Swami Vivekananda ePUB ✓ Ebook

  • ebook
  • 136 pages
  • Swami Vivekananda
  • Devika Rangachari
  • 19 May 2016
  • 9788184755633

4 thoughts on “Swami Vivekananda

  1. Kapil Vijayvergiya Kapil Vijayvergiya says:

    Average oneAverage one not much much and interesting data I found on this book about vivekanand ji Nice read thanks to author

  2. Abhinay Kumar Abhinay Kumar says:

    This is my first book to read about the legend A great attempt by Devika Rangachari to assemble moments of swamy vivekananda As a matter of fact we should include his biography and his works as a subject to our youth in their studies so we can see the true defination of religion I believe this book is just a tip of the iceberg to his greatness and his works uotes by him are just enough to make any reasonableenthusiastic person to think in his perception This book can make many of our youth to accept and embrace the uniueness of Indians which is uite mandatory to overcome the inferiority and start behaving like indian To whomever read vivekananda's biography and accept the spiritual awareness will surely make him a better person which leads to a better citizen part of better society and part of something big eventually evolving their sorroundings into finer versions

  3. Shourya Shourya says:

    as this is the first book i read on swami vivekananda the book gave me an overview of swami vivekananda's lyf and workfor the readers who are unfamiliar with the work of swami vivekananda's work and lyfthis book is perfect to begin withthis book will certainly enhance your interest in swamiji's lyf and will definitely make you admire the work done by him

  4. Jayakrishna Jayakrishna says:

    Swami Vivekananda is an Education an Illumination and a Revelation Nice attempt by Devika Rangachari Kids should be taught about this great Man who lived on this very soil and had a great Vision for this country

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Swami Vivekananda 'Religion is not in books; not in forms; not in sects; not in nation; religion is in the human heartIt is love alone that can conuer hatred' Swami Vivekananda A genius; a visionary; a writer; a dreamer; a teacher and an inspiration for generations of Indians this was Swami Vivekananda Born into a family of lawyers; Narendranath Dutta was an exceptionally intelligent child; a natural leader among his playmates; who impressed his teachers with his scholarship The spirituality of his mentor Shri Ramakrishna and his own study of philosophy and logic influenced Narendranath to join the monastic order Vivekananda was the spokesperson for India at the Parliament of Religions in Chicago where the magic of his words held his audience in thrall He also instilled among the Indian youth self confidence and the hope of regeneration Devika Rangachari's account of the life and times of Swami Vivekananda is both inspiring and absorbing It is the remarkable story of a spiritual leader who worked against overwhelming odds to realize his vision of a free India