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Heir To a Dark Inheritance Slow book I expected better from Maisey Yates I have often had the thought that when a woman has a child the only way she could not know is if she has memory loss but for a man it is totally different he can be the father to many and have no clue what so everIn the new Maisey Yates read this is what happens to Alik he has a heart as cold as ice and as unbreakable as a diamond and this of course makes the man no picnic to be around no ladies this is the type of man that you will look at and immediately realise he spells trouble and it would be best to stay as far away as possibleYet when he discovers he has a daughter the once cruel unkind ruthless man with the ice cold heart discovers he has something to fight for and nothing and no one will stand in his way He does not reckon he will need to go up against a woman that is as strong as she is determined to make her stand and fight for what she believes in This is a marriage of convenience story and yes it I know that has been done many times before yet this time it was this author that showed me it can be the same old story line but when adding in some fresh new lines the a familiar story can take on a whole new life of it's ownThe main and secondary characters in this read were all very well written Alik drove me to the point of distraction he made me so furious I wanted to hurl the nearest object at him just to see if I could wake him up and show him that he is missing out on the best opportunity of his life I adored the manner in which the author takes him from cold hearted beast to hero material slowly letting Jada thaw his frozen heart The backdrop setting was as wild as the emotions of the characters The dialogue was classic Maisey Yates she truly knows how to connect with her readers and does not draw you into the reads slowly no this author makes sure she has your attention from the very first page straight through to the last wordI highly recommend this read for all Maisey Yates fans but also for readers who love a bad boy hero that goes from zero to hero in achingly slow motion delivering a explosive punch at the end that will leave you begging for 55 star review Ice meets fire and melts into a passionate affair of romance and happy ever after Just okay really Their was a whole lotta rolling around in their heads too many sex scenes Hardly anything really happened Alik is a bad bad man His only redeeming feature is his loyalty to his friend Sayid from the companion book Heir to a Desert Legacy He's not anyone's idea of good husband and father material But he is reluctantly a fatherWidowed Jada has been caring for his child since the death of the mother All she wants is to be Leena's mother She's already been a wife and being Alik's wife would only be bearable because of baby LeenaWatching these two make a convenient marriage is like watching gunpowder in a candle shop It is a disaster waiting to happen A disaster full of sizzle and sarkSomehow Maisey makes it work through the darkest depths to a HEA that is believable at the last Maisey Yates has done it again this is the second book i am reading of hers the first one was extremely delightful and this one also is no less its and answer for those who say that mills and boon romances are all plastic the story is about a woman who has lost her husband and has no other family Jada Patel adopts a baby girl and after a year or so her real father comes to claim her Jada is all shattered when the court decides the case in favor of the real father Alik Vasin Alik is a Casanova and Leena his daughter is a living proof of it Alik realizes that Leena is not very fond of him and she needs her mother Jada on the other hand refuses to be a nanny to the child what she is looking for is an eual right on Leena as Alik After much a thought they come up with an agreement of getting married and Jada being her mother hence giving her eual rights as Alik their marriage is not the real one here it means not from their hearts they do it to protect their daughter's interests therefore physical intimacy is out of uestion OR IS IT????they naturally get intimate and fall in love with each other and much after denials and running away they comes in terms with the reality and find their happy endingthe story is little different but the punch is the same forced marriage or marriage from not one's own will is a very cliche story line but Maisey Yates does it in style her writing style is great the book is full of emotional roller coasters the essence of the book is brought out nicely Maisey Yates yet again entertains you to the fullestwill give this one 4 stars well deserved I just have to pull myself together so I can form a coherent sentence and then I'll be back to review Bad boy Russian aka Alik is a tough character who just found out he has a child he knew nothing about and was about to be adopted by Jada he goes to claim his child Jada has loved his child and wants to make her hers Two worlds collide sweet loved woman against hard cold unmoving sex on legs Just one thing to say Maisey Yates wow Another brilliant read some hot sizzling scenes never be able to go to an opera without thinking about those two one of many Lust or love? Can one overcome the past and go forward Have to read to find out Miniseries Secret Heirs of Powerful MenCategory PassionYates' tale of loss pain and love's salvation is simply incredible Jada and Alik are day and night she's soft and uiet he's amoral and broken Yet they are perfectly matched and their progression to love is searingly intense RT Book Reviews rated 4 12 stars ★★★★☆ Man oh man After the first few chapters I was sure Miss Yates was going to let me down I thought this was destined to be a two or three star read But nope; she pulled out her magic pen – or computer – and managed to redeem the hero as well as the implausible situation It was nice to read about a heroine from a different heritage than is typical of Harleuin Presents tooI just don’t know where Attar is located since it is a fictional country I received this book free of charge from Harleuin They say that Alik Vasin's heart is carved from the hardest diamond and the coldest iceAlik is powerful ruthless and incapable of love But when he discovers he has a daughter nothing will stop him from claiming the child as his ownJada Patel will do whatever it takes to keep little Leena in her life even if it means a convenient marriage Though there can never be a future between them resisting the powerful Alik is impossibleJada thought she'd known desire but catapulted into Alik's glittering world she discovers an all consuming intoxicating passion that could melt even the coldest of hearts

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