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Gopallapurathu Makkal Popular Ebook, Gopallapurathu Makkal By கி. ராஜநாரயணன் [Ki. Rajanarayanan] There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Gopallapurathu Makkal By கி. ராஜநாரயணன் [Ki. Rajanarayanan] please download or read online here [PDF / Epub] ★ Irrawaddy Tango By Wendy Law-Yone – Gopallapurathu Makkal By கி. ராஜநாரயணன் [Ki. Rajanarayanan] There are many interesting things in this book ❰Download❯ ➼ قصص الأنبياء Author الشيخ خليل دريان الأزهري – readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Gopallapurathu Makkal By கி. ராஜநாரயணன் [Ki. Rajanarayanan] please download or read online here

5 thoughts on “Gopallapurathu Makkal

  1. Pechi Pechi says:

    3.5A tapestry of anecdotes and pre Independence history. We get a sense of what it is like to live in Goapallapuram in KiRa's compelling prose where adages (solavadai) and short yet effective descriptions frequently crop up. His delight in storytelling is evident and his novels double as important records of rural life and Karisal land. People's history in India is often a blur and novels like these go a great way in sharpening the picture.In the prequel Gopalla Graamam, a group of people from Andhra migrate to the Karisal land and build the eponymous village. At the end of that novel, the British had taken control of India. This one picks up where it left off and covers the events leading up to 1947. Though it was published as two novels, it makes sense to merge them and read as a single novel now. I had started this book two years ago and read a significant chunk of it. I'm not sure if I'd read the whole novel back then and a sense of déjà vu was a constant companion while reading now. It reminded me a lot of Sool by Cho. Dharman which is perhaps influenced by KiRa's way of storytelling which prefers evolution of societies to individuals.After two thirds of its length, the novel abruptly morphs into a recollection of the freedom struggle. It was a bit jarring, but we learn a lot about many historical events. We also get a sense of different perspectives that prevailed in that day regarding independence. Some were probably right in seeing it as a mere transfer of power from the British men to the Indian elite.Though disjointed, it is a very entertaining novel whose experimental form and preservation of the oral storytelling traditions make it one of Tamil's important novels.

  2. Nallasivan V. Nallasivan V. says:

    Just like its prequel, Gopallapurathu Makkal is a delightful ethno fiction. Like Naipaul's Miguel Street, it looks at the life of people in a village over a few decades. The first part of the book with its episodic nature, quirky humour, navigating between the several characters much like Miguel Street and its own prequel. The second book is far ambitious. It looks at the birth of a nation through the eyes of the very village we have come to know a village far removed from civilization coming awakening, ironically due to the better infrastructure created by the colonial government, going from scepticism to nationalistic fervour to political realism. With a fair bit of history thrown in, it makes for an unique read among Indian fiction.

  3. Anjuka Ashok Anjuka Ashok says:

    Its a sequel of the book "Gopallapurathu Gramam". This book continues time line from 1st book and ends on India's independence. It continue to talk about people from the region by travelling around a love story in the 1st half of the book. It talks about how the village reacts to changes coming from town/city side in later chapters. The novel expands to pre independent era and talks about various independent events and influence of political parties in villages. Here the novel switches from novel mode to article mode and felt little dragging. Overall an interesting read despite of few dragging chapters

  4. Shaan Shaan says:

    It's was ki ra masterpiece novel, this novel start with British invades to 1947Novel fully focused on how this village people adopt new invention like pen, watch, Torchlight, gun etcSlowly they started reading newspaper entering into politics like Bose, Ina, bhagath Singh , vanjinathamEspecially last part of Navy mutiny..

  5. Murali Ramakrishnan Murali Ramakrishnan says:

    Ki.Rajanarayanan's "Gopallapurathu Makkal " which is a sequel to "Gopalla Gramam" is a good read to know about the lifestyle and practices of village ppl.Detailing about the temple ox and how it was treated with respect,after certain period when the ox becomes arrogant,the treatment to it was well narrated.There are many info about the Indian Naval soldiers strike against the british during mid 40's,shocking to know that our leader's didn't supported their strike which was for their basic requirements and for our country's independence.The support they received from other armed forces and ppl of our country helps to know the history of country at the verge of getting independence.Ki Ra was awarded Sahithya Academy Award in 1991 for this book and in his thanking address,requests to read the first part "Gopalla gramam" which gives introduction abt villages when Britishers arrived here.

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