In a Heartbeat eBook ☆ In a ePUB ✓

  • ebook
  • 200 pages
  • In a Heartbeat
  • Asbah Shams
  • 28 August 2016
  • 9788184756869

1 thoughts on “In a Heartbeat

  1. Sai Sravani Sai Sravani says:

    A simple story of 4 peopleset in a medical college back ground friendship first love disputesmis understandingsfunA lil of medical terms used thoughlove story inspired from twilighta wonderful read

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In a Heartbeat What would you do if you met the Edward of your dreams just like Bella in Twilight Yuvika Arnav Kunal and Nandini fun loving irreverent youngsters join medical school and bond over their first anatomy lesson However the medical way of life is not as easy as they had imagined Despite everything love finds its way into the hearts of Yuvika and the topper Rehaan Yuvika feels she's found the one she has been waiting for and has been dreaming about But her friends do not feel the same especially Arnav who has always had a grudge against Rehaan In the midst of jealous friends unpredictable professors challenging studies and the sword of exams hanging over their heads will Yuvika join the pieces of her life and make their relationship last or will jealous friends destroy tender love