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So Nature Gives Command Only four chapters of this fic have been written and it seems like the story has been abandoned since it hasn't been updated since 2013 I was loving the darker mafia aspect of this story Alexander's struggle with his attraction to Scott his anger issues and his desire to rise within the Mafia ranks while learning how best to utilize his skills all make this story complex than the first two Having said all that I really REALLY REALLLLY cannot stand Scott He is disrespectful obnoxious annoying childish provoking and insufferable and the only reason I would have continued reading this story is to get to the point where Alexander finally snaps and beats the brakes off of him Russian enforcer style A hospital stay for him would not go unappreciated I dreaded having he and Alexander actually get to a point where they're in some kind of relationshipso I'm kind of glad the author abandoned thisthough if she did start it up again I wouldn't be able to resist lol Truly I had had enough of Scott in Book 2 and he hasn't gotten any better I would much have preferred Alexander with Maksim someone older who could help guide him while also helping him release some of that anger Maskim would also teach him nothing is wrong with bottoming from time to time Whoo I'm swooning just thinking about itAs usual Petrov and Michael and Grigori and Caleb are entertaining Two great but very different couples This has promise And violence Is a WIP awsome Alexander is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality and his place inside the brotherhood while Scott learns a valuable lesson in respecting others feelings Unfortunately Alexander's volatility becomes something both must overcome while simultaneously maneuvering through a city dangerous than ever SEUEL to Traded and Picture PerfectWords13495 Chapters4 29 Sept 2013 Status Incomplete

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