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Light Gone #6 It’s been than a year since every person over the age of fifteen disappeared from the town of Perdido Beach California In that time countless battles have been fought Battles against hunger and lies and plagues and worse battles of good against evil and kid against kid Allegiances have been won lost betrayed and won again; ideologies have been shattered and created anew and the kids of the FAYZ have begun to believe that their new society is the only life they’ll ever know But now that the Darkness has found a way to be reborn the tenuous existence they‘ve established is likely to be shattered for good Will the kids of Perdido Beach even surviveLight the sixth and final book in the New York Times bestselling Gone series which has spanned than 3000 pages asks as many profound and provocative uestions as it answers while bestselling mastermind and author Michael Grant creates an unforgettable arresting conclusion that readers won’t able to stop talking about

  • Hardcover
  • 437 pages
  • Light Gone #6
  • Michael Grant
  • English
  • 24 June 2016
  • 9781405257589

About the Author: Michael Grant

Co author with Katherine Applegate of Ocean City Making Out Summer Animorphs Everworld Remnants Eve and Adam Pseudonymous coauthor with KA of Christy the TV spin off books Sweet Valley Twins Girl Talk and various Disney spin offs Pseudonymous author of Barf O Rama Author of Gone BZRK The Magnificent 12 Messenger of Fear Front Lines Monster and A Sudden Death in Cyprus AKA Michae

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  1. Jessica (The Psychotic Nerd) Jessica (The Psychotic Nerd) says:

    AFTER READING This series was the first book obsession I had in high school and I believe that it actually made me interested in booksAnd now I must say goodbye to this amazing series ' BEFORE READING WHY?WHY MUST THIS BOOK COME OUT AFTER THE WORLD ENDS?WHY?CriesEDITOkay FALSE ALARMThe world didn't end

  2. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Don’t fight it Nemesis The end is the best part of any story The end view spoiler Diana I’m sorry for hurting you I know I did I’m most likely dead now and I guess if there’s any kind of fairness in the afterlife I’m probably in hell getting roasted But if that’s where I am I want you to know I still love you Always did Love Caine hide spoiler

  3. emily_oriley emily_oriley says:

    Raise your hand if you opened this book and did not put it down until you got to the last page? raises both handsHoly crap and a half Batman Michael Grant I applaud you good sir A perfect ending to a nail biting series I laughed I cried I screamed I cried I threw my Nook in angst I cried some I cheered I cried and I cried and I cried Andmy favorite characterDID NOT DIE ^^And thank you thank you thank you for adding in the Aftermath Chapters I would have driven myself nuts wondering what happened when that dome finally fellYou are now free to leave the FAYZ

  4. Emily May Emily May says:

    And so the Gone series has come to an end I'm obviously not going to post any spoilers for the ending and I see no real point in reviewing just this book because you're probably going to base your decision of whether or not to read Light on your experience with the previous books So I thought I'd do something of a series review here for those who haven't picked up this series and are maybe considering it Or those who haven't heard of the Gone series before and find themselves randomly on this page with clueless curiosity Welcome Have a seat and make yourself comfortable Because I'm going to tell you why you need to step inside a world of teenage mutants with powers ranging from mind control to fiery laser beams and from super speed to gravity suspensionI'm not going to lie in the blissful aftermath of the final book and tell you this series is perfect I've spent plenty of time talking about the problems I have with it and while I do think many of these problems were resolved towards the end I still think it's important to point out that in the first few books I felt the female characters were weak compared to the males I was glad that someone was writing a book that could easily be enjoyed by both male and female teenagers but I couldn't fathom why the mutations had far impressive and powerful results in the male characters Later Grant gives these female characters greater development and you could argue that their ability to be tough without the strongest powers shows that their strength goes beyond supernatural abilities And there's Brianna of course who kicks assThe story is about a town in California where suddenly in the space of a millisecond everybody over the age of fourteen disappears Every single adult is gone No doctors or police or parents The remaining children must try to get by the best they can but in a world without adults bullies are free to reign Rules can no longer be enforced There is no way to call for help and no one to hear you anyway And in this Lord of the Flies style scenario comes an even bigger threat some of the kids find themselves inexplicably developing powers Mutant powersI think this series takes an excellent look at power the abuse of it and the dark side of human nature I wish I'd saved the uote from this book so I could share it but it says something about how uick we are to be outraged at the behaviour of others in certain situations when we cannot fully understand what it's like to be in those circumstances How we are all capable of doing unthinkable things when we reach breaking point but no one wants to admit it I liked how Grant looks into the background of each character and shows you why he or she could behave in a certain way it reminded me a little of Battle Royale and how their experience is uniue because of who they are For a series that has such a huge cast of characters they are incredibly different well developed and memorableThis completely unrealistic situation is given some realism by the variety of characters that Grant brings into the story This series is one of the most multicultural I've ever read with many different races personalities and beliefs; rich kids and poor kids and kids dealing with their developing sexuality Also I liked the exploration of relationships and the honest depiction of sex This book is an excellent safe sex campaign even to the point of being over the top The good guys use condoms and all is good the bad guys don't use condoms and it leads to view spoileran evil alien pregnancy hide spoiler

  5. Carissa Carissa says:

    Well I finished it And one thing tastes bitterview spoiler CaineGod I called that sacrifice And the gaiaphage being in his head And him writing letters and taking the blame for the FAYZ That is almost exactly the way I wanted him to go The Petey thing was just icing on the cakeAnd it sucks Because now he's dead He was a great character and I had just begun to love him and he's dead I keep telling myself that this is how he would have wanted to go but I'm still numb and on the verge of tearsBreeze's death hit me pretty hard too although part of me said this makes sense I mean if you wanted to kill one character whose death would effect everyone it would be Breeze Hell even Caine liked her And I kept flashing back to her interview at the beginning which was hilarious and adorable and an excellent example of why I love this series so much That was her and then she was sitting on the floor with a hole burned through her chest Mood whiplash you will be the death of me I would have liked to have seen interaction with the parents but we can't exactly spend all of the aftermath chapters going through every character's relations with their parents hide spoiler

  6. Paul Paul says:

    So I haven't started it uite yet I'd like to finish my current reads before tackling this one I think

  7. Jess Jess says:

    Update 7282013Well it's kind of a bitter sweet feeling that this series is now over I really enjoyed this series probably then any other series I have ever read It's very rare that I love every book in a series and in this series I can't pick my favorite simply because they were all amazing The only reason I'm giving this book 4 stars is because he killed Breeze Fuck you Michael That was legit the only person I wasn't going to be okay with dying and you killed her I literally started crying for 5 minutes probably has to do with the fact that I'm hormonal right now but whatever Any ways great ending to a great series was never disappointed with anything about this series Well Astrid is a pain in the ass but I think that's what he was going for and did a really good job of making me not like her through out the majority of the series Big round of applause for you Mr Michael Grant Great Job Keep on writing and I'll see you in the future

  8. Braiden Braiden says:

    If you haven’t yet begun this series I urge you not to continue or even are at least finished FearBEWARE OF EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS TOOOriginally published at Book Probe Reviews ‘Turn out the light Sam’Sam reached for the switch and turned out the light For the past four years I’ve followed Michael Grant’s Gone series I’ll admit I came to this party almost three years late One day browsing Borders I stumbled upon this book with blue edged pages That book was of course the UK hardcover of Lies the third book in the series which had just been released On impulse and being ignorant of the fact that it was the third in a series I bought it I liked the blue But I had no idea that that impulse buy sheerly on the colour and design of the book would introduce me to a series of impressively written teenage characters many whom to fall in love with a series to follow and be apart of until the end in years to come eg now and a series to call one of my favouritesThis series also made me a fan of Michael Grant an author who consistently pushes the boundaries of reality of fiction for teens and young adult producing a world such as the FAYZ that could very well happen and a diverse range of characters of young people that could very well attend your school or even be in your class with crippling secrets and haunting pasts with feelings and fears and desires that you would otherwise never had known they possessed if you did not take the chance to meet them follow their stories experience what they experienced how they changed for the better or for the worst For the past six years six books three thousand pages from Gone all the way to Light that is exactly what we the readers did We took a chance and met Michael Grant’s characters – Sam Caine Astrid Diana Pete uinn Edilio Lana Brianna Jack and all those others Even Drake and Brittany and the gaiaphageGaia We took the plunge into Michael Grant’s story followed it from beginning to end because we found something special within it grew an attachment to it – whatever ‘it’ was For me it definitely was the characters their struggles and triumphs their fears and doubts their beginnings and ends that made me keep returning After reading the conclusion the finale the endgame it was sad to say goodbye It truly wasSo thank you Michael Grant For this series For these characters For a story and messages that will linger forever deep within and whenever I look upon my shelf and see those books I will remember what they hold the power to choose – the power to choose good be good wield good To not be afraid To be someone that chooses wisely someone who uses their power – whatever that power may be – for good in changing and making the world a much better place to live in Every teenager that reads these books will understand despite whatever they’re battling – depression illness failure suicide heartbreak loss addiction sexuality among others – that the power lies in their hands and we can only hope that they discover that power and use it to emit light guidance strength – a future to look forward to And just like what I deduced from Fear it’s up to ourselves to transcend our deepest and darkest fearsMichael Grant understands his readers the modern teenager and enhances his stories with this understanding After all we need to battle through darkness to discover a world of light Adults censoring or banning such works like Michael Grant’s from their children could learn a thing or two with the adults doing much harm to those their “protecting” than these books could ever do none and uite the oppositeIt’s not easy ending a series and Michael Grant ended it with integrity and intrepidity both of those things I love to see in what I read There was a lot of horror and pain torment and loss in Light – all of that belongs to be in the book rightfully dutifully Because after all we are human; there’s good and evil in each and every one of us chances for redemption and atonement if we allow ourselves change in our lives a chance to love and respect a chance to live and survive We have that right if we choose to accept it There are other times when we are far beyond being given the right to choose clouded too heavily in darkness That the choice if there ever was one was made without us even knowing subconsciously predetermined This was the case with Drake He was predetermined to take on a dark role within the FAYZ and there really was no change in him since the first book other than physically and in his thirst for powerRead on for spoilery stuff you know to do with Lightview spoiler Drake barked out a laugh ‘Do you have any idea how many shrinks have tried their words on me? You think you can do better? It has to be some sickness some syndrome right? Put a label on it and everything will be better’ He laughed at the idea ‘Are you as clueless as the rest of them Astrid? It’s simple Here it is here’s the answer Astrid the Genius it’s fun to hurt people It’s such it’s such joy Astrid Such joy realising that all that power is yours and all the fear and pain is right there in your victim Come on smart girl you know what it’s called You know the word for it Come on say it’ He cupped his hand to his ear waiting for the word‘Evil’ Astrid saidDraked laughed threw up his hand wide and nodded his head ‘Evil There you go Good for you Evil It’s in all of us You know that too It was in you I saw it in your eyes as you looked down in that cooler Evil hah We all want to have someone powerless beneath us while we stand over them’ His voice had grown husky ‘We all want that We all want that’Interspersed throughout the goings on within the dome is a few scenes of Connie Temple attempting to communicate with the kids inside the FAYZ in order to reach Sam During that she encounters Drake’s grandfather and their conversation ends with Grandfather Merwin talking about Drake He says that Drake was always a troubled kid after the death of his father and although it is not said or even glimpsed at Drake’s “young” stepfather may have further shaped Drake to be who he became to be before and even during the FAYZ But that’s not stated and instead has Merwin saying he doesn’t know what has happened to Drake ‘What happens when we do know?’ she asked in a small voice‘I suppose we’ll behave like a bunch of holier than thou hypocrites Because the alternative is to look at ourselves in the mirror and know that we are capable of dark and terrible things’The conversation ends with Merwin saying ‘Dark and terrible things And the joys they bring’ Merwin shares a story of his time during the Vietnam War and it presents Merwin as someone that reflects directly in Drake Merwin said that he would pull the trigger again on a helpless Vietnamese prisoner if it needed to be done again because he took pleasure in the revenge Drake has exactly the same principles And throughout Light we see Drake consistently trying to get revenge on those that have annoyed him tried to kill him witnessing his psychopathic tendencies and the pleasure he gets out of what he doesWhere one fails another succeeds Drake was always one of the bad guys since the beginning; he had no intention to do good whatsoever Then you have Caine who although was seen as a bad guy for most of the series he never truly was depending on how you decide to see him We understood Caine and why he has always had the urge to control to be on the top He never really did anything as evil as what Drake did But he still progressed and changed slowly as the series progressed It is in Light where Caine truly shines Fear forced Caine into a vulnerable state after what Penny did but he still had his dignity and the objective to rise above everyone despite being stripped of the control he worked so hard to get Light is where he learns that he was doing it wrong all along and decides to atone for everything he has done in the FAYZ And I won’t spoil it because that was one of the major twists of this book that had me speechless at how much a character could change in my eyes in six books Diana wants Caine to say that he loves her but Caine believes there’s no point in saying that as it’s all going to end and the following uote has not a person such as Penny making him vulnerable but rather the realisation of powerlessness when the FAYZ barrier comes down as well as losing the love he has with Diana after not having such a sense of devotion in his life at all ‘What’s the point?’ he pleaded ‘I’m running away I’m saving myself and leaving you behind I’m a rat deserting the sinking ship I’m a coward holding on to his pathetic life for and extra hour or two I’m scared to death; I can’t stand up to it any I’m done Why do you want me to say it?’Where Caine is an example of atonement Charles – or widely known as Orc – is a fine example of redemption Redemption not only within the people around him from a bully to a near hero but redemption in himself for overcoming his excessive alcohol drinking and addiction His transformation internally reflects in his transformation externally from back in Gone from when he turned into some being composed of rocks and stone and gravel He went from being in a weak state to someone strong a rock for other people if I may say Orc deserved his ending But did Caine deserve his? Astrid smiled at him ‘You have become one of the good guys Charles If there was ever an example of redemption it’s you’She hesitated only a moment out of fear of touching him but then gave him a hug How strange he felt How alienuite a few moments in Light the characters think about life directly after and well beyond the FAYZ Would any of them be charged with murder sent to prison? Would any of them see each other again? That all they have gone through will mean nothing in the eyes of the people on the outside that it was all just a game and they can all just go home and live happy and normal lives What rights do teens really have in the real world where their fantasies are almost non existent? Where what they had in the FAYZ they would not have in the outside Where what is wanted or desired is overpowered by parents’ and society’s expectations and authority What reward will they really get for surviving the FAYZ? Was the FAYZ perfect after all? That even within a bleak and disastrous world such as the FAYZ there was still happiness and comfort to revel in Early on in the book at page 12 of the uncorrected proof at least has Astrid thinking about her relationship with Sam and what it means for them in the future My God she was happyThe very idea that she should be happy was absurd It was almost a crime Things were desperate but then they had been for a long time Desperate had long since became the new normalIf the barrier really did come down if this really was the endgame They were fifteen Out there out in the world they had no legal right to be togetherThey’d been through hell They’d been through a whole series of hells and they were still together But none of that would mean anything in the eyes of the law Her parents or his mother could snap their fingers and break what Sam and Astrid had builtIt was not the first time Astrid had had the thought that maybe liberation from the FAYZ would be no such thingEach book has had their various villains – or not uite villains just confused individuals DrakeBrittney has been a force to reckon with throughout the series never being able to be killed as their body melds itself back together again no matter how many times Brianna slices them in pieces and scatters them across Perdido Beach But the real villain the ultimate villain of the FAYZ the thing that started it all fifteen years ago was the Gaiaphage the Darkness some entity that hit Perdido Beach’s Nuclear Power Plant riding a meteorite At the end of Fear the Gaiaphage slips into the body of Diana’s and Caine’s baby so he can carry on with his plan of “world domination” In Light he is now known as Gaia a child growing with speed as every day goes by becoming powerful Gaia possesses the abilities of those who are still alive in the FAYZ So when she kills one she loses their power But Sam’s power is something the Darkness desired from the start so the teen who can stop Gaia is someone Gaia cannot destroy Gaia is a vicious demonic creature and in Light it is pretty obvious that heshe is not of this world something that only cares for its own succession And in the end Gaia truly doesn’t understand humans; you must understand humans in order to defeat them you must know the chink in their armour ‘I realised when I saw the forest burning how fascinating the firelight is It’s beautiful and people stare at it don’t they? It destroys things and kills people but humans love it Is it because they crave their own destruction Sam? I want to understand your kind I am going out into the wider world and I must learn But first things first First to escape this shell this egg in which I have gestated all eyes will be on the fire all eyes blinded by the smoke and when I walk out of here out into your large world with its billions no one will even see It’s the beauty of light don’t you see Sam? It reveals but it also distracts and blinds It’s even better than darkness’ hide spoiler

  9. Carrie Carrie says:

    I can't wait Although not to criticize but come on Gone Hunger Lies Plague Fear And now LIGHT? Really? Maybe the title should have been a LITTLE less positive It's making me worried that it will have a cruddy cliche happy ending like the FAYZ wall comes down and everyone's happy and it's all virtual reality and the dead kids aren't really dead I'm crossing my fingers that this amazing series won't end in an annoying way

  10. Deena Beena Deena Beena says:

    So I started reading this the night before school I told myself that it was going to be very emotional for me and that I was going to cry a lot So the next day I continued reading at school and as I was reading I thought Ha this isn't that bad after all I don't even feel remotely upset only to get half way through the book and find tears streaming down my cheeks and goosebumps on my arms several times I had to stop reading because I seriously couldn't control my emotions even now writing this review I haven't stopped cryingYou are free to leave the FAYZ Michael Grant's last line in his acknowledgement and at that the waterworks were irreversible many beloved characters die but they also redeemed themselves regained their honour or die fighting die heroes I sound really cheesy but many of you must understand how traumatised I am It's not sinking in even as I'm crying I can't believe that they're over I've become so used to waiting annually for each seuel to come out and now I don't get that tradition next yearI loved these series and its characters I feel like an era has ended The FAYZ will actually be missed so will the coyotes the GaiaphageGaia Edilio Caine uinn Sam Astrid Diana Dekka Brianna The Breeze Jack Orc Howard Albert EZ Duck Zhang Lana Taylor Dhara Zil and even DRAKE and PENNY ALL OF THEM Without them The GONE series wouldn't have been what they areflag

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