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  1. Sláinte Wanderlust Sláinte Wanderlust says:

    This book turned out to be even than I hoped for Alex is a great character she is kick ass but not full of herself Funny full of surprises A believable lead with compassion gusto Bran Alex's chemistry is hot they are a forbidden couple in ways that one but thankfully that does not stop them ; The story has twists turns i really could not figure out what was going to happen at all it was great as i love surprises The ending wraps up the plot from this book but it leads on to the next book which i can only imagine is going to rock it as hard as this one does I recommend this book to people who enjoy UF with a female lead minimal trysts and loads of action mystery I look forward to reading the next in the series

  2. InD& InD& says:

    ‘Invisible Magic’ is the first book of a new PNRSpy Thriller series The premise is interesting; and Alex is a well fleshed out character Read full review in the 2013 June issue of InD’tale Magazine

  3. Quiana Quiana says:

    Invisible Magic by Mary Buckham is a roller coaster of an Urban Fantasy that takes place in a world full of magic mystery danger and intrigue It’s a world where human and non humans have coexisted together for many years From witches to warlocks to shape shifters and weres there are all kinds of creatures who inhabit part shaman part witch Alex Noziak’s world Recently recruited to a five member all female team known as the Invisible Recruits Alex is tasked with helping to keep humans safe from the non humans who want to do them harm Alex doesn’t want to be a member but she really doesn’t have much of a choice When a training session results in Alex nearly getting one of her teammates killed she is tempted to uit the team But when she learns that someone she loves has gone missing her plans change Now Alex is on a dangerous mission to rescue a loved one and she’ll need to learn to trust and rely on her powers her teammates and maybe even the very attractive but mysterious entrepreneur BranNot since Kate Daniels and Mercy Thompson have I fallen in love with a female character like I have with Alex Noziak She’s a multifaceted character with major trust issues and she doesn’t play well with others But she clearly loves her family and is extremely loyal to them and will do anything and everything to keep them safe There’s a vulnerability to her that makes her sympathetic and relatable She’s an easy character to root for and love Read More Here

  4. Nereid Nereid says:

    I originally picked up this book due to the four and five star reviews though I do prefer the Urban Fantasy genre Due to the title and the blurb I was expecting a lot magic and action scenes in this book so I was disappointed The story seemed to focus on finding out who was behind the thefts and eventually who committed murder with some touches of romance thrown in for good measure Being a witch who had this untapped power Alex did not have any confidence and seemed to shy away from her powers and I am used to kick ass characters All that aside I did finish the book but it just lacked something for me though if you prefer a slower pace and crime solving mystery type books then you should enjoy this one Overall a book that did flow well and the relationship seemed believable but I would have liked background on Alex so I could empathise with her

  5. Annetta Sweetko Annetta Sweetko says:

    In Invisible Magic book #1 the Invisible Recruit unit is a hidden group of operatives that stand between humans and non humans Alex Noziak is a witch with patchy powers who knows magic comes at a cost that's how she came to be a part of the group She is given an assignment that is separated but connected to the one her teammates is on And she finds herself using untested abilities and not knowing who to trust not even the one she's falling in love withI read Invisible Magic in one sitting and thought it was a well written entertaining story with a number of twist and turns and an intriguing ending The Invisible Recruit unit has a number of characters that should have a book of their own and I hope author Mary Buckham will gives them exactly what they deserve

  6. Cecly Cecly says:

    An acuired tasteThe knowledge I am gaining by reading this novel and the others in this series will definitely be applied Mary Buckham your characters are amazing and your narrative explosive Definitely an acuired taste

  7. Nicole M. Hewitt Nicole M. Hewitt says:

    This review and many others can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction Addiction355 StarsI haven't read a ton of urban fantasy but Mary Buckham's books caught my eye I got this book along with eight others in a compilation on called The Perfect Ten and I'm so glad I did So far I've read this book and Time Trap and have really enjoyed them bothWhat I lovedAlex The main character in this book is Alex Noziak a witchshaman who has been forced into working with a secret government agency after committing a murder with her powers Alex is a fun character full of spunk and wit and sarcasm She is hesitant about using her powers after what happened in the past and would almost rather be in prison but when she finds out that someone in her family is in danger she knows that she can't turn down her current assignment she has to do everything she can to save him Alex is smart tough and resourceful and she has a good mixture of strength and vulnerability that makes her extremely likableBran Bran is the sexy warlock who Alex has been assigned to investigate He is a multi millionaire who's used to getting his way and Alex can't help but feel drawn to him even though she knows she shouldn't be for several reasons Bran turned out to be a complex character which I really appreciated I didn't always like every decision that he made but I could understand why he made them he was fiercely loyal to his family friends and employees The chemistry between Alex and Bran was amazing and it definitely left me wanting The supernatural elements I loved the supernatural elements to this book shapeshifters witches shamans warlocks etc The supernatural side to the story kept me interested The negativesThe central mystery I actually think this might have just been me because I'm just not a huge fan of crime stories It just didn't matter to me much who the thief was and who the mastermind behind everything was though there were some fun surprises when it came to those mysteries I would have liked a bit of the supernatural to balance out the spymystery story but that's just meIf you're a fan of Urban Fantasy that features a tough smart lead then I think you'll really enjoy this one I give it 355 stars

  8. Donna-Dee Mullings Donna-Dee Mullings says:

    This was my first foray in the world of Mary Buckham and the Invisible Recruits I did so as a result of pursuing my obsession of reading and joining a wonderful group of people on Facebook which subseuently introduced me to this fantastic authorI love Urban Fantasy Once I thought all fantasy was just fantasy but I learned through authors such as Jeannie Frost and Vicki Pettersson that I was wrong And now I am ecstatic to add Mary Buckham to my favorite Urban Fantasy authors I have been plowing through these books The characters hit you in the face with their realness in fact while I love Alex I also want to tell her to grow up at times She does have a tendency to make a mountain out of molehill by running off half cocked certain she'll save everyone But that's what makes her enjoyable I get so sick of characters that don't have flaws that Alex is refreshing in all her sarcastic grittiness Her devotion to her family is heartfelt a constant theme throughout the book right up until the endI'm still up in the air on my personal opinion of the other characters at the end of this book however I love love love Franco He was hilarious and I was happy to see him stick around While I seemed to miss the turnover which could have been from my speed reading I was happy to see Jaylene come over to team Alex and I for one would love to read her story For the story I was impressed and thrilled that the main story arc would not be finished in this book In fact while I probably missed a few I counted at least three arcs that will permeate the series The writing flowed smoothly utilizing first person I'm curious to see how this plays out given that further in the series we move to Kelly as the focal point which can at times seem as if the author is writing in first grade Not so for Mary Generally I don't like first person or present tense used but I can't complain as I didn't even notice until I specifically focused on it The biggest endorsement I can give is GO BUY THIS BOOKhttpwwwINVISIBLE MAGIC

  9. Star Star says:

    It’s in your best interest to read the preuel novella ‘Invisible Prison’ prior to reading ‘Invisible Magic’ The novella will give you a lot background on Alex Noziak before getting into the meaty book one of the seriesIn ‘Invisible Magic’ Alex Noziak and the other recruits are operatives who must stop a plot to disrupt the balance between humans and non humans Alex is sent undercover as a hairdresser to ferret out who is behind the plot and report back to her boss Her contact Bran is a warlock and a suspect too One of the problems is Alex is very hesitant to use her inherited abilities and as such she’s untrained and untested What started out as a supposedly simple mission becomes exceedingly complex and Alex may not make it outI really liked ‘Invisible Magic’ and the women of the Invisible Recruits I do hope Alex will get some real training for her witchcraft and shamanic abilities The author kept the plot and the action fresh and moving along uickly As I said above it’s a good idea to read the preuel novella to get a little backstory on Alex While Alex doesn’t have a lot of training or control of her abilities she’s definitely got a lot of spine and grit when challenged It’s also interesting to see the interplay between Alex and her teammates as well as with the people she’s investigating I will definitely be reading the rest of the books in this series ‘Invisible Magic’ is a wonderful blend of fantasy action humor and mystery – with a touch of romanceInvisible Recruits series Invisible Prison novella Invisible Magic 1 Invisible Duty novella Invisible Power 2 Invisible Fate 3

  10. Alice Liu Alice Liu says:

    I really enjoyed this book and found that I was engaged in Alex Noziak's struggles as she is sent on a mission as an unprepared operative She struggles with her belief system that using magic carries a heavy and dark price and with her own team whom she does not fully trust I like that she is constantly improvising and trying her best to psyche herself up to meet seemingly impossible challenges There is also a supernatural creature that I have never heard of before so kudos to Buckham for bringing something new to the talbe This urban fantasy has of a supernatural international thriller bent to it There is lots of action and it moves I figured out the bad guy early on though I don't think it was necessarily obvious And I certainly did not anticipate the how of how the bad guy managed to involve everyone My only complaints are that sometimes there were sentences that seemed truncated and at other times I wasn't sure who was speaking in the dialogue I believe the romantic pull that Alex has towards Bran is mystical in origin ??? but I would have liked to understand it Without that mystical aspect it seems a weird attraction Bran was also a little to hotcold without explanation The chapter from Dominiue's point of view felt rushed and too much of her emotions and motivations were revealed through exposition rather than dialogue or action However the story and the characters than compensated for these

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Invisible Magic Hidden from a world unaware of magic a recently and only partially trained group of operatives known as the Invisible Recruits are the only ones willing to stand between mankind and those powerful preternatural factions seeking to change the balance of power and gain world dominationAlex Noziak part witchpart shaman anticipates facing dangerous preternaturals out for blood not fashion week But when the rookie agent is sent undercover to find out who or what is behind a series of world wide thefts of top secret intelligence Alex tangles with the SeekersSeekers hunt gifted human individuals like Alex and her suad whose rare powers can keep the balance between human and nonhuman suarely on the side of the humans Her simple assignment turns into a battle of survival for everyone involved when she crosses Bran a mysterious warlock who might be her only ally or worst enemyTo save the innocent Alex must call upon her untested abilities but at what cost

About the Author: Mary Buckham

USA Today bestselling author Mary Buckham credits her years of international travel and curiosity about different cultures that resulted in creating high concept urban fantasy and romantic suspense stories Her newest Invisible Recruit series has been touted for the uniue voice high action and rich emotion A prolific writer Mary also co authors the young adult sci fifantasy Red Moon series wi