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Miss Manners' Basic Training The Right Thing to Say Miss Manners hereby declares that You look terrific did you have a facelift is not an acceptable compliment For this and the other myriad rudeness that nowadays pass for consolation congratulation and other forms of verbal communication Miss Manners provides politely pointed comebacks as well as the gracious and proper thing to say in any situationMiss Manners feels compelled to do so because saying the wrong thing whether in the name of originality self expression honesty or instant empathy has become all too commonTo a Bereaved Person You must realize it's all for the bestTo a Newly Engaged Person Are you sure you know what you're doingTo a Pregnant Woman You can still do something about it you knowThe Right Thing to Say is a refresher course in etiuette as a second language filled with the practical advice and sly humor that make Miss Manners such good wicked fun and helpful too Cosmopolitan Including useful phrases for dealing with life's special occasions and mishaps The Right Thing to Say explores the subtleties of saying no conducting a conversation without causing offense and the art of the apology when you do anyway

10 thoughts on “Miss Manners' Basic Training The Right Thing to Say

  1. ALLEN ALLEN says:

    For years Judith Martin Miss Manners has had the right thing to say in all matters of etiuette This book isn't large fewer than 200 pages chapbook sized trim so even though it's hardbound it isn't cheap to buy new I wouldn't warn anyone against it as her celebrated wit is well on display here To an in towner asked if her neighborhood is safe enough to visit she recommends the comeback Don't worry I won't hurt youI still think the brand new to Miss Manners reader would have fun if only because there's so much bang for the buck in her big classics like MISS MANNERS' GUIDE TO EXCRUCIATINGLY CORRECT BEHAVIOR MISS MANNERS' GUIDE TO DOMESTIC TRANUILITY and MISS MANNERS' GUIDE TO REARING PERFECT CHILDREN But if you are always stuck for something to say especially when put on the receiving end of others' rude intrusiveness this is a great place to start too Bear in mind though that this book is now over 20 years old and while most of Miss Manners' advice holds up beautifully there are the occasional exceptions such as the young man who simply couldn't bring himself to say I'm gay and partnered when asked if he was married

  2. Jenn "JR" Jenn "JR" says:

    A uick read and often very amusing this is sort of a Miss Manners column plus there is narrative content plus some illustrative letters to Miss Manners with a focus on responses to different situations often in bold text I can't really remember reading Miss Manners' column as much as Dear AbbyAnn in my youth and regretfully so she has a wonderful dry sense of humor

  3. Kevin Cole Kevin Cole says:

    Despite her annoying style it is this subject that I think Miss Manners reigns supreme You may never enjoy a formal dinner party but who doesn't find themselves in situations where you don't know what to say or are rendered speechless by others' rudeness especially those who don't even know they're being rude

  4. Tamara Tamara says:

    There is not a piece of advice in this book humourous though it may be that is not common sense I was hoping for a way to learn to say No to people as though doing it politely might somehow make it easier for me which was one of the chapters advertised on the book's dust jacket cover but only found phrases tailored to individual situations which I'm not actually convinced were sent in by readers but rather written by the author since her answers were so wonderfully tidy and the voice in both the letters and the responses was similar that have no relevance thus far on my life However it was witty and charming all the same and for that it gets two stars

  5. Christina Christina says:

    I picked this book up somewhat jokingly for a book challenge and ended up really learning a lot I will never send another postcard in my life

  6. Randy Garry Randy Garry says:

    Sometimes amusing sometimes helpful always well mannered in teaching manners for speaking If everyone observed the thoughtful manners prescribed in this book civility would be at a much higher level

  7. Sheila Garry Sheila Garry says:

    A refreshing reminder of proper etiuettedone in Miss Manners sly humorous way Some examplesThe response to thank youis you’re welcome Not No problem which implies that there was in fact a problemTopic Unsolicited informationsometimes when I’m dining with other people they feel it’s their duty to inform me of how much fat cholesterol is on my plate What should I say to them?Miss Manners Want some?How to acknowledge curiosity without satisfying it Thank you for taking an interest

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    This was very charming and useful despite being 21 years old

  9. John John says:

    What can I say? I have a weakness for Miss Manners She is freuently insightful usually interesting and always entertaining Unless one hates the entire idea of etiuette I can think of no author better suited to educate and entertain oneThis little book focuses to a large extent on customary remarks Congratulations I'm so sorry and how and why they are often kinder thoughtful less painful etc etc than whatever spontaneous utterances one might be inspired to produce in their stead As with most of her books she intersperses general discussion with letters to which she responded in her column; this one however feels as though it has fewer letters than most and for me that's a positive trait as she writes better than the majority of her correspondents

  10. Clover Clover says:

    while I don't agree with everything Miss Manners has to say I don't think it's rude when someone says no problem in response to thank you maybe it's a sign of the times but I'll just be glad if they say anything at all it was fun to read about how awful some people can be Also being with other people sometimes reuires knowing how to handle awkward situations this book really helps with thattake away oh really note the lack of uestion mark is a good thing to say when someone is being stupidly rude

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