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Confirmation The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us Warning After you read this book you will believe in alien lifeThe possible existence of extraterrestrial life is a phenomenon that has sparked debate controversy fascination and passion than any in recent history Outpourings of UFO sightings alien abductions and covert government activity point to a truth which as much as some people would like to simply won't die Now in this provocative new book bestselling author and UFOlogist Whitley Strieber boldly explores the vast territory of alien encounters uncovering the most conclusive evidence of all physical evidence that aliens may really be hereMarvel as Whitley Strieber tells his own compelling story and those of countless others while you discover Shocking new close encounters many involving groups of people Thousands of sightings worldwide many captured on video Shocking evidence of five mysterious implants surgically removed from human bodies And much much The most compelling uestion in the universe has remained unanswered for centuries Now finally there is ConfirmationWith a gallery of thought provoking photos

10 thoughts on “Confirmation The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us

  1. Robert Robert says:

    This is a decent look at an unexplained at this time phenomena that needs to have a real scientific examination to either prove or disprove it And that is what Strieber is asking for in this book He presents several cases of odd UFO related material but does not categorically state that it is real or unreal The sad part of the whole enchilada is that science has already debunked the whole UFO thing and anyone who does look into is uickly discredited as a whack job Oh well maybe someday one of these scientists will get an alien anal probe and that might wake them up Till then

  2. Josh Josh says:

    I read this way way back as a kid It kind of scared my 15 year old mind as I wasn't as skeptical back then Looking at it now the claims are kind of silly Regardless it was entertaining to me at the time I would recommend checking this book out if you're looking for a somewhat creepy read But be careful about taking it too seriously though Be open minded but not so much that your brain falls outI'd give it 3 stars for entertainment but Whitley Strieber is a nut and it bothers me how he calls this content hard evidenceReminds me of this

  3. Sean Sean says:

    The frustration of the author at not being able to identify substantial evidence to support his convictions permeates this book Interesting but ultimately unsatisfying book

  4. Matt Milosevich Matt Milosevich says:

    Another book to add to the list of well put together books by Whitley This book presents some different types of evidence for the case of the ufo presence Not all of which I had heard of before so yes I even learned some stuff

  5. Claudia Claudia says:

    This book is divided into three parts The first part is an account of a recent and spectacular UFO sighting in August 1997 over Mexico City Part two examines what happens when a person comes into involuntary contact with an alien These people face ridicule are ostracized and many lose their careers Just imagine telling your boss that you were whisked up to a spaceship last night and the aliens examined your body and put something up your nose there is so much antagonism probably born of fear that we immediately shun or seek to set ourselves apart from someone claiming they were abducted by aliens No sane person would risk this level of censure The third part deals with the dearth of proof that would conclusively prove that aliens have interacted with people for many years As Carl Sagan pointed out that there is not one artifact left behind after all these sightings and testimonies not even a transistor of an alien craftunless the government is covering it up has them secreted on a secret military base or are in cahoots with the aliens As for implantsThere has been some investigations by a sympathetic surgeon who has removed implants from abductees but analysis has not shown them to be definitively of extraterrestrial origin However while made of common elements and were similar in theory to current devices they could not be proven to be terrestrial either The author concludes by pleading with the scientific establishment to see these numerous stories as worthy of rigorous scientific study so an answer based in reason can be found

  6. Todd Van Meter Todd Van Meter says:

    If I had any doubts regading the existence of aliens before reading this book they've only been reinforced The only confirmation I got with this book is the fact that I'm glad I didn't pay full price when it was first released Not uite as boring as reading a chemistry textbook but not uite as exciting as reading the ceral box each morning

  7. Garrett Cash Garrett Cash says:

    Read this a long time ago From what I remember I didn't see what the hard evidence was

  8. Ty Bedell Ty Bedell says:

    I had very different expectations for this book I found it tedious and unconvincing

  9. Stacy Croushorn Stacy Croushorn says:

    Presents evidence for the possibility of UFO's Dry

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    It's too slow of a read so I abandoned it but I didn't feel I read enough to rate it

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