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An Irreparable Life What a sensational story I loved the book and consider it a staple reading because it touches all the nerve endings of the controversial subjects facing our world right now THRILLING You cannot afford NOT to read An Irreparable Life An astonishing and heartbreaking true story that needed to be told Ann Rossi is a remarkable human being I highly recommend An Irreparable Life to everyone We live in a time of true enlightenment and now it is time for this long buried subject to be brought into the light and to be treated with compassion and understanding This is an absolutely true story backed up with actual people places and legal documents What happened should not have been legal in our great country This is proof that religion should not rule any part of our legal system and should be completely separate As you read this story it will be very hard for you to realize that it took place less than half a century ago and not some time during the middle ages Our world has changed so much for the better within the past fifty years In telling my story I hope to shed even light on forced adoption so that it cannot be so easily accomplished A shield of protection will be put up against radical religious institutions Our planet moves forward not backward and this is my wish for all people also Prepare to be horrified and wrenched

  • ebook
  • An Irreparable Life
  • Ann Rossi
  • 22 July 2016
  • 9781481719254