Superstar Customer Service eBook ´ Superstar Customer

Superstar Customer Service Are you worried that your customers are trying to survive tough times by seeking better deals from your competitorsAre you having an even tougher time finding new customers for your product or service Superstar Customer Service follows Superstar Leadership and Superstar Sales three titles aimed straight at achieving the highest levels of performance in these three essential areasCustomer service may be one of the most demanding and difficult jobs you'll ever have but it has the potential to make you a SuperstarDevelop your skills manage yourself master your ability to address the relationship problems experienced by your company and you can go anywhere you want to go Job satisfaction success and personal accomplishment are all within your graspThis book is organized as a month long journey of improvement and discovery Each chapter is a daily lesson with a core concept skill development idea and resources to support your practice and application of the lesson Superstar Customer Service will help you distinguish yourself as someone who can get things done It may very well help you forge a new pathway in your career that is far beyond anything you previously imagined

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