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Forget Me Not Alone in a mountain blizzard with her sonin the hands of kidnappers Susan Richardson needed rescuing But why did her ex husband Grant have to be her rescuer If only Susan had been careful Grant thought If only Grant hadn't made so many enemies Susan thought But the only words they dared to speak were 'It's up to us to save our son'If their instincts were right the disastrous fire that years ago had raged through Grant's Colorado resort destroying their dreams and their marriage was back to haunt them in the form of a kidnapper bent on revenge Years ago events in these Rocky Mountains had pulled Grant and Susan apart Now could the mountains bring them and their family back together An icy blizzard ragesand heated passions burn

About the Author: Cassie Miles

Cassie grew up in a small town at the very tip of southern Illinois A tomboy she spent most of her time outside and got into big trouble for breaking the trellis while climbing out her second story bedroom windowWhen her family moved to LA major culture shock ensued She discovered that grapefruits grew on trees television offered than two channels and all the other girls had breasts

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