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The Bridesmaid 4 12 starsWhat a lovely lovely story It was short but I had no problem believing that Joe and Kate fell in love in the span of 48 hours Excellent writing great characters funny plotline think Planes Trains Automobiles and one of the best props ever Kate's pink floating device My only tiny complaint I wish it was a full length novel hence the deduction of a 12 star from my ratingThis was only my first read by Julia London an author many of my trusted GR friends love and now I'm wondering why I hadn't caved under their gentle pressure to give her a try before I'll be definitely checking her backlist ASAP Note I received this eARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley That had no influence on my reviewrating A sweet and funny novella about a woman on her way to her friend’s wedding and the hot and irritating guy next to her on the plane who is on his way to a new job and who keeps hogging the armrest First their journey is delayed by a storm then by a plane strike and then they have to travel across country in a little car so that Kate can make the wedding on time Of course because this was a novella everything happened very fast but I must admit although I love instant lustlove it just didn’t work for me I never manged to feel the connection between Kate and Joe But I did enjoy the sweetness of it This was such a good book The humor of the meeting was such fun and realistic Joe and Kate were strangers on a flight that was supposed to be simple There was nothing simple about this flight Joe was moving to Seattle and Kate was heading to a wedding Their timing was not perfect Julia London created such amazing people both fun and interesting With great drama going on over the phone and in Seattle it kept the story flowing along at a fast pace I totally enjoyed this book Great interactions between Joe and Kate I love when there is great chemistry Julia London you did it again beautifully I have been a fan of Julia since the day I started loving historical romance and she never fails meThe Bridesmaid is sweet and adorable novella perfect read after a hectic day 3 Freak snowstorm Transportation Strike one Car Rental Left That's how Kate Preston and Joe Firretti fun adventure and love journey beginsJoe heading to Seattle for his job while Kate is heading for her cousin's wedding How are they gonna reach their destination with these snow storm Do they even make it in time Read and enjoy it Joe Firretti His body was hard as a turtle shell Kate Preston What is about boys always wanting to take things apartSexistWhy do girls read a lotIt's in our DNA It so happens that there are women book lovers than men Include sports scores and men would read ARC provided by publisher I enjoyed this story so much It's so short though so I feel like I'm reading a novella It's short yet managed to capture the lighthearted feeling of chemistry and happy ending Look forward to read The Bridesmaid was pretty much exactly what I was expecting It was short light and fluffy romance Joe and Kate were your average everyday people that met during a flight to Seattle where pretty much anything that could go wrong with their trip did indeed go wrong Or in their case maybe kismetly right It has that charming notion of fate at play here where your left dreamily wondering if all these roadblocks and chance meetings are there just to bring these two crazy kids together The ending was although completely predictable maybe just a smidge disappointing in the sense that it all seemed too much too soon But alas it's a novella and it was kind of expected to all be wrapped up in a pretty little bow of sparkily joy Getting her to the wedding on time is the least of his worriesKate Preston just moved to New York but she has to get back to Seattle in time for her best friend's wedding Joe Firretti is moving to Seattle and has to get there in time or risk losing his new job But fate's got a sense of humorKate goes from rubbing elbows on a plane with a gorgeous but irritating strange doggone armrest hog to sharing one travel disaster after another with him on four wheels Joe thought he had his future figured out but sometimes fates has to knock you over the head pretty hard before you see what opportunity is standing in front of youin a really god awful poufy bridesmaid dressA hot new contemporary romance novella from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julia London In a twist on Planes Trains and Automobiles two strangers Kate's en route to be a bridesmaid Joe's en route to a life altering job interview battle a storm a transportation strike and each other in a cross country race to make it to the wedding on time The Bridesmaid by Julia London is a pure romance novella that turned out to be a fun and cute story Our heroine is Kate who lives in New York doing her dream job of being an assistant book editor She has to fly to her hometown of Seattle for her cousin’s wedding as she is the Maid of Honor On the plane Kate meets our hero Joe who is also flying to Seattle for a new exciting job The two do not hit it off right away as he thinks of her as annoying especially with her hogging the armrest and carry around a huge puffy wedding dress that annoys everyone she passes She of course thought of him as a jerk being very irritating cold But with both having important deadlines to meet they are thrown together when the flight is cut short by a blizzard Desperate to find anyway to get to Seattle Joe shows some of his good nature by renting a car and asking Kate if she wants to go with him to the next airport What follows is a budding romance as they embark on an adventure that will take them through car trains and planes to get to the destination in time Besides the Blizzard they are also faced with an air controller strike Will they make it to Seattle on timeThe interaction between the two is at times hysterical and totally fun I loved the part where Kate devises a plan to push them ahead of the long line for a ride to the next destination to be able to board a plane It was so funny and Joe was smart to enough to figure out what Kate was up to Kate’s phone calls from her hysterical cousin and her mother add on to the humor When they managed to get a flight to Seattle Joe gave Kate the one seat left for her to get to the Wedding since he did not have to be at his new job until Monday and they said goodbye Of course Kate later changes it to the following morning and shows up at Joe’s hotel room At this point this romance is full blown and both of them feel that fate brought them together Is this a one night stand or will it turn out to truly be fateWith her mothers prodding Kate invites Joe to her cousins wedding and the whole family takes to him treating him like a member of the family which he eats up But when it’s time for Kate to go back to NY they both sorrowfully say they will keep in touch and move on to their lives Will Joe and Kate find each other again Is it possible to have a relationship living cross countryThis was a cute fun romance with some really good characters I really did enjoy this book If you are in the mood for a fast fun romance to read look no further then The Bridemaid by Julia LondonThe Reading Cafe MY REVIEWSo the cover I'd say represents the book well It has a romantic feel to it which fits the novella well The main characters of Joe and Kate are featured on the coverSo would I pick up the book on the strength of the cover I'd take a look at it though it probably wouldn't be the first or only book I checked outSo we start off with Kate and the huge pouffy bridesmaid dress her best friend wants her to wear at her wedding Kate and her luggage and the huge dress have to get on a plane to the other side of the country for the wedding There is no way that Kate can miss her best friends big day even if she would really rather not want to wear the dress that had been chosen for her Sure this all sounds fairly straight forward until the storm happens and then there's the transportation staff strike too How will Kate ever make it to the wedding on timeAlso trying to make a journey is Joe He absolutely has to get across country to get to his very important life changing job interviewSo both Kate and Joe are in competition for the flights that are still available then when they are cancelled they both want the last hire car but Joe manages to snag it Then in an attack of guilt he offers Kate a liftSo the two strangers pool resources in their attempts to get to their destination They begin their journey as stranger and along the way become friends and end up much closer than either of them would have suspected at the beginning of their separate journeysThe novella has love and friendship as well as humour I loved the descriptions of the dress how it started out pristine and extremely pouffy and peach and by the time it's worn it's creased flattened and one side and stained at the hem Kate wears it as her best friend chose it but actually thinks the dress is hideousThere's also the inevitable wedding jitters from Kate's friend which makes for some funny telephone conversations between the two charactersSo did I enjoy the book Yes it worked as a novella ideal read for a journey Would I recommend this novella Yes it's not too involved it's uite a light fun romantic readWould I read other books by this Author Possibly yes If you're looking for a funny romantic heartfelt but uick read this novella is perfect for you Joe Firretti and Kate Preston meet sitting next to each other on a plane that gets diverted to Dallas while they're on their way to Seattle They don't really care for each other at first he thinks she's an armrest hog and she tries to have a friendly conversation with him but he's a little hungover and not very responsiveKate just moved to New York to take an editorial job and is going home to Seattle to stand up in her cousin's wedding carting along her huge ruffly peach bridesmaid gown encased in what Joe refers to as the pink life raft And Joe is moving from New York to Seattle having just taken a new job there Kate needs to be in Seattle in time for the weekend wedding and Joe needs to be there to start his job on MondayJulia London sets up a wonderfully fun series of travel debacles including storms and sold out car rentals and a looming air traffic controller strike that have the two of them scrambling to get to their destination and ending up falling in love as they help each other get across the countryBut then what's the answer when Kate lives in New York and Joe just took a job in Seattle Can that long distance of a relationship really workI received a copy of this book from Sourcebooks Casablanca and it's also being featured on their chapter a day email that you can sign up for at When you sign up you'll receive a free chapter of a select Sourcebooks Casablanca romance every weekday in your email

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • The Bridesmaid
  • Julia London
  • English
  • 12 March 2015
  • 9781402283871