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Platinum Facets of Passion #2 Althea Grant's Charleston gallery might be suffering from the bad economy and her artistic aspirations have gone nowhere but she's doing just fine thank you When bad boy sculptor Steel rides up on his motorcycle looking to rent studio space his infusion of cash is than welcome But his art is raw visceral sexual—and completely inappropriate for her pastel world of watercolor landscapesSteel fascinated by Althea's rare albino coloring sees in her the key to his next piece a metal satyr designed for bondage games Moving into her gallery basement is the first step; seducing the cool Southern belle into modeling for him is the secondAs Steel peels away her careful manners and tasteful outfits Althea begins to realize her life isn't just fine at all—it's as pale and washed out as the watercolor paintings she's failing to sell Can she transform her life and accept her most secret desires

About the Author: Jeffe Kennedy

Jennifer ParisRepresented by Sarah Younger at Nancy Yost Literary Agency

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  1. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    This had potentialHADI am very sorry to say that I didn't like this book It wasn't THAT bad but it certainly wasn't good eitherThe StoryWhat? Where was it? I didn't see it There was an introudction to the characters and then sex kinky and lots of it You'd think that was a recipe for great? Not so muchSo let me tell you something about the story hereAlthea Grant owns an art gallery and is having money problems Steel yes only Steel like Madonna enters offers her 10000 dollars to rent a space below the gallery where he could work on his sculpturesShe accepts He asks her to be his model he does erotic art She refuses And this is chapter oneIn chapter two she goes down in the basement and models for him He asks her to dump his boyfriend for him After having two conversations together She of course dumps the boyfriend Chapters three to twelve they have kinky bdsm sexThe CharactersThe characterisation was done VERY badly For one I didn't connect to them AT ALL and for two they bots seemed stupid and unlikeable I may be harsh but I just didn't like them at allAltheaAlthea does one bad choice after another in this bookShe meets a man is attracted to him OK that is understandable but she basically doesn't know ANYTHING about him and she accepts to rent him space right below her gallery in the same building she lives in They talk two times he asks her to dump her boyfriend for him she does it and in the same evening she accepts to be owned sexually by Steel and accepts to do whatever he wants with her getting tied up spanked beaten chained and doing a blowjob to a metal statue and many other stuff I can't remember but all of it kinky and all of it after only TWO CONVERSATIONS and without even knowing the man whatsoeverGood decision Althea SteelYou know when a character is a jerk but you still end up loving him?This didn't happen here for meSteel is a total jerk totally unbelievable as a character claiming he is obsessed with her and has to have her modeling slaving whatever after seeing her only once OK I get it he's probably being led by his dck but still On their second meet he tells her he doesn't poach on another man's property and asks her to dump her boyfriend for him Some of the language he used and said to her It wasn't hot it was crude I like dirty talk but this was just tacky I didn't get the feel he was a Dom oh no He just liked to do kinky stuff to her and boy did he do itThere was even a scene where she view spoilerused her safeword hide spoiler

  2. Georgia ♥ Georgia ♥ says:

    ARC courtesy of Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review3 StarsI think that this story had a lot of potential but somehow fell short Not long enough to deliver what it promises you and I can't believe I'm even saying it too much sex for the story to make senseYes you heard me right Too much SEXWell let's try make some sense Art grabs you like lust—inexplicable and irresistible You could deny it but then the unfulfilled desire just ate you up This book entices us with the liberating and soul stripping force of art The way it expresses your feelings and unveils your deepest secrets The ones that you don't know you are hiding Are you familiar with the legend of Persephone and Hades? Of course you are But have you ever considered that maybe Persephone was a willing captive? That in the deepest Hell found freedom and the other half of her soulAlthea Grant is our unsuspecting PersephoneAn albino and gallery owner she the sensible daughter the perfect girlfriend a proper ladyWhat she really is chained Washed out not because of her coloring but of the lockdown she has on her feelings and emotions Cold That's the facade she puts on for everyone Because she is afraid of her own passion “Althea looks all fragile and ethereal but she’s like tempered metal inside Strong Flexible too I’ll bet” Steel is the man that will set her free “Not every guy has a noun for a name” “Not unless he’s bold and manly like me” This dark man an accomplished artist arrogant and earthy will drag Althea in his lair and he will strip her bare crushing her to put her back together CAN YOU SEE HOW MUCH PROMISING THIS STORY WAS???But it all happened too uickly Althea kept changing attitude and her mind in an instant and her transformation from meek to bold wasn't believable I didn't get the parents issue both seemed really charming and this book was torn between an erotica and a really sugary romanceI feel like weeping because I wanted to love itWell maybe it just didn't work for me

  3. Duchess Nicole Duchess Nicole says:

    This book had a promising startAlthea the timid conservative art gallery owner meets Steel the tattooed biker artist who wants to display his art in Althea's gallery The problem is that Steel's art is blatantly sexual in content Even if it is brilliant as Althea tells him it simply has no place in her gallery Since that scenario doesn't work out for Steel he decides that he needs her basement to live in and work on his art Ummmmokay I guess there has to be a way for these two to meet up and get it on continuously Despise the myriad things keeping them apart that is I had uite a few problems with the story after about page twenty I think this author tried to pack way too much into a 120 page erotic novella type book Example 1 Althea has a man already After a uick intro to Steel she takes care of the pesky boyfriend problem within about seven pages And Steel and Althea proceed to get it on for nearly the rest of the entire book Since Althea is such a goodie goodie and Steel iswell notI expected there to be some spice in the bedroom Errrbasement But after awhile Althea's introduction into Steel's type of not so vanilla sex began to have an icky feel It was as if Steel became lascivious with each sex scene I started to think of him as a dirty old guy sneering at her each time he debased her in a new way Honestly he wasn't that bad It was just that every sex scene was a new instruction a new shock a different teaching and this chick was down for it all Althea too readily allows Steel to tie her up I can't imagine letting a guy whom I've known for less than a week not only move into my basement but render me completely powerless and then feel all romantic and tender toward him after he has me suck off inanimate objectsin the name of art of course Ahemhad I not felt uncomfortable about the setting and situation I would have also said that the sex is HOT If that's what you want it's definitely hereThe author tries again during the last twenty pages to turn this into a deep meaningful storyintroducing her badass boyfriend to her uptight society parents and letting Steel basically change every last flaw that she perceives herself to havefrom the way she runs her gallery to the way she dresses to her interpersonal relationships with all of her loved onesit was just way too much It didn't work at all This should have either stayed a hot fast affair or been turned into a fleshier novel with about two hundred pages to play with In my humble opinion Althea did a lot of changing a lot of crawling a lot of new things for a man that we never really learn anything aboutThough I think the author has talent; she needs to put some length into a novel if she want this reader to connect with her characters Either that or just keep it all about the sex and new experiences ARC kindly provided by Carina Press via Net Galley

  4. Amber Rose Amber Rose says:

    I was really excited to start this book I felt it had great promise But thenYou know when you read the description sounds good but then you read it and it's like ummm okay? Yeah that is me right about now This book is not all that long uite short to be honest But I found my self stop reading a lot I wanted to do other things then read this story It didn't hold my interest that well Steel comes rolling up in his motorcycle wanting to rent space to work on his art His art is raw sexual I thought yes I am going to love this dude But his character was not all that thought out to me Althea is boring She's under the covers vanilla with her pasty white stockings Worried about what everyone thinks of her and carrying on in life with the perfect way to live and act I wanted her to take her hair down and go a little crazy Steel breaks that barrier from Althea She is finally able to feel free and live for the first time But by the time all that happened I was over it all The sex was great and erotic with kink but wanted something different My favorite uote out of all this is Any fool can lick a pussy Cock sucking has to be learned Provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  5. Jenn Scranton Jenn Scranton says:

    Wow Hot Hot Hot If your looking for a book to put some steam under your collar then you have found it I'm surprised the book didn't spontaneously combustAltheaI love all of the tension between Steel and Althea They are so different and yet so similar She lets her guard down around him and her whole world gets flipped upside downFrom demure to down and dirtyIn the basement she is his love slave She has to do whatever he tells her She wants it all and But she is still so sweet about it haha Ironic right?The real shock is when she invited him to her room and SHE had control Her personal little plaything Hehehe Kiss the shoeDid he have a smidge of a foot fetish? I only have one negative comment about Platinum Usually I am chastising a story for being too long Platinum could have easily gone on for another 100 pages The sex scenes were deliciously long and never forced but they did consume the book The actual story felt very rushed at the end Just like that she changes out her gallery and is the most popular gallery in the area Yaddy yadda all lived happily ever after I really felt like there could have been there I mean come on Her mom is happily helping her showcase his art of Althea all tied up and naked in the heat of passion There could have been some awesome drama

  6. Britt Britt says:

    3 starsARC provided by Carina Press through Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI would compare my opinion of this book to my opinion to another erotic novella that I read recently Willing Victim This story had the trappings of a great story I really thought Steel was going to become my new book boyfriend and he probably would have if Kennedy had let me get to know him just a little bit better Whilst the sex scenes in this book were through the roof hot the whole story itself came off as a bit cold Why?Well mostly because we didn't really get to see the characters They were extremely two dimensional and this was detrimental to the story Kennedy needed to show us these two individuals help us see what makes them tick where their emotions are Instead we kind of got a rather generic story about some hot sex in a basement followed by Steel's confession of feelings Where the hell did that come from? There was just no real explanation for their developing relationship because really the author didn't allow us to see this relationship as anything than some hot sex between an uptight woman with a rough budding artist Their love story could have been epic if Kennedy had just fleshed this book outThat said the extremely hot sex scenes still meant that I wasn't really wasting time reading this book

  7. Amy (BW) Amy (BW) says:

    I really want to give this than just three stars but I just can't bring myself to do it What Jeffe Kennedy has created was definitely HOT but unfortunately that's all it was Althea is a shy albino Art Gallery owner with Platinum blonde hair Steel is a rough around the edges guy who shows up at her studio one day asking to show his work She is conservative to a fault and though she is immediately attracted to him she knows right away that after just one look at his portfolio she can never display his work in her Gallery He mentions he needs a space to work and that one of the girls mentioned that she has an empty basement and yada yada yadabing bang boom He becomes her new tenant Now I get that this was a novella of sorts but Althea was a little too trusting of her body to some stranger that just waltzed into town I think that is why it's getting only three stars If I was rating on the HOTness factorI'd probably rate it higher ;o The end of the story fell flat for me too I mean really? You go from all that hard core stuff to view spoilerthe lovey dovey HEA hide spoiler

  8. Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!} Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!} says:

    Disclaimer This ARC was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review from NetgalleyRating 25 starsWhile this book wasn't terrible I am bored with the erotica genre at the momentI think the worst part of this book that it was so cliched

  9. djdavis~*Sivad*Sex Pocket djdavis~*Sivad*Sex Pocket says:

    Heat FizzleRating 25 out of 5Provided by NetGalleyRead of this review and others The Book WranglersI mean image error

  10. Melly Melly says:

    25 StarsHere’s the thing with Platinum it’s a good concept really it is but it’s a relatively short book so the story felt rushed and not enough was explained Althea's life is a cookie cutout of what she believes is the right way to live Basically the chick is boring with zero excitement in her life; that is until she meets Steel Bring on the sexy Steel is fascinated by Althea and her rules of perfection He is determined to break through all of her barriers And break through HE DOES Steel is able to awaken and release a side of Althea she didn’t even know she had and it’s hot I wasn’t a fan of the whole glass thing though That just isn’t my kind of thing however I’m not judgingI liked this A lot “What’s the point of never getting skin cancer if I die an old woman who never played on the beach?” I wanted background on Steel I don’t feel like we really get to know him well other than his kinky demanding side There are glimpses of his sweetness but not enough if you ask me Their relationship wasn’t what I was hoping for Yes it’s passionate and sensual but I’m a sucker for love I wasn’t feeling the love I thought the fact that Althea is an albino was interesting I’ve never read a book with an albino character before I liked how Steel helped her to realize that she is beautiful While there are secondary characters in the book we don’t get to really know any of them Althea’s best friend Abby came around twice I think I know nothing about her Ugh and her parents? Yeah her dad is an ass I so wanted to rip him a new one Her mom is in her own little world Again I don’t really feel like I know them either All of the characters felt underdeveloped which was disappointing because I really wanted to know about themI liked that art was such a huge part of the book Art is capable of expressing all kinds of emotions “Art grabbed you like lust—inexplicable and irresistible You could deny it but then the unfulfilled desire just ate you up”

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