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Delhi Stopover When you’re using your body there’s little else the world is paying attention to A struggling actress in LA Lila is visiting her painter aunt and fashion designer cousin in India after a bad break up Suddenly she finds herself drawn into the coveted modeling circuit of Delhi A fresh face she’s much in demand and is eagerly signed up by the most prestigious but highly demanding agency of the country But Lila doesn¹t want to look back and soon lands a bikini shoot for an Italian agency In her struggle to drop a few sizes she begins a punishing routine of exercising and crash dieting and not surprisingly drugs Will she be sucked into the vortex of this so called glamorous world Will Delhi Stopover be her true calling The answer is not going to be easy

10 thoughts on “Delhi Stopover

  1. Nishant Jha Nishant Jha says:

    This one is an entertaining funny and a very fast read one of those books which everybody would enjoy reading even though the plot is very predictable it never gets boring and kept me interested throughoutrecommended for those light reading days

  2. Sachin Sarma Sachin Sarma says:

    Even though the story is predictable and felt like a Bollywood moviethe book is a fast interesting and entertaining readThe author wins our attention early on into the story and entertains us till the end of the storyWon't hesitate to pick another work of this writer

  3. A A says:

    I loved this book An exciting intense and authentic ride through Delhi's fashion scenethis is a must read

  4. Shivani Sheopory Hernandez Shivani Sheopory Hernandez says:

    An addictive fast and entertaining read although the lead protoganist does take a shower too many

  5. Priyanka Gupta Priyanka Gupta says:

    I picked this Book in the fascination of Title But as said Never Judge a Book by its Cover uite predictable and Bollywood type writing I guess everyone is now penning down as an intention for being adopted by Indian Cinema The protagonist is a NRI actress ‘LILA’ who comes India after she broke her engagement with her fiancé ‘ARMANN” I am confused Why there was no Logic in the Story type • Why the Protagonist has to be perfect and DIVA all the time• Even though as per story plot it looks like that her doings are wrong than also her portray will be protected on the name of Feminism• How come on planet earth everyone out in world is in awe of our heroine except her vamp enemySome time it feels that the narrative is being exaggerated to make it a complete book On positive side I like the character of Manish and Vanita

  6. Aruna Kumar Gadepalli Aruna Kumar Gadepalli says:

    This is a uick read Story of Lila from LA who visits India and tries to make up her mind to find a career She is in dilemma when her fiance lands in India in his presence she tries to change her mind finally when sh has to take decision to go with him she chooses to stay in India

  7. Saurin Parikh Saurin Parikh says:

    The same old cliched plots the same old stereotyped characters

  8. Tulika Tulika says:

    Great detail about India's fashion industry

  9. Saurabh Saurabh says:

    Really enjoyed this book Would highly recommend

  10. Gurnam Sodhi Gurnam Sodhi says:

    Wastage of a couple of days

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