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Mob Mistress Kidnapped Drugged When he wakes in a glitzy mansion Justin Elk is stunned and angry to learn he's the secret heir to the notorious Halloway mob empire Then a mysterious woman—a maid—stirs his desiresand begs for his helpMaya Reyes infiltrated the Halloway estate to uncover the truth about her father's disappearance Now to continue her search she agrees to pose as the mistress of the newfound heir—a man she should hate But as Maya and Justin begin their tantalizing charade their uncontrolled passion may prove a deadly distraction

4 thoughts on “Mob Mistress

  1. Paige Paige says:

    Going under cover as a maid for a Hollywood mob family Maya is trying to get information on her father's dissapearence When she see's Justin druged she goes to him for help not knowing he's the secret heir to the hollywood family Justin wants to help Maya and in order to do that he gets her to pretend to be his mistress so his uncles don't find it suspecious them two being together But what starts as a pretense ends up being real

  2. Sissy Lu {Book Savvy Reviews} Sissy Lu {Book Savvy Reviews} says:

    Very disappointed in this book I had high hopes for it and even the beginning of it kept me reading but the further I got into it the it lacked It doesn't seem in depth enough for me everything seems to be played out far too easily from the way Maya and Justin interact to discovering all the family secrets I just was not impressed and not to mention the writing is fairly unimpressive as well I would not recommend this book Read if you want but don't say no one warned you

  3. Nandar Nandar says:

    Hmmm I expected from this book There should have been depth BUT the good part was the sexual chemistry between Maya and Justin it was sizzling There was also a lot of drama and a bit of action It was a good book to read but I don't think I would read it again maybe only some good parts in the story

  4. Vesra (When She Reads) Vesra (When She Reads) says:

    Mob Mistress by Sheri WhiteFeather 2007

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