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No Escape Most of the books I read are the typical action books with car chases and bullets flying with a good dose of romance added into the mix This book is gruesome than the books I normally read It details what the serial killer does to his victims It did turn my stomach at times Lauren’s sister was killed by a serial killer Lauren was not going to stop till she found out who was responsible Heath was a detective investigating out of his district He had no choice but to team up with Lauren He new Lauren was hard headed and he was not going to let her face danger alone This made for a really good book Sample from Chapter 15Leaning over the fire escape railing the man fired three shots at Heath The bullets ricocheted from the metal fire escape and from the hotel wall The sprang of metal on metal rang loudly Heath threw himself over the second floor landing and dropped the final story to the pavement catching himself on one hand and bent knees Turning he brought his gun up and fired four times The return fire struck the fire escape around the gunman on the fourth floor causing him to duck back to cover Lauren put the car in gear and sped closer to Heath throwing open the passenger door Heath tossed the bad into the backseat and climbed into the vehicle He flicked the revolver open shook out the empties and started feeding new cartridges into the cylinder “go Now” His gaze roved the street as Lauren wheeled the car in a tight turn headed for the street She floored the accelerator and help on to the steering wheel hoping no one stepped out in front of her and a lane was clear in the street when she arrived there Bullets hammered the pavement around them One cored through the roof of the car and knocked a hole in the floor next to Lauren’s left foot Then she turned hard right screeching out onto the street The car fishtailed wildly and she fought the wheel It was an ok story It moved along a little too slowly for me seemed to take forever to get to any major developments The female lead Lauren is very clever and strong however she was very hard headed about the serial killer issue She came out of nowhere with no experience in murder cases telling Heath that he is not looking at all the sides to the case about the White Rabbit Killer That he is so focused on the one guy that he will lose the actual killer She is brave enough to leave Chicago for Jamaica to find her sister’s murderer But it didn’t seem as realistic as it usually does with female characters who plan to take down the villain because her hard headedness makes it look like she doesn’t think of the possibility that she could get hurt She does show fear at times but since she doesn’t think too much of the danger her actions don’t appear realistic Heath was a likeable character though in the first third of the story he was always taken away or told to leave the premises Two or three times because of Lauren It was too repetitive That seemed to be the main action in the beginning In fact despite the fact that Heath and Lauren start investigating early on getting hurt in the process and having close encounters with the bad guys I felt it was the ending that held the most action I did enjoy Heath’s conversations on the phone with his close friend Jackson who always teased him and tried to make him think clearlyLauren has some skills that I’ve never read about for any other female character She is great at doing magic tricks and magic had slight importance in this book since the killer is a magician I liked how she got to show her talent in the story although the story would have been exciting if magic tricks especially complicated ones were used throughout the story This magic did help create a nice ending Finally a kickass heroineThis book was different than other Harleuin booksLoved it I found the first part of No Escape amazing The suspense is limited because you know almost from the start who the culprit is but trying to guess how Heath and Lauren are going to pin the murders on the White Rabbit killer's real identity is interesting to say the least Heath and Lauren do make a great team even if he's against it for most of the time The only little detail that irked me was the fact that almost every character is described as having his or her hair moussed Almost every single one and that was weirdThe second part of the book when things were supposed to get really interesting ended up just being a messy jumble of magic tricks and and some strange plot twists It was out of character for Lauren and it didn't feel realisticIt's almost as if the two parts of the book had been written by different authors The ending didn't convince me and while I was glued to the pages for the first half of No Escape I had to make an effort though the rest of it to get to the endI'm rating it with three stars because the plot did have potential but the the final pages lacked credibility to make No Escape a great suspense book The hunt is onHot on the trail of a killer detective Heath Sawyer was determined to capture his man His own partner had been murdered by the mysterious White Rabbit killer and now another victim has been found in Jamaica Her sister beautiful Lauren Cooper insists on getting involved with the case But this amateur is one distraction he can't affordLauren isn't going to let her sister die unavenged She'll use any trick she can to help track the elusive White Rabbit If that means becoming bait she will And if it means working with the sexy detective all the better uick easy and enjoyable read 37

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