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  1. Kristy Johnston Kristy Johnston says:

    Honestly I just did not care for the writing in this book It was simple and straight forward but it read a little too dry and stilted The dialogue was awkward at times and other times I did not understand what the speaker was trying to convey Earlier in the book there was some foreshadowing that you would have to have a pretty thick head not to have noticed It was all just a little too obvious If you’re going to add a mystery element to the story go for it but there was no subtlety here There were a lot of issues between the two main characters with miscommunication or even non communication regarding the bigger issues at hand I didn’t feel they communicated well The synopsis made it sound like there was some kind of hate love thing going on in the beginning and it never really felt like it The angst was a little too internal to the characters and I didn’t feel like they talked to each otherThe book took place in a small coastal town in Texas within easy driving distance to Galveston and Houston my neck of the woods so to speak The fireman main character had purchased a house in the Heights to live with his wife I would love to know if there are actually firemen who can afford to live in the Heights because I looked into buying a house there and I ended up in the suburbs instead when I saw the prices not to mention that there is talk of him having a yard for his bullmastiff to run around in Either that yard was smaller than a postage stamp or it wasn’t in the Heights or he has money than a fireman’s salary or asked his in laws for it doesn’t seem like the type though Just some huge uestion marks for meThe resolution at the end was sudden and the book ended abruptly with no information to the reader about what they decided to do with their future Are they staying in this little community? Are they going to rebuild the house and is she going to run the restaurant despite everything? Are they going back to their careers in the city which respective city? His home of Houston or hers of Galveston? I have so many uestions which is why I continued to read to the end to find out the answers and pretty much none of them were answered to my satisfactionI’m not too sure about the resolution of who burned down the house either view spoilerIt may be legal in that part of Texas to burn down your own house but I do not think the local fire dept and as fire chief the owner would have been that would be happy for any citizen to set a fire without the proper euipment or permit in some cases to put it out and control it on the property that would be reckless endangerment at the least and a county or city official should know better not to mention the danger to those beautiful palominos they were always talking up Ryan should be compelled to make the appropriate steps in this situation and that is not addressed He just let it go hide spoiler

  2. Scarlet Fanning Scarlet Fanning says:

    Leah Berry has given up her career as an art curator and preservation historian to return to Vine Beach to run the family seafood diner and care for her father who is showing signs of dementia After their historic family home burned down he is now living in the assisted living section of a nursing home Ryan Owen has moved to Vine Beach to take the position as new Fire Chief He is fulfilling a wish he made to his late wife First to celebrate their first anniversary in a seafood restaurant at the beach and second to live at the beach He has left is promising career in Houston for six months to fulfill the wishes of his wife who died in a diving accident on their honeymoon Ryan heals through the Starting Over grief group at church and the men help him in several projects Ryan has fallen in love with Leah and he naturally starts looking out for her and protecting her As fire chief her seafood diner fails his fire inspection She has to close till repairs are made But Ryan buys one of her horse to provide money for the repairs then gets to Starting Over guys for free labor He repairs the leaky roof of her barn Each of these things open Leah's eyes to how much this man cares for her A book of choices family love and overcoming grief

  3. Autumn Autumn says:

    I needed a sweet romantic pick me up kind of story I think this book fit the bill It is simple There's no complex themes or intense mystery it is a simple Christmas story I think that is what makes me like it so much a love story without a triangle without any sad endings no unnecessary drama I feel as if the love aspects are realistically written Simple lovely and perfect for Christmastime

  4. Lisa Auvigne Lisa Auvigne says:

    I enjoy this book so much I was captivated by the characters This book has little bit everything love loss and animals Love the unlying story that god can and will change the course of you job and life

  5. JLynn JLynn says:

    Nice pleasant book with a bit of mystery and great ideas the whole concept of the 'Starting Over' group The climax didn't happen until the last chapter

  6. Val Val says:

    a really sweet story

  7. Laura Laura says:

    Title HER HOLIDAY FIREMANAuthor Kathleen Y’BarboPublisher Love InspiredNovember 2012ISBN 978 0 373 87779 9Genre Contemporary romanceLeah Berry’s father has recently been put into a nursing home Leah is struggling to run her daddy’s restaurant and fend off developers who want to buy her family home Well the land Ocean front property is pretty valuable and since the pre Civil War era house burned Leah is living in a small shack beside the sea Ryan Owan has lost his wife Now on what would’ve been his one year anniversary he’s sitting as far away from what he’d known as possible Acting as fire chief in this new to him community on the sea it would’ve been perfect—if his wife were by his side From the moment Ryan met the beautiful redhead Ryan knows he’s in trouble He came to town to heal Not looking for a new lover When Ryan shuts down Leah’s Daddy’s restaurant due to fire code violations Leah is infuriated Will Ryan and Leah learn to let go—and let God?HER HOLIDAY FIREMAN is Ms Y’Barbo’s latest romance My heart broke when I found out Ryan’s story Leah is kind to Ryan even without knowing his story when he inconveniences her and her employees at the restaurant and that won points with me Both Ryan and Leah were struggling with loss Leah with material things though with her daddy’s Alzheimers there is definitely some physical loss and Ryan with the loss of his wife I couldn’t help but fall for these two hurting characters and wanted them to find healing But first they must learn to tolerate differences A fun addition to the story was Ryan’s dog and Leah’s cat because they too much learn to tolerate others Discussion uestions are included at the end of the book 575 214 pages

  8. Kate (The Shelf Life) Kate (The Shelf Life) says:

    Love Inspired puts out uite a few sweet stories and Her Holiday Fireman by Kathleen Y'Barbo is one of themHer Holiday Fireman looks like it takes place at Christmas time from the cover when actually the story starts a couple of months before then The story follow Leah a young women who has taken over running a small eatery in Vine Beach Even though she has perused the education she wanted she felt the need to come back home and help her dad take care of things since he started to battle Alzheimer's Between those two responsibilities Leah doesn't find those troubling what she does find troubling is the constant pressure of the mayor as he tries to talk her in to selling her land that she grew up on Ryan Owen is a fireman who has temporarily relocated He is a recent widower trying to keep a promise to his late wife to the best of his ability Ryan takes the position of fire chief in Vine Beach with a six month contract Ryan doesn't know it at the time but he is taking Leah's father's previous job With Ryan now in charge of the small fire department to the resort town he starts to look into things that had been set aside for sometime with Leah's Pop dealing with his illness With his job Ryan starts to investigate the remains of Leah's old family home The house had burned down two year previous and the reason has been a bit of mystery With events and information uncovered Ryan and Leah find out not all is what it seems to beHer Holiday Fireman was a nice story to read It offered a little bit of mystery which is always fun The characters were well developed Leah and Ryan each had pasts that they had to face and unknown futures to look forward to In doing so they each had to rely on faith for their strength and guidance

  9. Loraine Loraine says:

    SUMMARY From his first encounter with the feisty redhead widower and fire marshal Ryan Owen knows he's in trouble He's in Vine Beach to heal not to find romance As for Leah Berry she's come home strictly to lay claim to her family's restaurant and fend off developers Leah is infuriated when Ryan shuts down the restaurant on violations Both are determined to have their way even as something unexpected starts blossoming between them They'll need to learn the hardest thing about love and faith—letting goREVIEW Nice clean romance with a touch of mystery that made it interesting

  10. Tammy Tammy says:

    I loved how Leah and Ryan's relationship developed They were drawn to each other from the beginning but neither was sure what they wanted to feel Leah wanted to stay away from him because he was the fire chief and he kept thinking he was going back to his of job in Houston The only thing I didn't really like about the book was that it didn't show them as a couple that much

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Her Holiday Fireman Second Time Around #2 From his first encounter with the feisty redhead widower and fire marshal Ryan Owen knows he's in trouble He's in Vine Beach to heal not to find romance As for Leah Berry she's come home strictly to lay claim to her family's restaurant and fend off developers Leah is infuriated when Ryan shuts down the restaurant on violations Both are determined to have their way even as something unexpected starts blossoming between them They'll need to learn the hardest thing about love and faith—letting go

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Her Holiday Fireman Second Time Around #2
  • Kathleen YBarbo
  • English
  • 02 February 2016
  • 9780373877799