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PS Youre a Daddy The baby that changed their livesDeanna Lambert's life was meant to be simpleordinary Until the little baby she'd offered to carry for her best friend before she died turned out to have the wrong father Now facing life as a single mom Deanna must find the courage to tell a stranger that he's about to be a daddyDr Beau Alexander's return to Sugar Creek was only meant to be temporary Until news of a very beautiful and fragile visitor hits the town's grapevinenews that unbeknownst to him is about to shake his world forever This was a very emotional heart tugging story I loved all the characters in this book I made assumptions about this book by the title I thought it would be just about the heroine telling the hero that he was going to be a father I was so wrong There were so many aspects to this story that it’s hard to sum up in a review This was a beautifully written book This story brought tears to my eyes in several parts Deanna was pregnant with her cousins baby Her cousin died in a car accident Deanna found out there was a mix up at the sperm bank She wanted to find out who the father was She paid a PI to find a name and address She only intended on going to the town of Sugar Creek to see what he looked like She was torn on telling Beau or not that he was going to be a dad Deanna was a nurse which had been working on medical research Beau is a doctor of the small town The medical practice was his grandfathers but his grandfather had a stroke Beau felt obligated to take it over to help the people of the small town and his grandfather The two men loved one another but butted heads when it came to how they practiced medicine The old man was set in his ways and wanted his grandson to run the practice the way he had for many years He didn’t use computers did everything by hand His Grandson Beau on the other hand was use to the advanced medicine His grandfather didn’t want Beau to make any changes at all His grandfather wormed his way into my heart throughout the story Deanna’s first day in Sugar Creek she witnessed a really bad accident She called 911 and went to render ad That is how she met Beau The next thing she knows she is working for him and his grandfather She had to admit the two men needed her help and her honest opinion The two men were so stubborn and head strong I loved the relationship between grandfather and grandchild They may not see eye to eye but you could feel the love between the two Some of the patients that they took care of was funny and also left me smiling I loved how Deanna’s friendship with Beau turned into love I would defiantly recommend this story if you want a great heart tugging story This book was a part of a MB double It was not a bad read but a little slow for me I Recommend this book It was not one of the better books but still a good read Thought this book was a nice enjoyable story the writing was very good from the author a good page turner to keep you wanting to know how the story would end would read this again

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • PS Youre a Daddy
  • Dianne Drake
  • English
  • 09 April 2015

About the Author: Dianne Drake

Dianne a relative newcomer to romance fiction is best known for her nonfiction work under the name JJ Despain She has written seven nonfiction books and her magazine articles have appeared in Country Living Oxygen Woman's Day Family Circle Ladies' Home Journal Better Homes & Gardens Parenting Teen Seventeen and Writer's Digest In addition to her writing Dianne teaches a dozen writin

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