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Haywire From the moment of its publication in 1977 Haywire was a national sensation and a #1 bestseller a celebrated Hollywood memoir of a glittering family and the stunning darkness that lurked just beneath the surface Brooke Hayward was born into the most enviable of circumstances The daughter of a famous actress and a successful Hollywood agent she was beautiful wealthy and living at the very center of the most privileged life America had to offer Yet at twenty three her family was ripped apart Who could have imagined that this magical life could shatter so conclusively so destructively Brooke Hayward tells the riveting story of how her family went haywire From the Trade Paperback edition

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  1. Jim Jim says:

    This memoir just goes to prove that being born with a silver spoon in your mouth doesn't guarantee that your life will be smooth or free from grief Brooke Hayward is the only surviving offspring of the union of wealthy producer Leland Hayward and actress Margaret Sullavan The Hayward kids had nothing but the bestcars schools clothes multiple residences nannies They rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous all over the world Money however does not buy happiness and most of the family was in psychiatric care or institutionalized from time to time It struck me as significant that the family members who received the least psychiatric care were the ones who ultimately lived the longestBrooke Hayward has written a very compelling account of her family's ups and downs It may not be relevant to some younger readers as most of the films discussed are current and conseuently many may never have seen a performance by Margaret Sullavan whose name must be the most freuently misspelled in Hollywood history or any of Brooke Hayward's few performances The writing in this I found to be uite good thereby justifying all the money expended on that high toned education

  2. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    This was just recently re released I read it when it first came out and I was a kid I now know I didn't understand half of it It is such a tragic story of a dream family Who wouldn't have wanted to grow up in the 1930's and 40's in Hollywood with your mother a famous movie star and your father one of the biggest power players? Three out of the five in that family killed themselves or were presumed to have killed themselves But Brooke Hayward is such a terrific writer that this reads like a novel One of my favorite books

  3. Syl Syl says:

    read this when first came out and was completely drawn in Very good book

  4. Elizabeth Periale Elizabeth Periale says:

    Hayward’s memoir tells what it was like for her growing up in the golden age of Hollywood where she grew up with the Fondas as playmates while her parents were hanging out with Jimmy Stewart and other Hollywood types And of course it all went horribly wrong Here is an excerpt from my reviewBrooke’s mother was film and stage actress Margaret Sullavan best known for her roles in The Shop Around the Corner and The Good Fairy Her father was Hollywood and Broadway agent Leland Hayward Sullavan cultivated a sweet slightly mannered screen presence But looking at the bare facts of her life she was a bit of a siren even femme fatale She married Henry Fonda for two months director William Wyler two years and also had a relationship with Broadway producer Jed Harris before marrying big shot agent Hayward While she was simultaneously “dating” Harris and Hayward so was her acting rival Katherine Hepburn The two actresses were vying for the same parts and same men not necessarily in that order Her affair with Harris apparently broke up her marriage to Fonda “I couldn’t believe my wife and that son of a bitch were in bed together But I knew they were And that just destroyed me completely destroyed me”It’s actually awful to me to think that Brooke felt her family started to fall apart after the divorce — that the good times in their lives were the hazy memories she has of her childhood when her parents were still together — and completely wound up in their careers and each other and ignoring their children She has nostalgia for a family that never really existed except in Life magazine publicity photos My full review

  5. Michael Llewellyn Michael Llewellyn says:

    Brooke Hayward's memoir Haywire caused a sensation when it appeared in 1977 There had never been uite such a frank account of family dysfunction certainly not from such a famous source Daughter of celebrated producer Leland Hayward and stagescreen actress Margaret Sullavan Hayward grew up in a privileged world edged with tension and teeming with dark secrets Dramatis personae in this compelling tale of survival and redemption include Henry Jane and Peter Fonda Pamela Churchill Jimmy Stewart Josh Logan Slim Keith Truman Capote Diana Vreeland and many Hayward reveals childhood memories so rich and warm you want to wrap yourself in them but pulls no punches in describing her mother's rollercoaster mental woes and the suicides of her only two siblings Bridget and Tom Nowadays almost everyone knows someone on medication for bipolarism depression or whatnot Such was not the case 46 years ago and it's a tribute to Hayward's writing skills and honesty that the book still packs a wallop This 2010 edition includes a new introduction by Buck Henry and an epilogue by the author

  6. Kim Fay Kim Fay says:

    This book was a gift in ways than one Gift #1 My friend Janet sent it to me Gift #2 It reminded me how significant a memoir can be Publicity positions this book as a Hollywood memoir you know the kind lots of name dropping and gossip but that really undermines what Hayward accomplished She is a good writer And even though her parents were a famous agent and the actress Margaret Sullavan and the best family friends were the Fondas Hayward's mom was briefly married to Henry Fonda this is a story about family and about grief As a young woman Hayward loses both her mother and her sister and this book is her attempt to figure out how such a golden family came to such tragedy She is honest to the point of brutal even with herself and I like that she lets others speak in her book as well by including remembrances from those who knew her family This is also a time capsule of life in LA in the 1940s 50s and 60s A time when the city was a much different place and fame was a much different creature

  7. Doriana Bisegna Doriana Bisegna says:

    This book has followed me around for 30 years I finally decided to buy it and read it and I am glad that I did This is old Hollywood ie the days of Henry Fonda Margaret Sullavan and Jimmy Stewart told by Brooke Hayward the daughter of Leland Hayward and Margaret Sullavan While this newly attained knowledge will not change my life in any way I was still happy to have read it and learnt about how mental illness was handled by parents and the general public back in the 60's and 70's Have we ever come a loooong way

  8. Julie Julie says:

    I liked the uote at the end I wept for my family all if us my beautiful idyllic lost family I wept for our excesses our delusions and inconsistencies; that we had let such extraordinary care be subverted into extraordinary carelessness We'd been careless with the best of our many resources each other It was as though we had taken for granted the fact that there would be where we had come from too; another chance another summer another Brooke Bridget or Bill

  9. Graceann Graceann says:

    Brooke Hayward is the eldest daughter of Hollywood royalty and this is her story of growing up in a family that is rich with talent intellect and sadness Her mother was Margaret Sullavan a brilliant actress much loved by many and married by four including Henry Fonda William Wyler and Brooke's father super agent and producer Leland Hayward He was the Toscanini of the Telephone and she was so entrancing that Ogden Nash wrote a poem about her Reading this I was reminded that wealth doesn't shield people from problems; they have the same problems that we do but in nicer homes Some of the things that Margaret Sullavan said to her children the martyred speeches and the strict rules that are guaranteed to incite the opposite of the behavior she sought could have come from my own mother's mouth Leland Hayward's belief that money and expensive gifts made everything better no matter that the things that matter communication chief among them were awful is something I've seen in every family I've ever been close to my own included Brooke swirls a bit outside of the problems that her family suffers but she is not unscathed Her mother sister and brother all spend time in in patient psychiatric care and her parents have nine marriages between them By the time she is 30 she has been married twice with a third marriage to come and has three children Nobody here seems to have managed to emerge from the maelstrom a truly completely healthy person The tragic thing here is that Brooke seems aware of it but she also seems powerless to change it even for herself

  10. Jan Jan says:

    This book is a memoir by Brooke Hayward the privileged daughter of actress Margaret Sullavan and producer Leland Hayward I wanted to read this book because I love a couple of Margaret Sullavan's movies and I was curious about her life and family The book is written in kind of stream of consciousness style that jumps around a bit clearly she was not a professional writer She writes about the New York crowd of rich and famous in a way that reminds me of how bloggers describe the Washington DC insiders as The Villagers She reminds me of Dominick Dunne and Joan Didion the way she name drops but I like it so far for the Hollywood Insider aspectPostscript Brooke Hayward was certainly part of the elite and she knew it I stand by my previous assessment of this book and if you are interested in the early lives of the Henry Fonda family you might like it Otherwise don't bother

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