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The Mens Code of Honor The Men's Code of Honor touches a raw nerve in all males as it compels them to answer the ultimate uestion Do they know how to act like a man Drawing from male codes of conduct through history this book is as one young man put it everything a man knows he should be looking deep into our own minds to find what makes us men and if need be how we can correct ourselves to be that man inside Writer Dan Stradford opens by telling how a friend's son asked me something about the way men treat women I told him that an unspoken code exists among men that we all tend to subscribe to and this guides how we treat women His father nodded in agreement This brief incident passed but the moment stayed with me Why is it I wondered that this 'code' is unspoken Why hasn't anyone written it down And so began a five year uest into the history of men's codes of conduct Searching through military codes athletic codes cowboy codes and many others Stradford found 66 rules of conduct that had withstood the test of time the essence of the unwritten code of honor amongst men Each chapter covers a different sector including Integrity Duty Work Courage Women Children and Family To bring the points home Stradford opens each with a raw story from his own life rising from the poverty of St Louis slums without a father to guide him

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