to finish Belonging Noah with an arrogant jerk and Rose was stupid and naive They didn’t get any better in Belonging, if possible Noah actually became worse He was controlling, rigid and selfish Noah treated Rose like a child and certainly did not want to be in a relationship with an equal, he was looking for someone he could control and who would be at his beck and call “I knew that there weren’t any burning flames within the girl – and that was what drew me to her She was the complete opposite of Rose Here was the type of girl that was passive and agreeabel – the kind that would follow her husband anywhere.”Gross, I mean seriously Yes the Amish have very strict gender roles, the men are typically farmers or work construction, where the women work in the home and raise children, but never have I encountered this completely disrespectful, view of women in any Amish reading I have done Rose was definitely unsure in her decision to join the Amish, but she did it anyways and this is another one of the reasons that I just cannot identify with the girl She was just so ridiculous At 17 she was willing to leave her family, throw away everything she had ever known, life a lifestyle that she didn’t necessary enjoy or believe in all to be with her complete jerk of a boyfriend who treated her like crap Rose may have joined the Amish but she was secretly hoping that one day she could convince Noah to leave the Church and live English Other than being a great kisser or offering some eye candy I don’t know what Noah ever did for, or gave to, Rose It was just bad Seriously bad.“That was the thing I hated the most – not being sure whether I was doing the right thing.”“Don’t listen to him… You’re everything to me, and we’ve finally reached the point where we can be together I’m not going to let your damn brother mess things up for us.” He didn’t cuss very often, so I knew he was feeling insecure.And… I was wondering if Noah was becoming so addicted to me that he might change his mind about becoming English someday The secret wish that I’d had for so long came to life in my mind… and for the first time I thought it might be a real possibility.Rose and Noah certainly did not have a mature relationship They did not respect each other at all and other than having some physical chemistry there was nothing there They spent all of their time apart hoping the other person would change to fit the definition of what they wanted in a partner with no regard to what the other person wanted or needed It made me sick I just didn’t buy the Amish connection in this book It was supposed to be about the Amish, but it just didn’t feel authentic From what I know about the Amish they are rigid in their beliefs but they also strive to live a simple, Christian life The portrayal of the Amish in Belonging was incredibly negative and Rose’s family is constantly referring to the Amish as crazy, backwards, uncivilized and cultlike The book is loaded with tones of value statements about the Amish and the author’s portrayal of them certainly doesn’t help In Temptation I felt as though Noah was vilinized, in Belonging the entire Amish way of life was vilinized There was little to no mention of any of the positive aspects of the Amish community Their willingness to help each other without question, their deep sense of family, or faith were all conveniently left out and instead they were shown to be an oppressive cult that one would have to be insane to want to join.Belonging just wasn’t for me Between the ridiculous and unlikable characters, the annoying relationship that Rose and Noah had and the completely critical and overly dramatized view of the Amish I truly had to struggle to finish reading this book This is the end of the temptation series for me and unfortunately I just don’t care enough about Rose and Noah to invest anytime in reading the last book of the series I received an eARC of Belonging via Netgalley in an exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own. Wow.WowWowWOWOWOWOWOWThis series so far has just been INCREDIBLE There were a few minor things that bugged me a bit and I will get to those in a second, but this book took me on an emotional roller coaster!The one major thing that irritated me through this series was the fact that Rose only made the commitment to be Amish because of Noah She didn't like their ways, didn't agree with their beliefs, but solely joined them just to please Noah That's a huge NO NO I can't really imagine that an Amish Bishop would be ok with an English girl joining their community just because of a guy It would have to bethan that Just doesn't seem realistic.Other than that, after I finished this book, I just had to sit there for a second I was so blown away I could barely think Karen Ann Hopkins writes an incredible teen romance This book is filled with so many surprising twists and turns You never know what is going to happen next!This book is definitely one of the best books I've read so far this year! (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a readtoreview basis Thanks to This is book 2 in the ‘Temptation’ series, and kicks off where book 1 ‘Temptation’ ended.**Warning – some unavoidable spoilers for book 1 ‘Temptation’ (ie: like the fact that Rose and Noah are still together)**Having made the decision to join the Amish community in order to be with her Amish boyfriend, Rose now has to get used to her new plain life, and all the new rules and laws that come with it The Amish aren’t exactly making this easy for her, but thankfully a few key people are supporting her which she desperately needs.Just because Rose and Noah are trying to build a relationship, doesn’t mean that everyone else is helping too Rose’s father and brothers are still expecting her to come home, and are unhappy when it seems that she’s not budging, and there are several members of the Amish community who are trying to put a spanner in the works too.Can Rose and Noah really be together? Will Rose take the next step and become fully Amish for him? And how long can a relationship work, when people are trying to tear it apart?Beautiful and unputdownable, this story is one hell of a rollercoaster ride through Amish customs, and one girl’s undying love for her Amish boyfriend.I was really excited when I saw this book on Netgalley because I was so interested to find out what would become of Noah and Rose, and how Rose would manage living an Amish life Book 1 raised some serious questions for me about Rose and Noah’s relationship, and by halfway through this instalment, these same questions were raised again How could Noah seriously expect Rose to give up everything to become Amish to be with him, when he was willing to give up… nothing? Even after Rose has made such huge sacrifices; given up her family, her friends, her home, her way of life, and even her clothes, watch, and shoes, Noah seems unwilling to give up anything, which gives me serious worries over the longevity of their relationship – how long will it be before Rose resents the fact that she is the only one to have made sacrifices for this relationship?Anyway, there isn’t really a lot of romance in this instalment, as most of the time Rose and Noah are kept separated for some reason or another When they are together things are emotionally heated though, and it is obvious that they feel real passion for each other It’s this passion and longing that keep the tension in the story, and keep you desperately reading to find out what will happen next!Rose and Noah both seem to love each other, and it seems to be constantly other people’s interfering that messes with their relationship, it’s good to see how difficult it is for people to keep them apart though, and good to see what happens after the ‘love at first sight’ Even against the odds I kept routing for Rose and Noah to somehow find a way to make their relationship work, as it seemed unfair how difficult it was for them to be together.We got a bitof an insight into the Amish way of life in this instalment which was interesting, and it was easy to see where Rose might have difficulties with the lifestyle, and difficulties realising that her own wedding would be a sullen and dull affair – something difficult for any girl to accept Again though, it seemed that Noah thought that Rose would become Amish and love it, and it was a little difficult to accept that he thought that this was easy for Rose.I really liked the storyline in this book, and I thought that the whole Amish thing was dealt with really well The problems between Noah and Rose were not going to be easily solved, but I really hope that the possible light at the end of the tunnel comes through for them.The ending of this book was pretty messed up, with Rose regretting some decisions that she made, and a massive cliffhanger for us to think over until the next book comes out! (I want it now!)Overall; a beautiful and compelling tale of a young couple in love, and the people that are trying to tear them apart Highly recommended.8.5 out of 10. I received an ARC through NetGalley.Wow Woah What?! I did not see that ending coming at all! While I really enjoyed Temptation, Belonging is even better! In the first book we got see Rose and Noah fall in love despite being from totally different worlds Now we get to see their dedication to each other, or at least Rose’s dedication to becoming Amish It’s not a decision to take lightly, but Rose wants Noahthan anything, so giving up her life of luxury comes easily However, actually making the transition and adapting to the Amish way of life is hard work I don’t just mean doing laundry by hand Rose also has to take their values and customs to heart, not just play the role of dutiful Amish girl Things were going quite well for Rose…until they weren’t.I still found myself frustrated with Rose at times, but she did grow on me in Belonging She is determined to prove that she can make it as an Amish woman in order to be with Noah But that’s just it, she’s trying to prove something A lot of the time I felt like it was her stubbornness keeping her in Meadowview rather than her love for Noah and an actual want to become Amish It also seemed like she was trying to show him that she’s willing to make sacrifices for him, so that he’d make the ultimate sacrifice and leave his community for her Maybe I’m just suspicious though Rose does work very hard, but her attitude didn’t change much as she kept pointing out how the Amish are doing things “wrong.” She wasn’t really making the change, just putting on a show I never doubted her commitment to Noah though.Speaking of Noah, I adored him before, but now I like him even ! Sure some of his ideals about relationships are “backwards” but I could tell he really wanted Rose to succeed and become Amish so they could be together He tried really hard to make sure she stayed on the righteous path, even though that was hard since they had very little time together But he is a teenage boy with raging hormones, so at times he was less than gentlemanly ;)My favorite part of Belonging was learningabout this Amish community As Rose settled into her new life, she of course asked questions, and her host parents answered them It all felt natural without being infodumpy, which I really appreciated We also got to witness a few special events and observed how the Amish celebrate them One being a wedding (one of the things Rose felt wasn’t up to her standards), the other being child birth Rose also encounters members of other Amish communities and a Mennonite, so there were some contrasts between these different groups I thoroughly enjoyed learningabout a lifestyle so different than my own We’re also let in on some of thescandalous secrets of some of Rose’s new Amish girlfriends.I also enjoyed seeing how Rose’s relationship with her family changed as she spenttime at Meadowview It’s definitely not happy, as her father wants her home, but is hoping she’ll make that decision herself Her brothers also miss her There are actually a few chapters from Sam’s POV, which I didn’t really see the point of at first However, it becomes clear toward to middle of Temptation I can’t saywithout spoiling, but it truly is rotten!That ending was insane! Well, there’s actually two shocks The first, I never saw coming at all, and it definitely had me at the edge of my seat The second, however, was fairly predictable I had a suspicion, since it was hinted at few times throughout, but I wasn’t sure if it would actually happen Things are definitely going to getcomplicated for Rose and Noah.Readof my reviews at Pinkindle Reads Reviews. Such a great second book to this series! Everything within this book just makes me love Karen Ann Hopkins eventhan I did when I began the first one!!! Rose was your typical teenage girl,she was obsessed with her phone and clothes, until she fell in love with an amish boy She wanted to do everything and anything so that she could be with him forever.Noah wouldn't be a disgrace to his family and leave the Amish community That meant one thing,if Rose and him were going to be together, Rose was going to have to join the Amish community When I started reading the book, I liked Rose from the very beginning Her personality and mine are a lot alike The one thing that makes us different though, is I don't think I would have the guts to join an Amish Community just like she did.Rose is a very stubborn person, she does what she thinks is right and doesn't care what anyone thinks Rose struggles the first few weeks, trying to keep up with all the new traditions and being away from her family.It doesn't help that most of the people in the Amish community are against her joining them.Even her expected her to give up the Amish life and come home after a week or two Rose makes some friends right away, but Noah doesn't approve of them I think Noah was just trying to protect her and make sure that they could stay together The girls she becomes friends with are not the type of girls who follow all the rules Rose is trying to prove herself along the way, but things don't get any easier People are trying to get her in trouble for every little thing she does Finally, she is accepted into the church and the community Only problem is her dad has had enough with her join the Amish Community Her dad and her brothers developed an evil plan to get her back I was so mad at how Sam and his dad secretly wrote a note and gave it to Noah saying it was Rose That is just an awful thing to do After Noah read the note he hated Rose and Rose hate Noah for never coming and getting her Rose didn't know about the note at all Sam set Rose up with one of his friends, named Hunter Personally, I thought they were really cute together and I was happy she could move on over Noah One day, Summer, who was one of Rose's friends and Sam's girlfriend, found out about the note and made Sam tell Noah and Rose Rose was so upset with her family, but really she had a reason to be I thought Noah and Rose get back together, but only problem is her dad says she has to go to college before she can move back to the Amish Community Rose is hoping Noah will abandon his community and come and live in her world for awhile I think Rose and Noah are really cute together Rose was a little to young to make the decision of spending the rest of her life in a Amish community I would recommend this book to Middle School and High School girls It is a book about a high school girls relationship and it has your usual high school drama This book is also about feel different or out of place, which many middle school girls probably feel sometime Once you start, you won't be able to put it down The author uses words that most kids know and it is very well written I would definitely recommend this book to others! I left everything I knew behind But it was worth it He was worth it No one thought an ordinary girl like me would last two minutes living with the Amish, not even me There are a lot rules and a lot less freedom, and I miss my family and the life I once had Worst of all, Noah and I aren't even allowed to see each other Not until I've proven myself If I can find a way to make it work, we'll be NOAH amp; ROSE together forever But not everybody believes this is where I belong ➵ [Reading] ➷ El precio del Trono By Pilar Urbano ➪ – not even me There are a lot rules and a lot less freedom ➽ [Download] ✤ The Taking of Annie Thorne By C.J. Tudor ➲ – and I miss my family and the life I once had Worst of all [KINDLE] ✿ Exhalation By Ted Chiang – Noah and I aren't even allowed to see each other Not until I've proven myself If I can find a way to make it work [Reading] ➺ L.A. Bondage Author Dave Naz – we'll be NOAH amp; ROSE together forever But not everybody believes this is where I belong Tempted by a love from a girl he couldn't have Tempted by a love from a boy that was so different Belonging to one another with a love so strong that neither one could deny, priceless Noah and Rose are inseparable Faced with many challenges and extreme roadblocks ahead, they are each headed down a path with a common destination, however the path must be traveled alone Belonging is the next chapter in this story of love and determination Rose has found herself in a situation where she is excepted by many, however not all The Amish community have given her the chance to prove herself She has to prove that living the simple life is enough for her She is willing to do this, because deep down inside she knows that the end of the path, means reaching Noah, her one and only love Rose is up for the challenge She strives to go above and beyond to prove herself worthy of the Amish way The novel begins with a sense of comfort that the challenge may be an easy one however she learns quickly with the introduction of new characters and old, that the path to travel may be rocky.An observation that I made very early regarding Belonging, was the cover I understand that many authors do not have 100% final say on book cover picks However, in the first book of the series, Temptation, it was left up to my imagination what Rose and Noah looked liked The cover projected a shadow of true hidden passion With Belonging, my visualization of what they look like has changed This cover portrays a very older Noah and Rose Her attire also threw me off a bit as well Was the cover a deal breaker for me, NEVER! Belonging was filled with many unexpected story lines, twist and turns that I didn't see coming Karen Ann Hopkins has truly captured her audience by providing a novel that is filled with well thought out character development and a descriptive plots that is sprinkled throughout the novel with just enough hope to push the reader on I'm invested in Rose and Noah's story Belonging is a novel that you won't put down until the last page Thank you Karen Ann Hopkins for putting their world down on paper for all readers to enjoy I shall wait patiently for the 3rd book in this wonderful series. A lovely sequel that takes things to a new level Belonging was a wonderful read that had everything that made Temptation so goodforbidden love, defying expectationsand did it even better I really enjoyed this book.In this book, Rose is struggling to adapt to the Amish way of life Though she doesn't find it easy, she still perseveres so that she can be with Noah She proved her strength in how she adapted to Amish lifestyle and how she reacted when her family took things into their own hands I really liked her in book 1 and I still do in this book Though after that ending, I wonder what she will do.Noah was still so sweet in this book I did have one complaint, though He reacted like a total drama queen when something happened, courtesy of Rose's family I don't want to give it away, because it's the biggest twist in this book, but he didn't react very well I wouldn't have minding some pouting and brooding, but he brought another person into it and that was unfair Nonetheless, I still liked his character He was just so adorable.The romance definitely deepened in this book Even as it was challenged in a very difficult way But I still thought these two lovebirds were super sweet together I did think they needed to learn some sensitivity They had a tendency to run blindly towards each other and not realize how many people are affected by their decisions And that was a little frustrating But, I still really liked them as a couple And, after the twist at the end, I'm curious to see how they deal with that revelation.The plot was well paced Like book 1, it went at a steady and restful pace There were definitelytwists and surprises in this book and I loved it The ending was a huge cliffhanger and now I can't wait to get my hands on book 3 to see how things end for our starcrossed lovers Belonging was a brilliant sequel that didn't disappoint Quite the opposite, actually It took what made Temptation so great and did it even better Loved this book! Fans of book 1, you won't be disappointed in this book For those who haven't started the series, you should definitely give it a try because it's wonderful.*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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