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The Bannerman Solution Paul Bannerman was once his nation's deadliest weapon a top covert operative heading up the most lethal group of contract agents and network specialists in all of Europe Now Bannerman is a liability an unpredictable loose cannon that could irreparably damage America's shaky intelligence structure if he chose to So the decision has come down from the top Bannerman and his people must be eliminated Suddenly death is running in Westport Connecticut one in a nationwide network of secret halfway towns where the country's most dangerous former agents have been retired At war with powerful elements within his own government a war not of his making Bannerman has been lured here to this place of yard sales minivans commuter trains and murder The plan is for Bannerman and those he ran to die here uietly But Bannerman has other plans

10 thoughts on “The Bannerman Solution

  1. Sally Bisbee Sally Bisbee says:

    John Maxim's Bannerman novels are some of my all time favorite novels After reading the first one I read every one I could get my hands on then I proceeded to read ever Maxim novel I could find That's kind of my modus operandi He never disappointed me Well he kinda did he just disappeared into thin air and didn't write nearly as many Bannerman novels as I would like to have seen

  2. Alice Alice says:

    The beginning of one of the best series I have ever read

  3. Christine Christine says:

    I really enjoyed this 5 book series but it was very difficult to find It's an older series I had to haunt the used bookstores to find all 5 books I really wish the author had continued the series I understand there are Kindle editions now but reading the reviews the books are very poorly formatted Too bad I'd love to have them as eBooks to read again

  4. Richp Richp says:

    I suppose this is a good book for those who think the Charles Manson family should have been exonerated instead of tried and convicted Yes this is fiction but almost every character with a name is a serial murderer GR ratings can be very misleading

  5. Nobrun Nobrun says:

    A good read with interesting characters The book merges several points of viewacts nicely but fails in the end The ending is lazy and disappointing Highly capable characters turn into a Tom Jerry cartoon where everything miraculously happens to be right there exactly when you need it

  6. Jilles Jilles says:

    Fun book A bit all over the place in the beginning but in the second half it all comes nicely together in a satisfying climax

  7. Scott Breslove Scott Breslove says:

    Interesting a much better read than Haven which I had read previously It had its flaws but the action and suspense was good enough to cover for them and make me want to continue with the series

  8. Kat Kat says:

    i enjoyed it a lot when i read it the first time

  9. Bookish Bookish says:

    I believe this one is out of print but oh boy what a book This is one of my all time favorites Some books read as though the characters are puppets but John R Maxim did a masterful job with characterization All of the characters’ actions and therefore the plot flow from the characters themselves Paul Bannerman is a mild mannered slightly sly man who also happens to be the head of a group of elite assassins Where does the romance come in? He falls in love with Susan a reporter and the daughter of a detective Their relationship is sweet and sexy and their connection sends shock waves through certain dark segments of the population —Linda Howard

  10. Linda Smith Linda Smith says:

    The Bannerman Solution is a fast paced exciting book Westport Connecticut is one of a number of half way towns These are places where the most dangerous government agents are placed to acclimate them back into normal society Homes and jobs are provided to those deemed worthy of redemption but not everyone makes the cut Paul Bannerman decides that he won't be a pawn in this game Along with his crew of assassins thieves and explosive experts he turns the tables on the government organization that wants to control or eliminate them Several attempts are made to dislodge this group but no one who tries returns alive Westport becomes a very low crime place to live although there have been a suspicious numbers of accidents and suicides Bad neighbors have a way of dying A newspaper reporter decides to investigate this trend and comes to the attention of Bannerman Against all odds a romance blooms between this odd couple But falling in love with Paul Bannerman aka Mama's Boy is dangerous than Susan Lesko realizes The Bannerman Solution reminded me of the Bourne Robert Ludlum even lives in Westport Eualizer and Reds movies Exciting and violent and very hard to forget And there are books in the series On to the next one

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