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黒檻姫と渇きの王 I have recently started reading onshots and although I still find them unsatisfying they are good I really liked the idea presented the plot was good it had a good beginning a proper middle climax and then an ending The only thing I was angry at in the end was that SPOILER ALERT the prince became blinded by the poison It tore my heart Literally I guess the good thing about oneshot is that the reader can imagine and make the story end in any way he can Like I would see it end it in the way that somehow his eyesight returns to him and both of them can live happily ever after ^^ I love this so much Why is it so short? القصة جميلة ون شوت فقط تمنيت لو كانت اطول اصيب بالعمى في النهاية قليلا محزنة لكنها نهاية مرضية احببتها voglio il seguito English edition It was a short one shot Reminded me a little of beauty and the beast Would have been so much better if it been fleshed out and the king actually did some redeeming because the princess caved just a little too uickly in my opinion It's an alright royalty manga but needed to have a clear ending A one shot that I wished was longer then it was It could have been better if it was longer that way the mangaka would be able to flesh out the characters The storyline and art was so good really pretty The Black Cage Princess and the Yearning KingSetia is prisoner of Azurite the tyrant king She has a fiance waiting for her but the king seems to have taken a fancy in toying with her But under his ruthless facade there appears to beAppeared in Hana to Yume magazine It was bizarre

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