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Avah Maldita Aarte pa? I love Avah's bitch mode HAHAHAHA It suits her character well though I think parts of the original Wattpad story should be included in the hard copy Kups and Malds Forever Hart hart sml One of the best stories in wattpad This is one of the best books I've ever read on wattpad At first I thought Avah's going to be one of those good girl to bad girl character I'm glad that she's a maldita all throughout the story I have forgotten when I'd read this but nevertheless I can still remember the fun this book made me experience The protagonist is like no other The male lead is eually awesome The lines and dialogues are really hilarious It kicks ass I lied This doesn't contain any spoilers I just wanted to hide my review coz I don't want people reading this one in particular But here you are Thank you for clicking hehe Oh my God I just can't believe I just finished my first pop fiction book At least this was that one pop fiction book that I bought on instagram At least I got to read it since I spent like 300 Pesos for it And to think I was discouraging my sister so profusely from reading the book because initially I thought it was cheap and full of crappy stereotypical stories about how a nerdy damsel in distress finds a cute and impossibly hot guy and then the guy falls for the nerdy girl and they live happily ever after I don't know what came into me that I read this book And to be honest I don't regret it and I'm glad I did read itThe story was good I felt like there were two parts of the book the first was when Avah had her issues with her family and the second was her adventures with love It was all very amusing and I really liked the character developments especially from Avah and Avy Although it was pretty unrealistic for them to make up so fast after two years of bitterness but I guess maybe miracles do happen Kinilig talaga ako sa second part ng book though I mean who wouldn't??? Grabe ni Neo ah may pa drama pang nalalaman Ang cute niya talaga Plus enjoy na enjoy talaga ako sa ka malditahan ni Avah Grabe And to think that I wouldnt enjoy reading a tagalog book Boy was I wrong It was Taglish anyway but whatever Ang saya ng ending Nakakainggit tuloy Ganda ng pop fiction na 'to I think I just found my guilty pleasure ; Just another typical pop fiction I LOVE THE THE STORY Avah Chen is living large and she is always in charge She finds herself in good company of her fabulous friends in high places and unexpected ones from around the corner You would think there's no stopping this little fierce maldita dahil tila nasa kanya na ang lahat magarang bahay matagumpay na negosyo at iba pang karangyaanNgunit sa likod ng pinid na pinto ng Chen manor ay ang kawing kawing na problema na sumisira sa perpekto niyang buhay Tormented by an ugly past coupled with a serious sibling rivalry and bitter estrangement fron her parents will Avah crumble completely Or will she finally pick up the pieces and put her life back togetherSamahan si Avah sa kanyang kuwento ng pagpapakatotoo paghihiganti pagpapatawad at hindi inaasahang pag iibigan Oh aarte ka pa ba

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