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Sky Blue Ruby Blue #3 Something strange is brewing in Lake City as the summer comes to a close Ruby finds herself caught in a torrent of trouble when a stranger blows into town Relationships are put to the test lines are drawn and a choice is made when the ways of the Royal Sky Court rain down upon Ruby and the gang Weathering through a storm of secrets spells and yet another life changing adventure who will survive in its wake Find out just what mysteries are revealed in this third magical installment of the Ruby Blue Series

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  1. Celsey Seivert Celsey Seivert says:

    First of all i received this book from the author for an honest reviewI love this series and this book is the best by far There is always something going on it was hard for me to set it down This story is a continuing series from Ruby Blue the last book Deja Blue was left with Brennan giving Ruby a ringso this book Sky Blue finally answers all of your uestions Brennan comes to school with Ruby to keep her safe from whoever wants to hurt her In is on her like glue Nick and Ruby are still together There is a new girl that turns out to be the sky princess She has been all over Brennan and Ruby absolutely hates her she has all the guys attention including Nick Brennan has hit his 18th birthday has to choose a lifemate witch the sky princess Karina AKA Ka Trampyhas been after for awhile now Jeremy is still the same old Jeremy with all new sayings lol here are some of Jeremy's saying that i could not resist“Ohmygoodness Ohmygoodnesssss What in the bejezusfreezus are you doing here?”“OMG PDA PDA You two reallyneed to get a room”

  2. Angela Angela says:

    I read all 3 books in a day Cute little series that just gets better and better with each book Was really glad to see the way the series turned and can't wait to read the next oneOk now thought into this review Cute shouldn't be the adjective LOL I really love this series by Julie I love how she slowly introduces characterscreatures into the stories instead of overwhelming the reader all at once In the second book Deja Blue I thought the contest was excellent Seriously I was on the edge of my seat the entire time There a lots of surprises and Jeremy OMG Ruby's best friend Jeremy is the bomb It's going to be hard to wait so many months for the next one though Julie posted the prologue on the series FB page read it and wanted to scream because OMG it's going to be REALLY hard to wait now

  3. Sherry Sherry says:

    I love love loved this book Bought it last night read it last night By the time I finished reading it I so wanted to smack Ka trampy she was so evil thank you for another awesome read Julie's book draw you in and make you a part of the storyThey make you laugh The characters are so realYou feel like you could be eating ice cream with them And I would have to say my favorite character wins in the end go Brennan Thank you Julie for another great storyJulie is writing book 4 I can not wait to read it it is going to be most excellent Ruby and Brennan are together finally Can it get any better the only bad thing about this book is that it is the end of Rubys storymaybeIts gunna be good

  4. Jennifer Treviño Jennifer Treviño says:

    Fashizzilly Freakin' FantabulousI have to tell you that of this series this is my favorite book yet It just keeps getting better better As our beloved Jeremy would say fashizzilly freakin' fantabulous D If you have not read the Ruby Blue series yet I sincerely suggest you do that NOW Seriously You can't go wrongit's got fairies dragons mermaids magic galore Buteither way this book is AMAZING I have fallen to the depths of the sea for these characters their story I am totally hooked Now I will most definitely be begging Julie for on a daily basis until the next book is released You've been warned ; Grá mo chroí go deo

  5. Claire Taylor Claire Taylor says:

    Julie Cassar Sky BlueThe Ruby Blue Series #3 This series will make you laugh no matter what mood you are in The first book was amazing the second even better and somehow this one has just gone to a completely new level Ruby Jeremy Brennan Anya are back and can’t seem to go a few months without having to go on an adventure Ruby definitely wasn’t expecting the final outcome of this one but it just wants me to jump straight into the next book I don’t want this series to ever end An e copy of this book was bought from couk

  6. J.D. Nelson J.D. Nelson says:

    How can I start this review without screaming off the rooftops about how much I love this series If you thought books 1 2 were amazing you have no idea what this book will do to you If I wasn't so afraid of scaring my poor elderly cats to death I would have ran through the house holding up my Kindle like I won the Kindle Lottery The twists and turns this book made blew me away I wasn't expecting any of them Go Right now Buy this book

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    'I have received this book from the author in return of an honest review'I just need to start out by saying 'Whew' I am way too happy beyond description right now at how happy I am on how this book Sky Blue turned out I just didn't think it could get any better after book 2 as good but not better Then there Julie goes and she does it againshe outdid herselfAGAIN The descriptive feeling of the characters mainly Ruby in this book were wonderful I could totally see myself in this book from the beginning all the way up until the happy ending well for some of the characters anywayheeheehee I loved the form that Brennan's character took along with Anya the ever loving motherish figure I must say that as this story goes on the characters' personalities and everything about them develope and which to me was very impressive The story line itself was classic and interesting yet still had the same feeling of mystiue and magic that was undeniably exciting The emotions of romance everlasting love hatred jealousy fear excitement confusion humor and heartbreak were ever present throughout this whole book to the point of feeling everything that the characters felt I love this book and the whole storyline It is very real as in the way the characters are brought to life but still gives you just enough mysticism to let you float off away from your everyday world In so many ways I truly identified with Ruby in not realizing her true self and just how wonderful she really is and can be and in many ways was uite inspirational to me personally I just can't wait to see what Ruby Brennan Anya and Jeremy will be up to next Patiently awaiting book 4 Thank you for this wonderful story that you've plucked out of your imagination Julie Cassarwell done again

  8. Jennifer Davis Jennifer Davis says:

    I was blessed with a e copy in exchange for my honest review This is the 3rd installment to the FANFREAKINTASITC Ruby Blue Series And let me say this installment is the SHIZNIT If you haven't read this series you need to put it on your TBR Just knowI have dibs on Brennan There is a storm a brewing in Lake City and it all started when the stranger strolled into town Ruby and the gang are surrounded by a whirlwind of secrets magic and drama Go figure they can't never get a break Guess that is the price you pay for being so AWESOME Ruby is finally starting to get her gifts under control but still hasn't uiet learned how to turn off sending her thoughts from being broadcasted to her fairy friends She keeps getting these strange whispers in her head along with crazy vibes from Brennan That boy could send me crazy vibes anytimeoh yeah completely crushing Brennan in this one Oh and then we have Mr Hottie AKA Nick all I am gonna say is he made me want to punch him in his pretty little facejust read the book you will see what I mean Then we have Jeremy well Jeremy is Jeremy but let me just say he is killing me in this one Where does that boy come up with that stuff? HILARIOUS ANYWAYthings are spinning out of control in the town of Lake City you will have to get your read on and see what happens It is well worth the read All the installments to this series are great but this one puts the icing on the cake The author needs to hurry up with the next installmentI am dying to see what happens next Originally posted on The Mystical World of Book Reviews

  9. Heidi Heidi says:

    I received this book from the author for an honest reviewAMAZING I fell in love with Ruby Blue back in Book 1 and thought oh my daughters are going to love this book Then I read Deja Blue Book 2 and was blown away with the story line the fullness of the characters and the uniueness of the content I myself became a big fan of the Ruby Blue series and I couldn't wait for Sky Blue to come out Well the long await is over and let me just tell you it was so worth the wait The Author once again brings to life the world of Ruby Blue and her friends in the most incredible continuation We are able to witness life on a personal side of the characters in their relationships friendships and trust There is even a new villain in this one or at least someone who is spurned and reeking havoc in the lives of everyone But when you find out the real reasons behind the evil deeds your socks will be blown across the room and you may just be smiling from ear to ear I know I was I am not going to give any spoilers or even hints as to what happens Just know that you will love this book you will not be disappointed and you will be left with a good feeling as once again this story has a beginning a middle and an ending yes you know there will be to come but you will not be left unfulfilled while you wait for the next Book in the Ruby Blue series you will have a nice warm comfortable feeling in your belly kind of like magic

  10. Amy Amy says:

    I can sum this book up In the words of Jeremy It's fashizzilly freakin fantabulous Third book of the series and each one just gets better and better I laugh I swoon I 'm on the edge of my seat it's awesomeThe ending to this book was what I've secretly been hoping for since I started reading the seriesAs always I adore Jeremy and love the phrases he spouts off I'm making a mental list to use them in life Zappadoodle futher mucker marmalade madness skank ho hot mess in a gi gah munga can of nasty crack worms and so on I tend to make up phrases like this myself and only my husband and best friends can understand me so I relate so well to him I bookmarked so many favorite spots in this book that I am not sure I left than a few pages without bookmarksI love all the pop culture references and nicknames for the main characters as well as the ones they use for some of the smaller characters This series is a highly enjoyable YA fantasy There are so many fantasy creatures involved in these books each book introduces a new one and keeps things new and excitingI am looking forward to Book 4 Now that I am all caught up when it is released it goes to the top of my reading list no matter what I must read about Ruby Jeremy Anya Nick and of courseBrennan swoon

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