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Midnight SpecialComing on Strong I have not read many books in the Blaze line and decided to give this author a try as I have never read her beforeHappy to say that I throughly enjoyed this book and couplewill def read from this author Midnight Special by Tawny WeberNovel 215 pgs current bundled for sale with Coming on Strong also by Tawny WeberFBI Special Agent Michael Hunter is on a fast track career path with no distractions no wife no kids nothing to conflict with his work priorities The only thing holding his current focus is ensuring a conviction for an unscrupulous mobster and killer and keeping his secret witness as far hidden from plain sight as possibleMarni Clare has the misfortune to be bombshell blonde pretty and a smooth talker Both traits hide her deeper layers of determination and success that define her layers most people even her family never see or uite understand Intent on capturing her big break by claiming a story that will move her from mundane fashion writer to hard boiled grit and sensational journalist Marni isn’t about to take a detour for relationships either Unfortunately Marni’s career launching story will run roughshod over Michael’s life threatening caseStuck together on a six day train trip from New York to California these two battle the temptation of attraction and the devious lure of two souls who recognize and get each other from the first fateful look The trip promises to either solidify their goals or shake forever the foundation of their personal journeysTwo tickets on the Midnight Special two careers headed for a collision point one hot inescapable romanceWhat I likedBoth of these characters are very genuine I love the way we get to know who they are and follow them as they experience points of clarity in their lives These two are charismatic on the page and their chemistry lights up the bedroom or train berth Both are likeable at the start and even so at the end of this storyI get Hunter’s brand of justice his need to bend the rules to save people and his determination to excel He’s a wonderful hero with passion for not only the job but life friends and women as well Marni is eually driven and while in my opinion her life mapping isn’t uite as fine tuned as Hunter’s we do clearly understand her goals and the solid grounding family and her chosen role model has played in her life A heroine we can like and empathize with All add wonderful twists and layers to the story and provide poignant moments for to watch them re evaluate their choicesTawny Weber is a new author for me and I have to say that I really enjoyed this book There are secondary characters referenced in this story from previous books Sex Lies and Valentines Sex Lies and Mistletoe Sex Lies and Midnight It is not necessary to have read these first I obviously haven’t and loved this story But those characters seemed intriguing and I will probably go back and pick up the booksSo final checkGreat characters – Yes loved Hunter and Marni together They have hard choices but their reasoning and final outcome is well delivered and wonderful to seeRomance – Hot and sexy The chemistry leaves the reader with a satisfied happy feeling I've been a fan of Tawny Weber since I first started reading the Blaze line back in 2009 A friend of mine turned me on to the books and there are some really great authors writing for this imprint Tawny is one of themMidnight Special is something different for me I don't usually do military reads for Special Ops books but this is Tawny so I thought I'd give it a go and I'm glad I didLike all of her books there's an instant connection between the hero Hunter and the heroine Marnie What's funny is how much alike both characters are They are both career driven people that really can't be bothered with committed relationships But they weren't looking for one anywayThey get thrown together accidentally almost on purpose Marnie is trying to stalk him for an article that would get her a promotion Hunter has to travel by train or car to San Francisco to get to a trial An injury prevents him from flyingThrough a mix up the two of them end up sharing a berth on the Midnight Special A train that's doing a 40s whodunit for all the passengersWhat happens on that train is hot and spicy It takes awhile for things to happen but I'm glad their was tension than just the two of them instantly falling into bed It gave you time to see what kind of people these characters are and as you get to know them you really like them even when everything seems to fall apartHey there's got to be conflict That comes when Marnie leaves after some burnin' love and then Hunter discovers she's a reporterThey both have conflicts to resolve and for Marnie she seeks advice from her like minded auntI liked the compromise that Marnie came to in the end which furthered her career but didn'twell read the book and see because if I say anything else it will spoil thingsFor new to Tawny fans this book has the bonus backlist title Coming On Strong which I read back in 2009 when it came out I have been looking forward to Hunter's story and I was not disappointed WOW what a story and I so loved the setting a train this is one hot and passionate story with Marnie and Hunter both realizing that love can go with careers Thank you Tawny for hours of reading pleasure I loved it Tawny Weber has written many contemporary romances for Harleuin so she knows her way around the block In her newest release Midnight Special she does what she does best and presents two strong willed characters who butt heads repeatedly on the way to their HEA It's a fast paced satisfying story full of playful sexual tension from the very beginningMarni wants to make it big as a reporter She's had a plan to acheive fame since she was young and has followed each step precisely which leaves little time for true love She enjoys her romances but wants nothing permanent to get in the way of her becoming a top notch reporter Discovering that the sexy FBI agent Hunter is the key to her breaking THE story to reach the top throws her off her game plan and she is left deciding if fame really is worth the sacrifice Hunter too is focused on his career as he feels a need to live up to his father's fame in the Bureau He's reckless flaunts rules but always gets the job done His latest case rests on him tying up some loose ends but an injury causes some big problems that might derail his case Forced into tight uarters with the sexy flirty and fun Marni has his mind on things other than the case as for the first time he's looking towards the future rather than living on the edge Once their train ride ends they both have lots of soul searching to do deciding if love is important than their careers and the possibility of fameMarni and Hunter are a great match They're both smart flirty and not afraid to go after what they want The sexual tension between them is palpable and ultimately leads to some scorching hot sexual interludes Their relationship progresses at a believable pace and with so much sexual tension I was on edge waiting for them to get together The dialogue between them is sparkling playful and witty and their verbal foreplay was just as rewarding as their physical encounters The case that brings them together is touched on at the beginning and then wrapped up nicely at the end allowing for the middle section to be totally devoted to their blossoming relationship This was a fun and entertaining story from start to finish and yet another satisfying HEA from Ms Weber First Reads Review Midnight Special and Coming on Strong by Tawny WeberSo I won this through the First Reads giveaways and was impressed by the care put into it by the writer who sent along a note autographed the book and included some fun extras for me So hurrah for that Extras aside though if the book was going to be no good it would only make me feel guilty having to review it poorly Luckily for me that wasn't the case and these two novels turned out to be uite fun and light and fast just the thing to help me recover from a particularly boring romance that I had read before this The first novel Midnight Special was definitely my favorite of the two as it had a bit of a straightforward plot that was there from the beginning and maintained throughout the story There's an FBI agent and a journalist neither of whom are honest with the other about who they are who meet on a themed train and give in to their passions and fall for each other It's a fun flirty story with some good character moments and some nice sex I liked the characters their drive their professionalism And it had a small amount of writing and mystery in it which was fun I could have done with a little of a plot but this was a fun time and it didn't try to do than it could successfully accomplish Everything here was well done wrapped up and sexyThe second novel Coming on Strong was a bit less of a draw for me if only because the characters seemed much shallow or at least much like a stereotypical rich girl and professional guy Somehow it bothered me a little in this one perhaps because the woman is a party planner and is very girly which isn't really my thing I liked in the first novel that the woman was less concerned with pink and shoes and concerned with her job and the truth Coming on Strong is still fun though and I can't call either of the characters weak They just weren't as appealing to meIn both of the stories the sex is steamy and fun though Midnight Special I think did a little Coming on Strong did have a particularly good scene with some fruit but that was about it Both maintain a flirty tone and pacing and Coming on Strong does end with a bit of a satisfying conclusion though in large part it wasn't as earned as I would have liked Still both stories have their strengths and I found that I enjoyed both that they kept me reading and having fun The first part of Coming on Strong did drag a bit but once I got through that it improved So indeed I liked this book and appreciate the care that the author put into sending me everything It does make me want to try out of her works and so at some point I might have to track some down Until then though this book earns a strong recommendation from me with four stars out of five 2 Complete Novels for 1 Price Midnight Special A new sizzling Wrong Bed storySomewhere on the train is a key witness for a crime involving arson murder and a high profile businessman And reporter Marni Clare will do whatever it takes to get the story—even if it means crashing in a sleeper car that she's not sure she's reserved But when she wakes she finds herself curled up with the man she's seekingand he's hot enough to derail all her plansFBI special agent Hunter won't complain about the wickedly hot blonde in his arms And maybe it's the medication he's on but he's even agreed to share his room for the entire journeyIt's a long trip in close uarters and within days their berth becomes the scene of some steamy railway romps But is Marni just having funor is she taking Hunter for a rideReader favorite Coming On Strong Runaway bride Belle Forsham intends to win her groom back—and she's going to start by showing him exactly what he's been missing Midnight Special is the first book I have have had the pleasure to read by Tawny Weber I had been hearing good things about her work and it sounded so good I jumped at the chance to be able to host her promo tour as well as be able to review the book I am really glad I did too I really enjoyed Midnight Special Tawny Weber has created some dynamic characters that I had a blast reading about Marni Clare is a strong independent and determined woman on a mission to make it as a big time news reporter She thinks the perfect story has fell into her well her bed when she ends up sharing a room on board a train with FBI agent Hunter Oh my goodness are these two hot together They not only are throwing off sparks these two create flames until they finally give into temptation Then they really produce some flames with some spicy scenes Hunter is on the mission to get the bad guy and get him good He really didn't plan on meeting up with Marni and falling so hard Of course there is a few problems along the way like the fact he didn't know Marni was a reporter This also makes for some really interesting scenesI found Tawny Weber's work to be a smooth read with a story that uickly caught my attention There is a bonus story along included with Midnight Special Coming on Strong I am looking forward to reading that and sharing my thoughts with you on that soon So stay tuned for my review on that story soon This review was originally posted on my blog Reviews By Crystal Midnight Special is the first book that I’ve had the pleasure of reading by Tawny Weber Her style of writing uickly drew me into the story Tawny does an excellent job of crafting a scintillating tale of two career minded people who get caught by the scorching chemistry that sizzles between them Marni a reporter who is on the trail of a story that she’s sure will jettison her career to the top finds herself falling for the handsome FBI agent who has all the information she needs for her story Hunter the FBI agent who doesn’t have time for commitments as he pushes himself to the top of his field finds himself wildly attracted to Marni the woman who he found sharing his berth on a film noir themed train The fire ignites as they find themselves sharing a cabin that is too small to contain the inferno that blazes between themThe characters are engaging and likeable and the story line flows smoothly This book has it all – emotional tension hot chemistry sizzling heat witty dialogue steamy sex and smoldering romance It is an enjoyable entertaining read that will have you turning the pages as fast as you can Midnight Special grabbed my attention from page one and kept me enthralled until the last page I will be looking to read from this talented author I highly recommend this must read to all lovers of romance I received a copy of this book from Goddess Fish Tours in exchange for my honest reviewJanna ShayAuthor of Fair Play Midnight Special In pursuit of a lead on a hot story reporter Marni Clare crashes a Mystery Theme train to the West Coast and a sleeper car only to end up sleeping next to undercover FBI agent Hunter who is on his way there to testify against the crime mob boss she wants to uncover In a small cramped cabin with a single man and woman who have the hots for each other wellI loved this story It was faced paced well crafted and well developed The mystery theme was great tooComing On Strong Following her aborted wedding to Mitch Carter six years previously the last thing Belle Forsham ever expected was to be asked to arrange for the opening of his new luxury resort 100 miles outside of LA Knowing that he wanted it to be THE place the rich and famous would want to come Belle suggested a few things that would kick it up a notch and make it slightly naughty Of course if Mitch needed demonstration of her ideas that would be fine too However someone seemed to be sabotaging his opening and all signs are pointing to BelleI had not read this book before but it was as well developed as the first one

  • Paperback
  • 442 pages
  • Midnight SpecialComing on Strong
  • Tawny Weber
  • 24 August 2016
  • 9780373797547

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New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of than forty books Tawny Weber loves writing about sexy heroes most notably her popular Navy SEALs series Her sassy emotional romances are filled with men dedicated to being the best—and women determined to have the best Tawny credits her ex military alpha husband for inspiration in her writing and in her life The recipient of numerous w