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Hers for the Holidays The Berringer Bodyguards File #2Name Ely Berringer Trademarks Clean cut former marine who's all muscleand all hotness Biggest weakness This good boy likes a bad bad girlBodyguard Ely Berringer's job was simple find the missing woman But there's nothing simple about smokin' hot tattoo artist Lydia Hamiltonor the fact that they once shared a wickedly sexy night together And once he finds her in Montana he realizes that one night with Lydia was definitely not enoughLydia's been trying to sort out the sale of her childhood home and ranch But lately there's been a rash of nasty incidents break ins damaged propertyjust enough to convince Ely that he needs to stick around And if that means some no strings attached naughty nights Well he's all herseven if it is only for the holidays This was really good It was also hotter than I thought it would be ; I'm looking forward to from this author Book 2 in the Berringer Bodyguards seriesEly is an ex Marine and his sister in law asks for help because her friend Lydia is missing Ely is a bit hesitant because they had a one night stand but being a good family man goes on a mission and tracks down Lydia Lydia has returned to her hometown to clear out her Mum's ranch Her Mum has passed away Lydia has no plans in staying; she wants to make a uick visit and leave unnoticed Ely finds Lydia uite easily but unknowingly walks into a town full of secrets intrigue and mysterious goings on ie who is poisoning the Ranch's cows? Who's breaking into the Ranch? Who stops the water? Ely wont leave until he discovers who is after Lydia and whyOnce Ely and Lydia stop fighting their feeling the pages are on FIRE Blaze ing yes pun intended with heatGreat story I didnt pick the suspect unlike I did straight off in the first story I only picked the right person in the first story because I work in insuranceTotally recommended and I just love the Epilogues because they set the scene for the next book as soon as I finish writing this I'm starting on His Kind of Trouble book 3 cant wait I mostly always enjoy my Harleuins but this one rocked

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Hers for the Holidays
  • Samantha Hunter
  • English
  • 09 July 2016
  • 9780373797325

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