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ueen of the Road Angela Ranger has than a few difficulties in her life She has a four year old daughter Claudia she is trying to raise alone since Claudia’s father walked out Angela does not get along with her stepmother Janice and so hates having to ever ask her for help Janice had never shown any great interest in Claudia until suddenly she does What’s that about? When Angela’s father needs help with his trucks and transport business Angela sees it was a way to help her father and get out of the city a while Besides she likes driving trucks and the job driving and the rural town of Munirilla appeals to her Plus it is only temporary and could help her financially But not everyone is Munirilla is pleased to see a woman truck driver She resolves to change their attitudes but some people are determined to make life hard for her The other main character is Coop who is working for Alice But then Alice has to go to hospital in Adelaide for cancer treatment and Coop minds the property for her But all is not going smoothly as some of Alice’s sheep have gone missing Coop needs to find out what happened to those five sheepI liked the idea of a woman truck driver But I had real difficulty with Angela She makes some irresponsible decisions in her personal life and her finances For someone supposed to be trying to get her credit cards down she buys a large flat screen television clothes portable DVD player and various other items which doesn’t sound like some struggling and trying to be responsible Alice owner of one of the sheep properties is a good character and a tough country woman but Coop was easily my favourite character Claudia alternated between cute and a brat and Janice is manipulative and sly The setting of South Australia and around Munirilla is good but the story could have been shortened considerably Too many attempts to sabotage the business from the competition became wearing after a while and Angela is annoying Overall I liked the book but never became greatly involved However if you enjoy a rural story with a woman in an unusual occupation you may enjoy it even than I did I came close to putting this book aside around half way when I found the heroine so annoying I didn't want to read any further In the end I did finish the book but have to say I've enjoyed reading others from this author much And like the others I found a surprising number of errors in this book eg 'they went to the farm and her not 'she' and Coop enjoyed 'Do publishers not employ skilled editors these days? This was really good Shelved romance in my library it's of a family dramarural fictionmystery with romantic elements What I didn't expect to find and was rather overjoyed at was a book examining in detail what it's like to be a single mother working in a nontraditional job rural trucking with what seems to be the world against youGood stuff I'll be looking for Stringer's next book 35 starsI was totally absorbed in the female truckie storyline however Big Red at times was the centre of attention trucks are really cool in books but in real life eh not so much their bigness scares the crap out of me A big thumbs up that the romance came secondary to the storyline on occasions that’s just the way I like it I felt all characters were well developed and very realistic Juggling two jobs raising her four year old daughter alone and drowning in debt Angela Ranger is struggling to survive So when Angela's father offers her a job driving trucks in the tiny rural town of Munirilla she accepts After all it's only temporaryDespite taking to the road with ease Angela finds moving to Munirilla may not be the godsend it seemed Her accommodation is dingy her fellow truckies are less than happy to see a woman on the road and the locals are reluctant to use her servicesThere is one local who's glad to see her though — fill in farm manager and loner Coop resists his natural tendency to avoid personal connections when he meets the efficient and gorgeous Angela But Coop has problems of his own — sheep are going missing his neighbours are acting strangely and the demons of his past are urging him to move on againIn Munirilla both Angela and Coop will face the ultimate test of character Will they follow reason and leave Or follow their hearts and build a home in the small towntogether Single mother Angela Ranger is struggling Abandoned by her former boyfriend the father of her 4yo daughter Claudia she’s been slowly drowning in debt ever since So when her father who runs a freight business offers her a job driving B double freight loads between Adelaide and the town of Munirilla a small rural spot on the map between Adelaide and Perth she hesitantly accepts The job will enable her to have Claudia with her and hopefully she will be able to save some money and get back on her feetHowever it seems that things aren’t going exactly to plan – some of the locals are surprised and a bit wary upon finding out that she’s a woman and a small blonde delicate looking woman at that Soon she finds some trouble with orders being cancelled being stuffed around and a rival trucking firm that seems to want to run her right out of town Angela is doing her best but the odds are already against her being a woman and some of the delays and issues that seem to her like sabotage are just making her seem even less reliable to the locals who need a freight service that they can count on The town has been crying out for it and now that she’s here it seems like they’re not happy with what they’re being offered Angela wants to make a go of it so she’s determined to get to the bottom of what’s happening but she’s also got Claudia’s father turning up in her life and wanting access to her after months of no contact and a family member who seems to be making an underhanded bid for Claudia behind Angela’s backCoop has never been one to stay in the one place He likes moving around drifting from job to job not putting down any roots and not having people depend on him For the past 18 months he’s been working for local farmer Alice Tansell who needs to go to Adelaide for some medical treatment She’s depending on Coop to keep her farm going in her absence and so far there’s been a few strange happenings that he’s trying to get a handle on Angela is a breath of fresh air for Coop and he finds himself spending and time with her and her daughter Claudia helping her out occasionally in ways that are mutually beneficial to both of themAngela wants to stay in Munirilla but she also needs the people to trust her and give her their business If they can’t do that then her father will pull the contract Coop is feeling restless like it’s time to move on but his newfound friendship with Angela might just be a sign that Munirilla is the place he’s meant to beueen Of The Road introduces us to Angela down on her luck living in Melbourne and struggling with debt and credit cards She’s been abandoned by her former partner and is raising their daughter alone She’s always been able to drive the big rigs her dad used to take her on the road with him a lot and its been the one thing she’s been able to keep between the two of them after he married her stepmother Janice When he offers her a job doing freight between Adelaide and Munirilla she has to think about it but ultimately decides to accept even though she has some reservations A woman who drives a B double? Fabulous I love characters that break ground and having Angela firmly ensconced in what is pretty predominantly still a man’s world was such an interesting idea I have to admit – I’ve watched Ice Road Truckers and I’m a fan of Lisa the one girl that does long haul freight in Alaska She’s seriously five foot nothing and watching her maneuver these huge trucks is amazing And given my eldest son is the same age as Claudia I had a huge amount of respect for Angela taking her daughter along with her I know how difficult it would be even with plenty of snacks and activities for kids to have them on a lot of long trips I admired her for making a decision to hopefully better the future for both herself and Claudia Angela was determined and strong but not without her faults as well – hotheadedness a tendency not to stop at one drink even though she was often in a situation where she should not exactly good with money But she was a good mother a good daughter and she worked hard at her job worked hard to get in with the local people and provide a good service She didn’t want to let her father down and she came to really care about the job she was doing and the fact that it was making her and Claudia happyI also enjoyed the story of Coop a bit of a drifter who found himself unexpectedly landed with responsibility than he bargained for when his boss had to go to the city for medical treatment I really enjoyed the friendship that blossomed between him and Angela as they got to know each other As I said to someone I talked about this book to I feel as though this was a novel first and foremost about Angela’s journey learning to stand on her own two feet and get her life back She negotiated with people she won contracts she foiled attempts at sabotage The romance that was just beginning to bloom with Coop towards the end of the book was secondary to that and it really worked Angela wasn’t trying to fix her problems by finding herself a man he was just a bonus that came along basically after everything else was sortedueen Of The Road was such an enjoyable story I burned through it in about 3 hours I found myself really invested in Angela’s situation and wanting her to fight the sabotage and be accepted by the community I was also really incensed on her behalf with the accusations that she wasn’t a good mother – pretty much everything she did was because she was a mother and she was trying to do her best It’s not easy to be any sort of parent even harder to be a single one She was making a go of it and her daughter was fed clothed well looked after and happy The situation wasn’t perfect but it’s probably preferable to have Claudia with her and sleeping in the rig and spending time with her mother than being in a city daycare while her mother worked in the city I’ll be definitely looking forward to from this author in the future I really enjoyed this story I wanted something light after a few stressful weeks and this was just what I neededI loved Angela and her daughter Claudia I enjoyed that the story was based in South Australia and it was interesting to learn about life as a truck driver The slow burn romance with Coop was just enough without taking away from the other storylines I enjoyed the suspense of wondering what the Berls would do next and that awful Janice wow I couldn't stand her ueen of the Road is Australian author Tricia Stringer’s first novel with Harleuin Australia Angela Ranger is struggling to make ends meet in Melbourne; swimming in debt and working two jobs while trying to maintain stability for her young daughter Claudia As a last resort she accepts a temporary job driving the Big Red for her father’s trucking business between Adelaide and the small rural town Munirilla Angela has a big job on her hands not only does she have to prove to the town that she can do the work just as well as any man but both her and her daughter have to adjust to life on the road Angela is determined to keep her father’s business in Munirilla afloat but the odds are stacking up against her when she discovers stock is going missing jobs are getting mixed up and her work is being poached by another trucking business in town Angela also strives to bring stability to Claudia’s life and feels her parenting capacity is being judged by her step mother Janice and Claudia’s biological father Angela works hard and begins to put down roots in this small town uite easily leading her to uestion whether there was anything left in Melbourne to return to Angela finds friendship with the uiet yet dependable Coop a local farmer and occasional trucker who is looking after his employer’s farm while she is recovering from illness in Hospital Coop’s not very open about his past there’s plenty he’s ashamed of and tends to live life on the move not settling down anywhere for too long But two years on the same property and the entrance of the enticing duo Angela and Claudia and Coop begins to wonder whether he’s finally found a place to call home Could it be Munirilla? ueen of the Road is a rural fiction story with romantic elements I was intrigued by the premise and really loved the author’s exploration of life on the road in the trucking business for a woman let alone a single mother Angela is a hard worker and I enjoyed seeing her challenge the views of women truckers in Munirilla To be honest it took some time before I warmed to Angela At the outset she seemed much younger than her years and her unreliability and impulsiveness didn’t uite fit with the perception of a struggling single mother I felt she was selfish in her decision making at times and uite dismissive of Claudia’s inuisitiveness which was appropriate to her age Angela seemed to externalise the blame for her problems in life and it wasn’t really until the second half of the book that she really started to take some responsibility for changing her lifestyle She certainly grew as a character and I was glad she began to see the situation from Claudia’s perspective and how her choices may have affected her Coop is a likeable guy he’s uiet and doesn’t reveal much of himself but he is clearly dependable and smitten by not only Angela but Claudia too They brought energy into his life and something to look forward to something he hadn’t experienced before The romance between Angela and Coop is slow building and realistic and I liked how the author explored their conflicts0 both internal and external throughout the course of the story even though there was so much other stuff happening in their working lives The suspense is amplified in the final uarter of the book and the pressure was on for both Angela and Coop to re assess their priorities and to confront their feelings for one another ueen of the Road is a fairly lengthy book 420 pages for this genre but I think it worked well for not only the plot development but also the growth of the characters and the relationship that develops between Angela and Coop I especially love the uniue premise of life on the road for a female truck driver When I went on a road trip twelve months ago with my partner and our dog from Sydney to Perth via the Nullarbor I was certainly intimidated by those big road trains and a little nervous at those sometimes seedy truck stops So I really admire Angela’s strength and the ease in which she did this job I’ll definitely be seeking out future books by Tricia Stringer and recommend this one to fans of contemporary and rural fiction A wonderfully written story set in the Australian outback with characters that you will enjoy much so and a storyline that will keep you engrossed till the last page has been turned Tricia has vividly put forth a compelling story of love life and the struggles to survive as a single mother and a woman who chooses to do what needs to be done to take care of her daughter and live life Driving trucks has always been in Angela’s life and blood – and after a turn of events she has decided to help out her father and fill in for him and drive the loads back and forth from Munirilla Even though the men may think it’s not a woman’s job and people will stand in her way to stop her from achieving it Angela grinds down and never gives up I really enjoyed her character she was strong willed and determined and let no one stand in her way She was a true survivor The love for her child was evident and every mother can certainly relate to Angela and her turmoil at times We see the turmoil within life in Munirilla for Angela to fit it in to survive and be happy and just do a good job for the town and also working to survive Here she meets and makes some wonderful friendships and realizes that this small town has so much to offer her little family ueen of the Road is an enjoyable heartfelt story with the Aussie settings down pact to a tee wonderfully written characters and a little romance for those who love romance entwined Being an Australian I really appreciated Tricia's detail for the country outback I found this was well described and easily envisaged for all who read this story whether or not you are an aussie or not It was certainly almost like looking through a looking glass All emotions are well put forth throughout the story moments that will grab at your heart strings and others where you will be sheepishly grinning The storyline was fluent flowing with a little suspense action romance and heartache thrown in Coop and Angela’s romance was sweet and gradual – and will leave you feeling content at the ending that Tricia has put forth A must read for all those who like a romance set in the country with a wonderful close nit community woven throughout – friendships drama and all the goodies within the story that any reader will certainly enjoy Thank you to Harleuin Australia for suppyling this book to me for my honest opinion and review I found it really hard to empathise with Angela While I have a huge amount of respect for single Mums I found myself increasingly frustrated with Angela and the constant string of irresponsible and silly choices she kept on making Because of this I was unable to really enjoy the story There were also some other threads throughout the story that were either left unresolved or were hurriedly explained info dumped in the last couple of pages of the bookI did however appreciate the research and background knowledge into the truck driving industry This added a degree of realism which was well presented Unfortunately it was not enough in my opinion to overcome the other negatives

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Tricia Stringer is a bestselling and award winning author Among others her books include commercial fiction titles Table For Eight and The Model Wife the rural romances A Chance of Stormy Weather and Come Rain or Shine and historical sagas Heart of the Country Dust on the Horizon and Jewel in the North set in the 19th Century Flinders Ranges Tricia grew up on a farm in country South Australi

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