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Hide in Plain Sight and Buried Sins I enjoyed both books It contains books 1 3 in the series but there is no problem following book three without book twoThis is not an Agatha Christie mystery but there is a nice element of suspense In both cases I had figured out one of the bad guys but not the co conspiratorI received this book as a prize for a contest win in a Goodreads group but no review was reuired This is 2 books in one and I haven't read this author before I liked herFun things about the stories1 Clean no language or sex2 Set among the Amish but the main characters weren't Amish A new twist for me3 A nice blend of suspense and romance 4 These stories have a definite Christian theme with God's will desires and help being a part of the stories Surprising for me as it is published under Harleuin Love Inspired Classics books and Harleuin doesn't usually make me think clean or Christian Hide in Plain Sight is #1 in the Three Sisters Inn series It features the old sister hurrying home to be a younger sister who is in the hospital after being hit by a car Driving thru the dark and windy Amish countryside Andrea doesn't reach the hospital before getting in her own accident With her car out of commission she is grateful to get a ride to the hospital from Cal Burke but she is NOT grateful to discover he is her grandma's tenant That starts their lovehate relationship but there is to the story because Andrea is being watched in the night doors are opened by no one and closed and locked by accident I liked that this was a clean story and I liked it being set among the Amish but the main characters weren't Amish which was fun Buried Sins is book #3 in the Three Sisters Inn series I didn't feel like I had missed anything by not reading book #2 This story revolves around Caroline the youngest sister Grief over her husbands recent death and then threats from scary people that suggest hubby isn't really dead sends Caroline fleeing from New Mexico back to the family home in Amish country Pennsylvania A run in with the local Chief of Police lets secrets out of the back and ends up giving Caroline much to uestion in her previous marriage and in her future Family dynamics threats cruel tricks and a couple sub plots keep things moving along Both books are Christian based mystery stories with an Amish flavor in that they live near an Amish community and have known them for years Both are enjoyable reads with the mystery there until the end Both end a bit abruptly Sorta like Solved the mystery Know who the bad people are All is well now THE END But novellas tend to be like that which is one of the reason I like full books best Hide in Plain Sight was a good safe uick read with likable characters It is part of a series about three sisters Two complete novels in the beloved The Three Sisters Inn series by Marta Perry  HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT Called home to the Amish countryside city gal Andrea Hampton can't let go of her bitter memories But she'll have to in order to help turn her grandmother's house into a bed and breakfast When danger stalks her Andrea must turn to carpenter Cal Burke a man with his own secrets BURIED SINS When the youngest Hampton sister Caroline returns to Amish country and her family inn she hides a frightening secret The dangerous husband she'd secretly married—and supposedly lost—might be alive after all Yet Police Chief Zach Burkhalter knows about her past than she expects While love is a powerful entity in this story danger is never too far behind Top Pick —RT Book Reviews on Season of Secrets

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