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Greek for Beginners Alpha beta gamma delta That's just about the extent of Darcie Hayes's Greek before she touches down in Athens ready to put her troubles behind her and indulge in a little sun sea sightseeing anderflirtation But when Nick Costas modern day Adonis saves her from a con man she begins to think there might be to Greece than meets the eye Nick is perfectly happy with his single status but meeting Darcie makes him wonder if falling in love really would be the worst thing in the world Is Nick actually considering pushing this thing with Darcie past the Beginners' stage and on to Advanced

10 thoughts on “Greek for Beginners

  1. Alaina Alaina says:

    Greek for Beginners was a cute little audiobook to listen to In it you will meet Darcie and Nick They are now newly single Nick forever a bachelor and Darcie just got un engaged? Wait is that a word? Eh going with it Anyhoo she took her honeymoon vacation anyways So yeah suck it ex fiancé While in Athens she runs into Nick and it kind of seems like fate for these two Nick's family is hounding him to get engagedmarried and he just wants his family off of his back Enter a fake relationship ugh those make me laugh because they ALWAYS end up real Throughout the book they are developing feelings for one another Doesn't hurt that his family adores her It also doesn't help that her family just wants her to stop being selfish and come back home They want her with her ex fiancé who is just a douche Ugh I absolutely hated himOverall Darcie's family sucks ass and she deserves Nick They were super cute together and their whole relationship just made me smile

  2. Jenna Jenna says:

    uick easy cute romance read some humorDarcie was a relatable character it just hit the spot i needed something light in bw the thrillers I'm reading and this was entertaining and yes it is a little corny but that's the brand H Kissi was reminded of one my fave books It's all greek to me by Katie MacAllister which i would recommend if you liked this one even though it's longer it's much funnier moves at a uick pace

  3. Sarah {The Bookish Knitter} Sarah {The Bookish Knitter} says:

    4 StarsChallenges♥ AMMP Fairy Tale Spell Out 'G’ in Ugly Duckling 'B' Bluebeard♥ AMMP Cinderella’s Team Week 6 Task Read a book with a wedding in it♥ Pass the Parcel Round 10 Week #1 Read a book set in Europe

  4. Monica Gearhart Monica Gearhart says:

    My first book by this author and I loved it I did not want to put it down Can’t wait to read by her

  5. Sabina Alilovic Sabina Alilovic says:

    I really enjoyed this book Nick is not the alpha male but he is gentle and kind and I like it how he and Darcy slowly develop their relationship

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    Usually we have greeks as total Alphas with sheer dominance in characters Nick here is a man comfortable in his own skin he gets what he wants but only if he has worked for it Darcie is his complimentary other half Both have a sense of humor that has one enjoying thoroughly and we get to laugh over their witty conversations Their journey in this book is a journey one would want to go through themselves

  7. Dana Dana says:

    This book was really fun Humorous with some drama and emotional twists I really enjoyed the characters Nick and Darcie were both well developed and easy to root for And the ending was very satisfying too

  8. Sofia Lazaridou Sofia Lazaridou says:

    Greece and romance How can I not like a book after that?

  9. Jordan Jordan says:

    This book is fun and uite dumb The entire situation is unrealistic but I suppose that’s not the point to this kind of book The thing that concerned me most is the beginning was filled with negative Greek stereotypes which were unnecessary and uncalled for Fortunately those stereotypes were only at the beginning and it portrayed a positive light on the Greek characters and their culture though still stereotypical The audiobook narrator’s Greek accent was not great sounded Russian than Greek

  10. Jennifer Brown Jennifer Brown says:

    uick romance read This was recommended to me by my sister because she said once you got into it you couldn't put it down She was right The words were so easy that you had read like 30 pages before you noticedI liked the chemistry between the two main characters and the little life lesson about being in love no matter the length of the relationshipI got this as a read and return at the library without knowing who she was and will now definitely read by this author

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