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Warriors for the Working Day Based on Peter Elstob’s personal experience of tank warfare Warriors For The Working Day is a tale of fear and the horrors of warIt really captures the heat and aggression of a tank battle mixed with the claustrophobia of being baked in a flammable tin can with a crew of men all battling their own demons doubts and fear at the same timeIncredibly compelling and a must read for any fan of classic war fictionThank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour for the promotional materials and a copy of the book This is my honest unbiased review While this is a book of fiction it is based on the author's experiences and that makes it a special book as he describes the emotional stress that a tank commander faced in Northwest Europe probably better than any biography For that reason I think it is an important book for anyone wishing to understand the experience of combat I had read a vignette one which didn't come to light in this book but was based on his time a a tank commander by Peter Elstob in an old History of the Second World War magazine published in the 1970s in the UK and saw he had written a book this one I am reviewing I found it in a Kindle version for about 7 and thought why not First though do take the time to read the Wiki on Elstob what a life As for Warriors for the Working Day well I found it simply outstanding Elstob is sadly long gone but he has left a true gem and I am very grateful to the Imperial War Museum for featuring it in their series It is so much enjoyable to read of this type of very soldier level narrative from a British rather than an American point of view The writing is crisp clear and engaging The story line is factual and believable; after all it is all based on real experience When I had finished racing through some pages as the story was completely gripping I realized Elstob wrote this superb novel without once relying on foul language that one would expect to read I don't mind foul language after a 37 year Army career how could I but I nevertheless admire Elstob's carrying it off in the 1950s when the book was written without a word appearing and with no detrimental result This is just an excellent novel and I cannot recommend it to you any highly This is a novel which took me surprise I was soon engrossed in the story of a group of young soldiers who enlisted midway through the Second World War and who fought their way through it The pace of the story is most surprising as it reflected the unrelenting pace of the war as events followed on and there was no time to stand back and reflect Amongst the young soldiers you get to see what happens to each one as the battles take their toll The ending is a bit of a shock but fits in perfectly with the direction of the novel You are certainly shown the claustrophobic lives of the tank crew as they try to follow orders Their lives are ones of unrelenting routine as they dream of home and try to support each other Full of the atmosphere of the battlefield this is a novel which shows you the effect of war on the ordinary man in the street and at the same time shows you the heroism of those who seek to do their duty In short A bri;liant retelling of the challenges of war Thanks to the publisher for a copy of the book Loosely based on the author's experiences during WWII this book is an immersive account off what it was like to be at the sharp end during the liberation of Europe Warriors for the Working Day is a novel written by Peter Elstob published in 1960 with later translations into other languages The novel is based on events from June 1944 during the Battle of Normandy to the invasion of Germany in the Spring of 1945 The book describes fighting by the men of a small unit of British tanks during this period with the focus on one tank crew The novel is highly realistic as it is based on Elstob's experience in the war as a tank crewmember

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