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Fugitive Colors A wonderful sleeper Lisa Barr's book is ostensibly about the Nazi's theft of art during the 1930s but she weaves of story of love lust friendship jealousy and artists Young Yakov Klein is uninterested in studying the Torah all he wants is to become an artist sketching and stealing art books from the local library After being banished from home he eventually wins a scholarship to a famous Parisian art school but instead falls in with three young Bohemian artists who convince him to study with them instead a German aristocrat Felix a French guy Rene Levi and a French woman Adrienne who the rebranded Julian Klein loves at first sight At their mentor's studio a gorgeous model creates tremendous strife for the friends and the boys eventually head to Germany to study with a famous German expressionist Felix succumbs to patriarchal pressure to join the family business and Nazis his jealousy of his friends' artistic talents and the Nazi's persecution of modern art lead to unspeakable results I adored this story of passion and betrayal among the painters struggling to survive Hitler's ruthless war on art and humanity Beautifully written and unforgettable I won this through Goodreads First Reads GiveawayThis is going to be one of those reviews that I do where I hardly make any sense There are not enough ways to describe just how much I loved this book As a huge history buff I love reading a book wrapped around actual historical events The author Lisa Barr did an excellent job of describing the atmosphere in Europe prior to World War II Yakov Klein a Hasidic Jew knew at an early age that painting was his life's passion Even though he is forbidden to indulge in this sinful act Yakov finds a way Stealing art books from the library secretly drawing and hiding his work finally comes to an end when he is caught up in a moment of frenzied drawing of a merchant woman while at the market He soon becomes a spectacle gathering the attention of fellow Jews By the time he gets home Yakov's father throws him out of the house Leaving in the middle of the night Yakov leaves behind his grieving mother and his heritage to pursue his love of art After Yakov sheds his name and becomes Julian arrives in Paris to attend a famed art school Before reaching the school he befriends three fellow artist who talk him into abandoning the school to study with them with a local famed artist This decision thrusts Julian into a world of heartbreak jealousies leading to betrayal torture and even death Soon Julian is going from just wanting to paint to helping his closest and only friends from betraying one another to becoming a spy deep in the heart of Germany during a torturous and horrific time This book is one of those books that really doesn't get dusted over on your bookshelf I have already read this book twice and have had three of my best friends buy it and love it as much as I do This is definitely an excellent read I tried so hard to like this book because on paper it's got stuff I like but I found it tedious at best I don't honestly understand all the 5 star reviews because this book just isn't that interesting The characters aren't that interesting nothing really happens the pacing is off and I didn't get the sense of place I wish I had It takes place in well worn territory Europe in the 30s just pre WWII so it really needs to stand out I just kept putting this down and reading far interesting things and finally I gave up because I just didn't care I wanted to like Julian the main character because he seemed sympathetic to me but even so I just didn't care so I stopped Life is too short to waste on books that aren't holding my attention Stolen art love lust deception and revenge paint the pages of veteran journalist Lisa Barr’s debut novel Fugitive Colors an un put down able page turner Booklist calls the WWII era novel Masterfully conceived and crafted Barr’s dazzling debut novel has it all passion and jealousy intrigue and danger Fugitive Colors asks the reader How far would you go for your passion Would you kill for it Steal for it Or go to any length to protect itHitler’s War begins with the ruthless destruction of the avant garde but there is one young painter who refuses to let this happen An accidental spy Julian Klein an idealistic American artist leaves his religious upbringing for the artistic freedom of Paris in the early 1930s Once he arrives in the “City of Light” he meets a young German artist Felix von Bredow whose larger than life personality overshadows his inferior artistic ability and the handsome and gifted artist Rene Levi whose colossal talent will later serve to destroy him The trio uickly becomes best friends inseparable until two women get in the way—the immensely talented artist Adrienne Rene’s girlfriend with whom Julian secretly falls in love and the stunning artist’s model Charlotte a prostitute cum muse who manages to bring great men to their kneesArtistic and romantic jealousies abound as the characters play out their passions against the backdrop of the Nazis' rise to power Felix returns to Berlin where his father a blue blooded Nazi is instrumental in creating the master plan to destroy Germany’s modern artists and seeks his son’s help Bolstered by vengeance Felix will lure his friends to Germany an ill fated move which will forever change their lives Twists and turns destruction and obsession loss and hope will keep you up at night as you journey from Chicago to Paris Berlin to New York With passionate strokes of captivating prose Barr proves that while paintings have a canvas passion has a face—that once exposed the haunting images will linger long after you have closed the bookThe Hollywood Film Festival awarded Fugitive Colors first prize for “Best Unpublished Manuscript” Opus Magnum Discovery Award The novel has been optioned for movie development by Hollywood producer Arthur Sarkissian Rush Hour trilogy While You Were Sleeping I may not have chosen to spend my anniversary this year in Nazi Germany where no one could be trusted watching as the life was stripped from sensitive artists and as great works of art were stripped from our world culture—yet I was compelled to The interpersonal dynamics between three young artists as their idealism met with the aggressive controls instituted by Hitler himself a frustrated artist kept me creeping back to the book while our lobster broiled I was well aware of my middle class privilege as I did so with the uestion posed to the protagonist—how far will you go for your art?—haunting me I will not soon forget Julian Felix and René and the emotional and physical conseuences they faced for being born to paint To see beyond what appears to be to the truth within The greatest nations on this earth all take great pride in their cultural treasures and the right to expression must be guarded This book is an inspiration and a relevant cautionary tale for our times It would make a great book club discussion book Fugitive Colors by Lisa Barr offers a sensuous and stunning entry into the art scene in Europe during World War II This work of profoundly engaging historical fiction delves into the passion and peril of those artists who were then in the thrall of creating a wide array of modern art genres Entartete Kunste — degenerate art is the term the Nazi spin doctors created to justify prohibiting destroying and also secretly hoarding some of the works of emerging avant garde masters such as Klee Mondrian Munch Chagall Kandinsky Nolde and over one hundred Barr's riveting scenes sear with the heat of in the moment abstract expressionist innovation in contrast to many earlier grand masters who would stand at easels carefully placing each stroke She reminds us of how magnificently radical these artists were in their time how outsider their ways in contrast to classical realism and even their Classical Impressionist forebears Rene began to caress the wall with midnight blue pigment lightly dragging his brush across the white plaster creating an undulated effect He then added in light dabs of orange and the texture changed completely Julian had never seen anything like it As the music picked up Rene's body began to twist as he painted He swept from left to right blending in various shades of yellow green and red into the blue His full lips were parted his breath was heavy his eyes opened and closed rapidly as if surprised His neck muscles seemed to be bursting through his skin Rene looked at once monstrous and inhumanly handsome He did not paint He was the paintThis insider styled story can't help but fascinate The action is given over through the eyes of Julian a young Orthodox Jewish American who abandons his difficult family in service of his essence — drawing painting art When he spotted Ernst Engel's work he had to make a conscious effort to keep his hands at his sides He leaned forward and read the plaue Women Bathing It was gorgeous sensual and forbidden The colors were shocking The lake was pinkish the sky golden the naked bodies free flowing with burgundy and splashes of indigo Julian yearned to touch the painting to feel the depth of the texture against his fingertipsJulian may yearn to paint but trysts and jealousies between artist friends and Nazi horrors steadily intrude with vicious intensity The ethical dilemmas he will face yield important uestions for contemplation and discussion particularly whether to put your life and integrity at risk for a friend or lover or for the sake of saving works of art Today just over 60 years after the Holocaust incredibly it is not so difficult to imagine art being stalked like a fugitive Here in America numerous fundamentalists attempt to prevent various forms of art and books from appearing in public institutions The wielding of degenerate Nazi power is well and extensively articulated by Barr Hartt began the Baron you will compile the lists of artists whose work we will confiscate and the museum directors who refuse to cooperate with us They must be dismissed from their positions immediately Start with Berlin's Nationalgalerie particularly the Kronprinz Palias it should be purged of all its modern art Dismiss everyone who works there effective immediately I expect a full scale plan on my desk at the end of this month Exactly how far can I go? Streibel piped up Far enough the Baron answered The key to our success is to spread fear Once there is real fear out there I promise you it will perpetuate and do the work for usHave you for example perhaps viewed Emil Nolde's surviving light and life filled color full canvases? 1052 of his works were taken by the Nazis most were slashed or burned While Fugitive Colors focuses on the evolution of Abstract Expressionism art forms declared degenerate also included Bauhaus Fauvism Cubism Impressionism Dada New Objectivity and SurrealismThe Nazis exhibited the works they stole in an Entartete Kundst exhibit in Munich featuring over 650 paintings sculptures prints and books by 112 artists from July 19 1937 until November 30 before taking the show to eleven other cities in Germany and Austria Famously on the night of July 27 1942 in the gardens of the Galerie National du Jeu de Paume in Paris works by Miro Picasso Ernst Klee Leger and Picasso were destroyed in a bonfire According to Stephanie Barron author of Degenerate Art The Fate of the Avant Garde in Nazi Germany 16558 works were expropriated during this time A good number of works were secreted away by Goebbels and other Nazis leaders in hopes of future appreciation in value Some that were found buried after the war are thought to be among the substantial collection in the Hermitage in St Petersburg Russia Major museums in Paris Munich and New York are among those with significant collections open to the publicLisa Barr's Fugitive Colors is than good reading; it is an important form of honoring the legacy of the abstract expressionists She advances our appreciation of this genre of painting by creating readable sensations of the sort usually reported by synesthetes — where the senses switch places — tasting a color seeing a sound hearing a touch — a rare accomplishmentPowerful pacing well developed characters expert twists of the plot and the capacity to effectively convey genuine human and artistic sensibilities informed by in depth period research result in a book that is hard to put down This work of historical fiction won the Hollywood Film Festival's manuscript Opus Magnum Discovery Award Fugitive Colors by Lisa Barr is a book you won't be likely to forget This book is annoyingly unbelievable The premise and intentions are good but to ask us to believe that 2 Jewish artists went to vacation in Germany during the rise of Nazism then got sent to Dachau and escaped? Then escaped from several other situations and kept bumping into Felix like he's the only Nazi in Europeon and on unbelievable storylines continue I get it they live to paint This book has some interesting points but overall poorly written This is a melodrama and potboiler revolving around 1930's Nazi efforts to criminalize degenerate modern art in pre WWII Germany There were enough twists and turns to the plot to keep a reader engaged a runaway orthodox Jew who wants to be an artist romantic liaisons and jealousies aplenty plus some Indiana Jones type exploits as two main characters escape from a concentration camp but I struggled to feel properly engaged with the characters few of whom felt realistic The tale DID make me want to know about this time in history and the plight of artists under the Nazi regime Would it have helped if I had any particular interest in or awareness of modern art? Possibly I also concede I'd have enjoyed it in non COVID19 times when I could have held a physical book in my hands rather than an electronic tablet I DO relish the ability to flip back and forth in a book to check plot points and even to see how far along in a book I am My Hoopla download allowed for neither of these pleasures Being a Jew in Germany at the beginning of Hitler’s reign was not a good plan Being Jewish and an Expressionistic painter was much much worse Julian Klein has stayed in Paris learning to specify his art He is very good but also very innocent in many ways He makes close friends in Felix Von Bredow a child of the Reich with no artistic talent whatsoever; Rene and Adrienne – lovers and uite talented and Charlotte the model who everyone lusted afterBefore Julian hit Paris he was Yakov Klein Hasidic Jew who stole art books from the library and drew in secret as it was against the laws of the Torah to depict art He sold bundles of socks on a street corner and dreamed of things he shouldn’t Then he was caught drawing and Yakov ceased to existThis book is full of tears stories of hate and cruelty and is absolutely one of the best I’ve read this year Ms Barr has done such an great job of putting together her cast so that they go through the pages effortlessly; flying from Paris to the hatred of Germany where Felix and Rene fall in love with the same woman; to Dachau to the final chapters For a first novel this is such a compelling book that I had to read it over in some places to be sure I had it correct It isn’t funny but it is a special story to be savored even if it makes you uncomfortableLisa Barr’s debut novel FUGITIVE COLORS which won first prize at the Hollywood Film Festival for “Best Unpublished Manuscript” Opus Magnum Awards is a suspenseful tale of an artist’s revenge after World War II Julian Klein a young American artist leaves behind his religious upbringing for the artistic freedom of Paris in the 1930s only to find himself trapped inside a world in which a paintbrush is far lethal than a gun An artist cum unlikely spy Julian is forced to contend with jealous inferior artists who attempt to destroy those with true talent Love Friendship Betrayal and Passion painted in FUGITIVE COLORS are never black and white Like an abstract painting Julian’s turbulent journey is emotionally charged as he tries to save his friends and rescue some of the most important pieces of Modern Art – including his ownA journalist for 20 years Lisa Barr served as an editor for five years at the Jerusalem Post in Israel and managing editor of Moment Magazine and Today’s Chicago Woman Most recently she served as a staff reporter for the Chicago Sun Times Her work ranges from covering terrorism and politics to celebrities lifestyle sex and relationships In addition she's contributed to numerous publications worldwide She earned her master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism Northwestern UniversityHer popular website and blog “GIRLilla Warfare A Mom’s Guide to Surviving the Suburban Jungle launched in May 2012 Lisa lives in the Chicago suburb of Deerfield Illinois with her husband and three teenage daughters lots of Girl Drama and fodder for her next novel

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LISA BARR is the author of THE UNBREAKABLES HarperCollins named as a Best Book of Summer by PopSugar and The Philadelphia Inuirer Publishers Weekly says This exuisitely wrought novel will appeal to readers who believe in the redemption of new beginnings and the necessity of facing the past while making a deliberate effort to move forward Lisa's debut novel FUGITIVE COLORS is a sus

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