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Undercover Cowboy A total waste of time I have read A LOT of these books and this was the first one which had product placement not just once but twice In addition either the writing or the editing was so bad the result was laughter For example Fortunately the hole was low enough she did not have to bend over There were several other examples Finally though it it disingenuous to criticize to book with religious content for being religious this one beat us to death with simplistic theology Undercover Cowboy reviewUndercover Cowboy is an exciting romantic suspense book from the Love Inspired Suspense series written by author Laura Scott This is Logan and Kate's story They were introduced in Twin Peril Soooo this is another one I have read and didn't bother reviewing so many regrets now I really do need reminders sometimes While this one is slightly better than the last Love Inspired book I reviewed regarding the mob another one I didn't bother reviewing and regretted it's still pretty bad For example anyone who watches any sort of fiction crime drama knows the mob would totally use a designed car crash to kill someone Not a leap At allAnyhow I didn't forget how Kate is a complete idiot for someone who wants to be a cop one day And how Logan beats the odds keeping her alive while she guilts him with stupid stuff like not forgiving Angela for totally setting Kate up to be taken out by the mob telling him he must not believe in God then Someone really needs to smack this girl I wouldn't forgive her either Kate Not very Christian like perhaps but has nothing to do with belief in God Seriously though Kate is terrible For example Kate tells her dad about what she thinks Salvatore is up to and he a beat cop stupidly goes out and investigates him and gets himself killed I know I know don't speak ill of the dead even fictional But seriously maybe this is where she inherited stupid She then turns around and tells her brother Garrett another cop her suspicions that Salvatore killed their dad Garrett got the smart gene though because he tells Kate to stay out of it of she'd get herself killed Kate having inherited the stupid gene ignores this and goes to some cop slightly higher up the food chain her dad used work for and tells him her suspicions and findings thus far You don't even really know the guy and every mob related movie out there tells you the mob buys cops Ugh If you are going to use cliches use all the provided material pleaseShe also tells Logan Whats his face an FBI agent she knows from her snitching days who promises to look into it and begs her to stay away from the case Sorry Logan Kate is TSTL and does her own thing Anyhow next thing you know Kate is getting a call from her 'friend' Angela who's the niece of the mobster pleading for help She insists she comes to a particular location hint hint Kate and then waits a second before agreeing to Kate's location hint HINT Kate Getting there Kate gets a bad feeling HINT HINT KATE but instead of booking it she walks right into the trap face palm KateFast forward though Logan the FBI agent having to blow his very expensive cover to save her and her STUPID INSISTENCE that she simply MUST contact her brother USING HER CELL PHONE Come on Kate have you EVER watched tv or read a book which Logan has a full minute of stupidity and LETS HER DO IT see what you're doing Kate Your stupidity might get everyone killed Not to mention they just power down the phone How's about you pull the battery if you're able Then Logan can keep it so Stupid doesn't do something dumb EmanyhowBlah blah blah yada yada yada Logan has to shoot a guy who has been tailing them around Kate gets upset that like cops doctors can be bought by the mob because she apparently has never heard of the sin of human greedsigh For a woman who grew up with a cop for a dad and has a cop for a brother and WORKED FOR A CRIME LORD she seems incapable of comprehending that while most human beings are okay humans are sometimes horrible greedy power hungry people Yeahokay KateFast forwarding to generalizations about this book Kate ruined this book Yeah I said it Were it not for Stupid Kate the general plot would have clipped along at a great pace filled with the usual but desirable suspensethriller type stuff we all came here for I get she was the catalyst for a lot of this but screw Kate okay Aside from the romance and a touch of back story for those who didn't read the book before this one there's not much to slow down the pacing of this book which I totally appreciateThe writing was okay I noticed a few grammar mistakes here and there but I'm not reading this for grammar obviously The author really liked to stick to certain description words like goon Shrug Again not here for the uality of the writing but it was something I did noticeThe religious part was pretty in your face Just a warning for youI totally pegged the 'bad guy' before the end of this book But again not necessarily here for uality blah blah blahOne of the two standard christian romance cliche endings was used But fortunately it's not the one I usually get mad atAlso God help the fictional world if Kate ends up a cop In Conclusion I hate Kate Kate is TSTL Kate ruined this book for meIf you can tolerate Kate this book is pretty good otherwise Once I started reading this novel I remembered the characters from a previous book I liked the fact that Logan and Kate already knew each other and the tension between them felt natural I appreciated Kate's independence and Logan's protective nature but Kate's injury at the end was too convenient RUNNING FROM THE MOB FBI agent Logan uail puts his life and career in jeopardy when he blows his cover to save Kate Townsend from a mafia goon He wasn't able to save his fiancée from Bernardo Salvatore's violent syndicate but this time he'll make sure that Kate Townsend doesn't get herself killed trying to prove her father was murdered Now Logan and Kate must work together each overcoming their separate grief to bring down a ruthless mob boss And maybe find some peace through the healing power of love Good book Kept me interested Will read Laura Scott again Suspenseful from the startKate Townsend has just completed her criminal justice degree and had planned to try out for the police academy until her father died a month ago She believes her father a policeman was murdered on his way to testify against mafia member Dean Ravden The crash was labeled as Accidental Death Her mother died in her senior year of High School Kate has three brothers all of which work in the police force The main one mentioned in this story is Garrett and he is the one that she calls later to let him know she is safe but not where she isLogan uail FBI officer undercover as Tex Ryan for the last six months watching Mafia leader Bernardo SalvatoreAngela Gordano Kate's former college roommate is niece of SalvatoreCalling Kate in distress Kate agrees to meet her only to find herself held up by Russo Salvatore's right hand man Who comes to her rescue Logan who has been following Russo and has now blown his cover so both Kate and himself are now in great dangerThis suspense story has you gripped from the beginning as Logan and Kate flee from the scene of the holdup They last met 6 mths previously when Kate had discovered she was working in a Mafia owned restaurant She offered to be an informant for the FBI Once rescued Logan had brushed her off and she had not seen him since She had called him with her suspicions when her dad died but he told her in no uncertain terms to stay out of the investigation Logan is still bitter over the death of his fiancée Jennifer 2 years ago which happened when a drug bust went bad Logan and Jennifer were partners but when face to face with a gunman Jennifer froze and was shot Now he has Kate to care for and is determined that he is not going to let another woman die on his watch However he soon comes to appreciate having someone to work with and talk things over with for the first time in months Kate finally convinces Logan that her father's death was not an accident The driver of the vehicle who slammed into her dad walked away unharmed and the name and address were later found to be fake The witness was never named on the police report which is highly irregular In a fresh car previous one riddled with bullets they head to her father's house to look in the safe for papers that her father kept Just as they are approaching the house blows supposedly with Dean Ravden insideSteve Gerlach the police officer who was in charge of Kate's Dad's accident scene says that he definitely wrote down the name of the female witness but cannot remember her name Agrees to meet late at night in a cemetery What do Logan Kate find when they get there Escaping with their lives after one of them gets shot they find yet another motel room to lie low in Determined to get Salvatore late Saturday night Logan and Kate break into the Berkshire Racecourse a Racino Race course and Casino combined to put a hi tech bug under the table in the conference room On the Sunday Logan agrees to go to church with Kate the first time he has set foot inside a church since Jennifer's death What he witnesses and hears surprises him the Lord really speaks to him Leaving church they realize they are being followed Who by How did anyone know where they wereThis suspense story twists and turns keeping you guessing Will they manage to get Salvatore If so how Will lives be lost before they do Who are the bad guys in the police forceFBI that are being paid by Salvatore The ending may well surprise you It did meAs for the romance side of the story I personally thought it was a bit lame and predictable It wouldn't have really made much difference if it had not been in there SO if you are looking for a good suspense then you will enjoy this but if you are looking for a lovey dovey romance story then this might not impress youJust so you know I was given this book to read with the understanding that I would write an honest review That is exactly what I have done The comments are my own and I am not affiliated with the author in any way FIB Agent Logan uail with a name that sounds like an upscale housing subdivision puts his career on the line when he rescues the deeply stupid Kate Townsend from a mafia goon We know he's a goon because that's the only word the author uses to describe the various members of La Cosa Nostra She could have used capo but that would have reuired a thesaurusThe reasons behind Kate's stupidity are varied but primarily she is trying to prove that her father was murdered and not simply killed in an auto accident Her brothers notably Garrett who is on the town's police force discourage her from investigating anything but she wants to be a cop However her idealism and naivete are incredible She tells her father that she suspects Salvatore of illegal activities and her father a beat cop no less begins investigating him This leads to her father's death in a car accident Then she tells Logan that God would want them to forgive Angela who initially set Kate up with a mafia goon at the story's beginning When Logan tells her no due to his investigation being compromised she then retorts I guess you don't believe in God What What does belief in God have to do with the fact that a federal investigation has been compromised by a woman's stupidityAfter Logan shoots a man who's been following them Kate blurts out that doctors shouldn't be swayed by criminals Yeah honey and we should all look like supermodels too But we don't And money and greed are powerful motivators How is it possible that growing up in a house with a cop for a father did not alert Kate to the fact that people do bad things At least the family on Blue Bloods acknowledges the bad in humankindIf not for Kate and her naivete I would have liked this book The book's plot is sparse and tension is maintained throughout; there's no subplots to get in the way of the story The villain's reveal is a bit of a shock but I guessed it before the end of the book Recommended for a rainy day if you have nothing better to read I've never read a book by Laura Scott that I didn't like so I couldn't wait to get my hands on her new release UNDERCOVER COWBOY I've also read about Kate and Logan in TWIN PERIL and was intrigued by this couple so I was glad they got their own story And what a story it isKate Townsend is determined to prove that her father's death was not accidental And she knows exactly who is responsible for it even though nobody seems to believe her not even her own brother She is also set on continuing family legacy and becoming a cop Logan uail is an FBI Special Agent who blows his cover to rescue Kate from a thug Even though upset about losing his cover he combines forces with Kate to bring a dangerous criminal to justice Throughout the journey both Kate and Logan struggle with grief she over her father he over his fiancée With the help of Kate's strong faith Logan is finally able to renew his But will he be able to keep her safeWhile Logan is a great hero Kate stood out for me as a heroine I loved to read about There are plenty of books about heroines who are so stubborn and hard headed that they get themselves in dangerous situations if they need to or not While latter provides for a great opportunity for the hero to come to the rescue it does not make for a believable book Kate was different She had strength and determination combined with intelligence and vulnerability that made her believable and engaging I also liked how in the end of the story spoiler alert she realizes with Logan's help that she is not defined by her career I second thatUNDERCOVER COWBOY by Laura Scott has twists that kept me turning pages And the identity of one of the villains took me totally by surprise Never saw it coming Running from the MobFBI agent Logan uail puts his life and career in jeopardy when he blows his cover to save Kate Townsend from a mafia goon He wasn't able to save his fiancée from Bernardo Salvatore's violent syndicate but this time he'll make sure that Kate Townsend doesn't get herself killed trying to prove her father was murdered Now Logan and Kate must work together each overcoming their separate grief to bring down a ruthless mob boss And maybe find some peace through the healing power of loveThe book was generally well written and the characters were well defined However I found it a bit disconcerting for Logan to all at once produce a listening device for the racetrack There should have been build up to the device as it was a major plot device in the story telling

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