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Awakening His Duchess Lord Beaumont Havendish has been thought dead for nine long years However death would be a relief from his grinding existence as a white slave in the tropical island of Saint Domingue At long last revolution gives him a chance to escape but he’ll never escape the knowledge that the woman he loved sent him into a living hell He leaves the tropical sands behind and returns to the gentle shores of England thinking the nightmare is finally behind him only to find it has only just begun The traitorous Yvette is comfortably ensconced in his ancestral home posing as Beau’s bereaved widow Yet nothing is what it seems Yvette is no longer the girl he once adored She seems like a ghost than the wicked temptress he believes betrayed him Can he forgive the past and dare he risk AWAKENING HIS DUCHESS

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  • Awakening His Duchess
  • Katy Madison
  • English
  • 07 April 2015

About the Author: Katy Madison

Katy Madison has always loved stories As a child she was always lugging a book around At the age of eight afterKaty Madison having gone through over a hundred Nancy Drew mysteries all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books—at least twice—and many others including her full weekly allotment of library books Katy went to her mother and begged for a new book to read Her frustrated mother handed her a ro

10 thoughts on “Awakening His Duchess

  1. Katie Katie says:

    SPOILERS WARNINGI received this book in electronic format via Smashwords for free to review The following is an honest review and the opinions are my ownThe plot developing in the beginning of the book Saint Domingue in the Caribbean during the slave revolt intrigued me as it isn't a typical setting for the average historical romance novel I felt that this part of the book could have been developed a little further in lifestyles description though the necessary parts of life and treatments were related to the reader as needed and done in a way most comfortable for a pleasure read The horrors of the island life for slaves is not overly described and should not be detailed too much for the type of book this is so I appreciate the way it was done by the author rather than getting into the gruesomeness that would deter a reader from continuing Having the hero suffer the life of a slave in this setting was an interesting twist to his personal experiences and what shapes his personality for the rest of the book I love back stories and the author notes filled in much about why he had the injuries he suffers from as after effects from his original poisoning on the island I wish it had been included somehow in the story itself as I found myself wondering why his hand didn't work right and how his leg became damaged as well Had I been really thinking about it I possibly should have figured out partial paralysis from the drugs since his injuries are the same side of his body but I wouldn't have figured out blood clot causing a stroke on my own Not that this would be easily worked into the story eitherconundrumsThe internal struggle of the heroine who loved the hero from the beginning of the story and then lost him to 'death' not realizing he was put into slavery was prevalent in the whole story and as her back story is revealed makes perfect sense and was very well portrayed My only drawback to her internal thoughts was that she had only the most fleeting thought of adultery when she discovered that she had taken a second husband while her first was living Having the fleeting thought and never coming back to it officially with some kind of resolution either that she realizes that there was no possible way to have done anything else under the circumstances or having it resolved between her and her love somehow bothered meHaving a child being central to the story was a significant change of pace to the typical romance novel I enjoyed having the extra dynamics of new fatherhood development a sort of step child syndrome with the biological father and adjusting from overprotective mother not trusting a secondary parental role to allowing for a good father figure emerge in the boy's life This was actually my favorite part of this whole book The dynamics were well written and seemed carefully consideredOverall the book was very enjoyable and an extremely easy read by which I mean that a very sleep deprived mother of a toddler and newborn tore through it As always the book ended far sooner than I was ready to give it up

  2. Heather Heather says:

    This book deserves way than 5 stars An amazing adventure of love death deception trust romance revenge class structure and new beginnings When the third son of a Duke Lord Beaumont Havendish falls in love with a beautiful French girl during his world travels he takes her innocence with promises of marriage and happily ever after Yvette has been promised by her father to another suitor but her love for the young charismatic Beau sways her However happily ever after goes terribly wrong when Beau collapses during breakfast the next morning As he's conscious but unable to move he can't call out for help when they begin lowering his coffin into the ground Was Yvette unwilling to be claimed officially as his wife since Beau hadn't told her he came from great wealth? As he's kidnapped and sold into slavery on the sugar cane plantation farms he fears he will never make it back to the comfortable life he took for granted that was stolen from him from the one time he dared to fall in loveYears later when the slaves revolt the plantation owners are their targets and Yvette must run for her life and protect young Etienne from their machetes Devastated and penniless she runs across the ocean to seek refuge from the only people left she has any connection to the Duke's family When Beau returns to England to find the woman who betrayed him living in his home and when Yvette realizes the young man she fell in love with is not dead after all their worlds flip upside down What happened on that fateful morning nearly a decade ago? What secrets do they hide? Can they get past years of pain and suffering to reclaim each other as husband and wife or has Beau's resurrection just interfered with his poisoner's grand plans? As danger lurks around the corner everything is not as it seems Can love conuer all or is just an illusion?A beautifully written romantic suspense The reader cannot help but feel attached to the characters and the plot is so engaging it is nearly impossible to put this book downHero 55Heroine 55Side Characters 55Romance 55Plot 55Overall 55

  3. Laura Laura says:

    I'm having a hard time finding the words to start this reviewI guess I can start with phenomenal great story okay that's 2 words exciting riveting and couldn't put it downI could go on and on but I will spare you because I think you can tell already I enjoyed it LOL The characters come alive jumping right off the page making you feel as if you are right there with them During some of the exciting moments which there were plenty of I actually left nail marks embedded in the pages because it felt so real That is something that I really enjoy in a book and this book had plenty of it The friction between the main characters Beau and Yvette kept me turning pages long after I should have been asleep but once I started reading I couldn't put it down The story had such a good flow to it that I didn't even realize that it had only taken me only 2 hours to read I didn't want it to end although I truly enjoyed the epilogue which takes place 40 years later It's nice to read about how their lives progressed I'm a sucker for a great epilogue D I'm wondering if their children have their own books? I think I would like to read Etienne's story Katy Madison's writing has captured my interest and I look forward to reading from her in the future

  4. Eskimo Princess Jenkins Eskimo Princess Jenkins says:

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest reviewAt first it took me a bit to get into the story but once I did I didn't want to put it downStory is a little dark and gothic at times but adds flavor to the mundane historical romance novels I liked the change from normal historical romance reads to thisYvette was very young and in love with Beau and then thought she lost him She remarried and built her family After several years and slave revolution she goes to England to get help from Beau's family Beau returns and you can see the chemistry between them is still there but so is 89 years of separation and hatred It takes alot to work through the issues that each have or thought was thereI enjoyed the romance the gothic parts and the action in the story

  5. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    This story drags you in All the characters in this story go through a very difficult time and must come back and find love together again I found myself crying smiling and cheering the characters in throughout the whole story In all a very powerful and emotional story

  6. Amy Amy says:

    What an amazing read It has everything you want in a historical novel The characters are believable There's romance mystery and suspense The storyline is uniue and intriguing Even the Author's Note I found entertaining I look forward to by this authorRecommended

  7. Mandy Mandy says:

    Overall very good book I had it done in a weekend as I couldn't set it down Very compelling story that made me want to know what was going to happen next

  8. BURMA BURMA says:

    Nothing special

  9. Laurem Laurem says:

    A must read Different from your typical romance novel It was an interesting good book

  10. Ivyd Ivyd says:

    375 starsFor the past nine years Lord Beaumont Havendish’s family has believed him to be dead Drugged by a Vodou boker Beau has spent six years as a slave on a sugar cane plantation in Saint Domingue After the slave rebellion that freed him he’s spent the past three years attempting with his friend Mazi to get home When he finally arrives it’s to find the woman he believes responsible for his enslavement the woman he’s hated for nine years living at his family’s home Yvette the woman he married the night before his “death”AWAKENING HIS DUCHESS begins in 1785 with Beau our hero being buried alive in Port au Prince Saint Domingue and proceeds uickly to the slave rebellion six years later in 1791 Beau is not the thoughtless privileged boy who left the family estate nine years ago His lungs have been affected by the cane and his right side has suffered since his initial drugging and burial Beau is a man who has been honed in the fires of hell burning away the boy and leaving a strong compassionate man with a keen sense of justice and euality Having lived both sides of the euation gives him a uniue perspective The boker took pleasure in telling Beau daily just how Yvette had betrayed him Finally returning home to England only to find her at his family estate with a son Beau is stunned There’s no denying Etienne is his son he’s a mini Beau He does doubt Yvette and her motives He trusted her once and it cost him heavily he won’t make that mistake againYvette was young temperamental and impetuous Beau was a beautiful dashing Englishman She wanted to experience love and passion before her forced marriage to Henri When Beau presents himself at her home the morning after their marriage and wedding night then suddenly collapses and dies right before her eyes all her girlish dreams die with him Yvette believes him dead as does his man Danvers Yvette marries Henri as planned and Danvers returns to England to inform Beau’s family of his death With only memories of their one night what if’s and Etienne to sustain her Yvette endures her marriage to HenriAfter the massacre Yvette discovers who Beau actually was For Etienne’s sake she makes the journey to England Uncertain about the legality of her marriage to Beau she simply wants shelter and food while she tries to secure the funds Henri placed in FranceEtienne is welcomed with open arms by Beau’s family They believe all their sons have died leaving Etienne the sole heir This wasn’t what Yvette had envisioned nor did she ever dream that Beau was alive When he returns believing her responsible for his enslavement and hating her Yvette is devastated How will she ever prove to him that she’s always loved him and would never betray him? Yvette refuses to be a “duty” to BeauAWAKENING HIS DUCHESS is a dark read no doubt However all the darkness emanates from and is caused by one person It’s absolutely chilling the depths and lengths this character has gone to and how long they’ve plotted to attain they’re twisted goals Sadistic barely scratches the surfaceThat being said the trials Yvette and Beau went through were the making of them They came out the other side as characters you could care and root for Not certain I would have liked them as much if they’d stayed as they were initially Beau and Yvette have a lot to overcome Beau has to let go of the hate doubt and fear while Yvette has to break down the barriers she’s erected to keep her heart safe They both need to let go in order to learn to trust and love again As they take the first timid steps the past reaches out from the grave to take everything away again Beau and Yvette’s story is dark harrowing suspenseful and ultimately very rewardingGenerally I can do without epilogues but I really appreciated the big red bow this one tied on the packageFor those who enjoy their history a little darker a little edgier AWAKENING HIS DUCHESS is sure to pleaseReviewed by IvyD for Miss Ivy's Book Nook

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