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Fitness Cycling From customized workouts to authoritative advice Fitness Cycling provides the most effective workouts for achieving peak physical conditioning As a cyclist and physician for one of the sport's leading teams author Shannon Sovndal provides a detailed approach to cycling that will help you increase strength speed stamina and overall fitness Fitness Cycling features 56 workouts based on specific aspects of riding such as base building interval training sprint and hill climbing and time trialing Each workout is color coded for intensity level so you can create a targeted program based on your goal current fitness level and cycling experienceWith recommendations advice and professional insights on riding techniues goal setting training concepts recovery and preventing common cycling injuries Fitness Cycling is the one training guide you'll turn to again and again for a lifetime of cycling workouts This is a great companion for those who want to ride their bikes faster The workouts are practical and include off the bike work The various pieces of the jigsaw are explained individually to allow you to build a training plan that's right for youreturnreturnSovndal's worked for the Garmin pro team so you can't fault her credentials even if her plugging of DZ Nuts chamois cream is slightly predictable Very good book on developing your own cycling workouts The intro chapters are concise and to the point no minced words and no nonsense The workouts are well described and answers most of the uestions of a serious rider It isn't extremely in depth ie the hard core fanatic might find it lacking but it is great for someone who needs to have some kind of clue as to how to structure their workouts for a number of training goals and scenarios I see it as a natural extension and a parallel book to Ride Your Way Lean The Ultimate Plan for Burning Fat and Getting Fit on a Bike by Selene Yeager Both does a good job of educating the curious cyclist who wants help in building a workout and answers all the usual uestions Good read Good information on cycling