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Half a Rupee Stories Probably Gulzar is better off writing poems I couldn't manage to complete the book And then the translation is awful Somebody should have been paid to proof read the grammar Overall the book is just like the title half baked It's basically a collection of short stories The plot is simply weaved not that of twist and turn one It discusses the life of ordinary people But I find this book okayish none of the stories were influential except Ghugu and Jamuni one I literally lovee it❤❤Overall I find all remaining stories a little boring So for me it is 35 stars Twenty five fascinating stories from the inimitable GulzarA suicide bomber in a small town plans out her last day getting herself photographed before she goes and blows up the prime minister A drunkard in a Mumbai slum tries to compete with the torrential rain even as it washes his dwelling away An army man at the border has become so accustomed to speaking over the wireless that he ends every sentence with ‘Over’ And in the title story a cop drags a dead cow from Vinayak Rao Patwardhan Road to the adjoining Bapu Road since the latter is so much easier to spellFrom real life stories about Javed Akhtar Sahir Ludhianvi and Kuldip Nayyar to tales set in Kashmir in the hinterland in the modern megapolis and on the LoC from anecdotes of love and betrayal to fables of courage and conviction this is an enthralling collection available in English for the very first time Not exactly a masterpiece I hoped for 25 Half a Rupee Stories is little book of short stories consisting of 25 stories divided into 8 parts each having a motif of it's own I have been eagerly waiting to read it reason being the amazing title and a wizard of words Gulzar allied to it but the moment I started I realized not every glitter is gold I enjoyed only few of the narratives I feel the stories would have sounded better in Hindi the translation has just killed it badly Though some of the stories may evoke the smile on your face but mostly they don't do justice to the contextSome people may love them but as a reader I personally did not like the stories much no proper closure is given to most of them and fails miserably in every attempt to woo your soul Half a rupee is a collection of 25 short stories penned by the great poet and lyricist GulzarGulzar is a magician He pours his magic in his words These stories will make your heart glow and give u a strange sort of felicity The powerful alchemy of his storytelling transforms the atthanni half a rupee into a rupaiyaMoreover the translator of this book also did a good job in translation He made it too simple which is a blessing for begginers like methough some avid readers don't like this extent of simplicityThese stories are not the ones with complex plots having twists in their tales These are just a description of lives of common people Gulzar spun his narrative around the common manthe events that happen around us every dayHe also pointed to the lives of people after the partition of subcontinent Half a Rupee Stories is a brilliant translation of Gulzar Saab's works by Sunjoy Shekhar In this choicest collection of short stories Gulzar Saab like always weaves his magic of raconteuring Encompassing stories from the length and breadth of his homeland ie from the panic stricken valleys of Kashmir the skirmishes along the barbed borders of India and Pakistan the fierce battle for existence in the metros excerpts from the vaults of Filmdom and across many other poignant fronts The short stories are crisp enough to not feed you with a ruminating pile of character sketch and the backdrop but also frugal enough to not cut out on vital information which the writer and Sunjoy lay out in a non grandilouententicingrustic choice of language laced with goodsynced bouts of timely satiremelancholy and mirth thereby drawing an instant connect with any inhabitant of the nation The stories cover all the aspects of Indian living through sluices of archaic traditionsbrotherhood poverty communism and Cultural melange painting a picture of the Nation's evolution since its Independence from Colonialism to its present day pains and pleasure Individually as 25 stories and together as one mighty reflection of India the book is mellowly written but makes sure that the reader ensues and breathes through with emotions nodding in absolute agreement for the protagonists' and the sub characters' circumstances metamorphosing the short story into a phantasmagoria of events train for you militating against the passiveness of involvementPS The book bears references to three great Hindi Film Industry personalities Javed AkhtarWell known Hindi Film Lyricist and writer and his esoteric association with Sahir LudhianviThe great writer from the Progressive Writers' movement and well known poetwriter; the lesser known writer Bhushan Banmali co writer for Mausam Both the stories add a dash of Filmdom without which Indian achievements shall stay incomplete Any Hindi Film Industry enthusiast must thereby certain imbibe the trivia from those concerned chapters My personal favourite is “The Adjustment” Gulzar A good storyteller is the conscious keeper of a nationWalk through the pages of a book and you'll find charactersLike old friends ― In the corridors of timeA large part of me still lives on that side of the borderMy roots still remain on the other side Javed Akhter Poetry flows in his veins J Krishnamurti History would be read and then repeatedDreams heed no border the eyes sees no visas With eyes shut I walk across the line in time ― All the timeBoth sides stake their claims on Kashmir And that's the reason why this restaurant of mine is flourishing What kind of a city this was ― it kicked you but it also caressed youWhat kind of a city this was ― it fed you and also bite youBecause common man like us only having half of things Half plate eating half night sleeping half laughing half crying half living And also half dying ― This aatthanni never becomes full rupiah My rating is not for the book as such It is for two heartwarming stories Ghugu and Jamuni Oh What a lovely lovely tale A bird in love with a kite A story that will be in my heart foreverEven if you skip the whole book it is ok but don't miss this love storyThe Charioteer At first you might feel sorry for Maruti who works asa sweeper in a ferry and has a hard life But when he gets back home he is in the warmth of his family's love Then you realize you have no right to feel sorry for himYou might be insignificant to most But for some you mean the world The book as a whole gave me mixed feelings Some stories were really good But the theme of death in most of them is what put me off a little The translation killed the stories for me