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Mask of Scars Christina's brother and sister in law were running an hotel in the Algarve that lovely unspoiled part of southern Portugal and when the long university vacation began it struck her as a good idea to go and visit themAt any rate it seemed a good idea until she realised just how unwelcome she was Her sister in law was so obviously anxious to get rid of her that Christina was thankful when she was offered a job by the local lord of the manor Dom Carolos Ramirez but it was not long before she began to have her doubts about that too Dom Carlos was positively feudal in his attitude to women in general and Christina in particular and the last thing she wanted was to find herself falling in love with himBut need she have worried when it turned out that Dom Carlos had a higly suitable fiancee in the background a meek Portuguese girl who was clearly going to make him a much better wife than an argumentative young English student

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  1. Naksed Naksed says:

    Broody stiff and scarred Portuguese Aristo meets flighty feisty English flower girl child Lots of misunderstandings and evil interfering relatives try to block the budding May December romance Violet Winspear did it better in The Tower of the Captive

  2. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    Another one on my uest to read the first 100 HPs This one is numbered 92 and was published in 1973 This is the 40th one I've read Only 60 to go So it takes place in Portugal so that gives it a boost right there The repressed attitudes attributed to the Portuguese seemed extreme from this far away but I feel like were fairly on point for 1973 Even when I was there in 1980 there was a definite break between those who were considered the good girls and those who were considered bad girls Also those of a higher social class were even then very severe and IDK snooty? Moving on The story was interesting and moved along at the good pace The hero and heroine as in all these older HPs do not spend a whole lot of time together but I felt it was sufficient to make the romance element fairly believable The hero is the one with scars and the heroine's words and actions do seem to help him overcome his very negative feelings about them She's a happy go lucky sort and does help loosen all the repressed nobles up a bit The OW element was pretty darn lame and I think the author would have been better served to come up with a believable was to cause the climatic break at the end But all's well that end's well The end was pretty satisfying long enough to give some good feels

  3. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Oh yes I am but I fear I do not care any I love you than life itself and to imagine letting you go now for whatever reason would kill me Mask of Scars is the story of Christina and CarlosOur h Christina is an orphan barely getting by When her brother Bruce invites her for a vacation in Algarve Portugal where he runs a small hotel she is delighted However on arrival she realizes his wife Sophia is less than pleased and is utterly unwelcoming Christina then decides to pay her keep and work for Bruce during her time offOne night she ends up skinny dipping in an isolated beach only to be confronted by a scarred stranger who claims she is trespassingSoon she realizes that he is Dom Carlos her brother's landlord and the master to everyone on the island She ends up meeting him again and is shocked when he offers her a job as a companion to his depressed and disabled nephew Miguel Despite her brother's reluctance she accepts the job finding herself often at loggerheads with the conservative Dom and his auntBut as Miguel starts responding she finds herself falling for the dark and enigmatic Dom Can she hide her feelings forever?Honestly this was an overall good read Very Beauty and the Beast ish theme with a vivacious young heroine scarred older hero OWOM jealousy a tragic past potential hurdles and HEAIf only the h and H had spent time together this would have been a higher rating But Im glad she was able to heal both Dom and MiguelSafe35

  4. Tia Tia says:

    It was a decent novel and it was surprising to because most people with novionovias don't break them for another woman especially an english one to boot This book is a prime example or fast but true love Decent read indeed

  5. Toni-Lea Chin Toni-Lea Chin says:

    Carlos pulled her closely into his arms But yes there will be a marriage amada he said rather disturbingly I do not intend our relationship to last for; any thing less than life That about sums it up for me It was a light read a few hours Definitely recommend

  6. Ariana Ariana says:

    I liked itYou know a book is good when you get this tingeling feeling inside There were actually very few scenes between H and h but when he kissed herA desent book good story no sex but I don`t like these new Harleuins where there is nothing but

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