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The Academy The AcademyWhere things are not always as they seemMy name is Kris Jameson and I’m a student at the Royal Academy I’m at the top of all my classes what they call a “model student” There’s only one problem—the Academy is an all boys school and I’m a girlIt started as a prank when I took my brother’s place But things got complicated when I caught Broward the school bully in a compromising position They got even worse when I was assigned my roommate—the handsome but enigmatic North who saved me several times from the bully’s attacksNow the conseuences of my deception are coming back to haunt me The penalty for fraud at this exclusive school is much worse than simple expulsion—I could lose a hand Worse so could my beloved brotherWith so much at stake it’s imperative that I keep my secret safe And the person I’m closest to North is the one I have to be most wary ofThe trouble is I think I’m falling in love with him

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  1. Penny Penny says:

    Actual Rating 35 starsI can see myself as a teenager absolutely loving this book I wish I could have read it back then it would have been one of my favorites so I am giving it 4 stars mostly to honor that Right now I see many places where the story could have been improved made dramatic and angsty some miss opportunities to make the story engaging But overall it is an entertaining and enjoyable story and I uite liked it

  2. adinda widya adinda widya says:

    this book is reminded me of HANA KIMI very muchI love itit’s Just that the bully actions thing was disturbed me so muchhow could Broward done such a thing to Kris even tho he already knew that Kris is a GIRL? Oooh boy u gotta re arranged your priority Not just you but your other friends too blehSweet ending couldn’t expect better than that D

  3. ✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿ ✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿ says:

    Damn this book is made of pure awesomeThis is one of those days wherein I get to thank my goodreads friends again because I never would've found out about this book without them soooo thanks Reading THE ACADEMY has it's perks Here are some of them✔A girl posing as a guy? Come on Tell me you're not at least a bit interested in that✔There's sci fi parts✔There's medieval times parts historical or something✔You get to read about an all boys school I don't see many books with this kind of setup✔Scenes are just soooo cute you could just sueal✔The girl may not be kickass but she's smart So you know it makes up for her lack of strength✔You root for the girl errmm guy✔You keep on rooting for her errrmm him and yet you want to bash HER head because SHE doesn't wanna say that she's a SHHEEEEEE This novel has a very interesting plot and setting It' set to be in a very futuristic era but then there are places wherein it's very old fashioned When I say old fashioned it's OLD OLD like Victorian times or something It's fascinating really What lured me here is its striking resemblance of the plot of HANA KIMI a japanese series You see they are also room mates and the guy also felt the need to protect the girl posing as a guy Maybe the only difference is that no one wants to kill the girl in Hana Kimi Oh well I'm actually amazed by North's character He was uestioning his sexuality and he was going crazy with it When he couldn't take it any he practically threw himself to Kris when they were on a break To be honest I loved that scene ahhaha that was plain precious ^^If by some miracle Kris turns out to be Asian this is what she'd look like to me and they'd look like this awwwww Anyway I had fun reading this I was laughing out loud at some point because hey her hardships as a poser is such a hilarious thing to read about and imagine It's very light hearted and even if there are serious scenes it's still totally cute I guarantee a happy ending too So everyone Let's read this ^^

  4. giselle giselle says:

    This book was awesome It reminded me of She's the Man I had everything that I like in a book romance science fiction and fantasy The characters were well written; in the beginning I didn't really like North because he was really mean to Kristina AKA Kris but after knowing his background I started to like him Kristina was a strong loyal and brave character which you don't really find in novels these days I totally did not like the mean characters but what's to like about them they are the mean characters The plot was really uniue a lot of brothers and sisters don't get along well in the real world so it was cute that Kris and Kristina did This was also my first book that I read that took place in a boarding school so that was interesting as well I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance science fiction and fantasyMy type of North My type of KristinaKris

  5. Liralen Liralen says:

    Take Alanna 5 stars Take out all the worldbuilding –1 star Take out all the plot –1 star Fill in all that space with crushes and romance and swoon –1 star The Academy is roughly what's leftWhat a disappointment The premise is that the heroine takes her brother's place at a uasi military academy because she doesn't want to get married yet and he doesn't want to fly spaceships Okay so far so good The charactersAlthough there are a handful of side characters only four characters get any real spaceKristina aka Kris Masuerading as male which mostly means binding her chest and gasping that she can't possibly be expected to shower with other people and screaming for help every time somebody threatens her physically Mind nobody ever actually does guess her secret but they do all think she's flamingly gay Of course everyone here seems to think everyone else is flamingly gay soNorth aka Loverboy uite entertaining initially because he found Kris so obviously irritating Has a tortured soul Wins points because when he falls for Kris he fairly uickly and uietly gets over the fact that Kris is he thinks maleThe bully whose name I have already forgotten but who is conveniently often referred to asyou guessed it The bully Can't you just see Kris's self righteously indignant pout? Wannabe rapist maimer and murderer Literally tries to do all three at various points in time Zero characterisation beyond BadThe gay best friend whose name I have also already forgotten Unlike Kris actually is flamingly gay Doesn't really have a personalityrole beyond that which is probably why I don't recall his name But what happens? you sayWell despite not having any formal education and being put two grade levels ahead of where someone her age should be Kris immediately aces all her classes except gym which—despite the vaguely futuristic setting; they're all living on moons and so on—literally consists of things like dodgeball and basketball and once that's settled we pretty much never hear about classwork again because she's too busy being in love with her roommate There is romance There are minor shenanigans related to her being secretly female There's a bully And there's romance That's it That's it? you say But—what about the plot? Surely there's some kind of intergalactic war brewing or somethingNope Well—collaborative efforts as part of their training to become starship captains? Scenarios where they're tearing around the moon in their spaceships? Intense physical training?Were you not listening when I said they played dodgeball? At least some kind of uest or thing to accomplish?There's a penis obsessed bully to be vanuished There's love to fight valiantly but ultimately succumb to There's angst and soul wrenching guilt or something like that rightIndeed I should not have read this on a day when I had no caffeine

  6. angela angela says:

    I loved this book It was sweet with a lot going on I loved Norths character he's loyal passionate caring considerate he helped and protected Kris even before he knew the truth about her Kris was my second favorite she also is loyal smart caring and a good person with goals and aspirations Her father is a complete pick the character you love to hate I think the only thing I might have liked is the book to have gone into life on the ship a bit along with their lives together Excellent book though I have enjoyed all of Evangeline Anderson's books I've read so far great Author

  7. Amber Center Amber Center says:

    This is a love story about a girl whose love and devotion to her twin brother lead her to pose as a boy in all boys school in a futuristic world very similar to our own Some previous unknown tragedy lead people from earth to abandoned their plant and seek out an existance in another solar system Through this move women seemed to have lost their rights or standing in society and backslid into a Victorian existence where women could be viewed as property and corporal punishment seem to be common place Through her deception she is introduced to North her male roommate who through his own tragedy feels protective of her I liked that this novel dealt with falling in love with a person and crossed boundries between what you think you're supposed to feel for someone and what actually makes you love someone Does real love really transcend sexuality? We got a glimpse at a young man as he tried to deal with these feelings and a young woman who is trying to be herself while posing as someone else and the loyalty she feels for her brother conflicting with the betrayal she also feels she is perpetrating to her new friends Definately not a tween book but would recommend to a young adult Can't wait for by this author

  8. xfarahx xfarahx says:

    To start the author has decided to set the story in the future and in space a bizarre choice to say the least I actually thought it was really unnecessary I mean she had a lot going with the idea of a girl going into an all boys schooloh wellThe other thing that you may notice is that there are many elements from Japanese anime and manga The story itself is like Hana kimiin which a girl also moves into an all boys school A lot of the insults are known ones from anime The surprises events and especially the setting of the story are what you call staples in manga storytellingWhile it did take me a while to get used to the writing style and all the obvious anime influence I did actually enjoy the story The main character was somehow both the top other class and the most gullible creature you could ever face but I guess that's just another thing you have to take as it isI almost gave this book 25 stars maybe even 3 because it was fun Unfortunately the conclusion of the book and the last line specifically just ruined everything

  9. Lexie Lexie says:

    Welcome to a hard review for me THE ACADEMY is basically a futuristic version of TWELFTH NIGHT or for the non Shakespearean fans SHE'S THE MAN starring Amanda Bynes which I love to pieces don't you say anything bad about it The thing is that aside from some cool tech mentions and scifi trappings Andrews made Kristina our main character come from a province that adheres to Victorian principles They're even referred to that way Modesty chastity women can't do cool things like fly a ship women are the property of their fathershusbands etc etcThis felt a bit like a cop out to me I can see why Andrews would go this route it set groundwork as to why Kristina and her brother Kristopher would trade places why they would risk so much why they felt there was no other viable option Later when Kristina is in the Academy it gave her an easy excuse as to why she didn't want to undress in front of guys or take showers with them or spoke so formallyKris's roommate and love interest North comes up with half a dozen different reasons reasonable and otherwise why Kris would be so reluctant to behave like the other guys All of which she insists repeatedly aren't true I feel like one of those options would have been preferable to simply reading over and over again that she was embarrassed and modest There's also the matter of how same sex relationships are handled in the book Its an all boys' school with a don't ask don't tell mentality A couple characters are clear on gay; Wilkinson Kris' only friend or less and 'Kinky' Hinks assistant to the Headmaster Both come off initially as being predatory but later actions prove them to be otherwise Still a bit too stereotypical for me thoughAs is common in these stories the love interest finds himself reluctantly falling in love with our heroine and wrestling with the fact this previously Manly Man is intowell guys or a guy at least No one knows of Kris' ruse and there aren't any women to try to wrestle North away from her so instead we're dealing with North's past Its a hard past and one that Andrews handles carefully I did rather find view spoilerthe entire subplot of being sworn brothers to be the most far fetched thing ever created and it did not make me think well of Kris' intelligence that she was THAT gullible hide spoiler

  10. Rosebud Rosebud says:

    Kris Jameson has a family name to uphold Admiral Jameson expects his child to graduate from the prestigious Royal Academy and enlist in the military as generations of Jameson's have always done Things seem simple as Kris is a top notch student who consistently has high honors Graduation should be a breeze if the school bully and 'Ice Prince' roommate don't have Kris leaving firstThis is a YA read that goes to the top of my list in terms of story line presentation and development with a kick ass plot The central characters and futuristic world building created by this author are suburb It's the kind of book I find myself screaming at my e reader because the suspense at certain parts of the story are that frustrating and intense I appreciated the twists and turns that occurred but that doesn't mean I didn't want to jump into the pages and put in my own two cents worth Darn fictional characters who don't do the right or proper thing in a timely andor efficient mannerThere is a romance element to this book but it's not the main focus of the story There are secrets to reveal and adventures to be taken before the two main characters can even remotely think about a HEA if it even occurs But no spoilers from me there Really outstanding book that any teen reader would love to read or the adult that loves a good book without the sexual content

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