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Hard Rock Remix The Lonely Kings #2 A damsel in distressThe day of a young woman's wedding should be the happiest day of her life but for Aylen Ware it is the worst Raised from a young age in a secret splinter sect of the Fundamentalist Mormon Church Aylen has spent her life suppressing her true self and living in constant fear of violence and abuse The Elders of the church claim that she has been chosen to be the eighteenth bride of a man three times her age and renowned for his cruelty but Aylen has other ideas Mere minutes before her wedding she runs knowing that she will fail in her flight unless she can find someone to help herAn unlikely princeHalf naked and passed out drunk on a motel bed Carter Hudson doesn’t seem like a knight in shining armor Covered in tattoos and piercings and distinctly disheveled he frightens Aylen than a little bit but appearances can be deceiving As Aylen runs with Carter's help she discovers that beneath the rough surface is a scarred young man who has had his own curses and triumphs and that he is full of surprises Like his music And his money And his fame Ohand also his internationally acclaimed rock band Still as the two grow closer Aylen discovers they are alike than not and finds her feelings for him changing from the waryto the wickedA fairy tale endingBut Aylen's past will not let go easily men from the Church are tracking her determined to take her back to the cult and a life of misery and servitude Will the bond between her and Carter be enough to escape the evil that follows her or is her curse so strong that not even love can defeat it

10 thoughts on “Hard Rock Remix The Lonely Kings #2

  1. Teri Teri says:

    Where do I even start????? How about what happened to Carter???Apparently something happened between this book and the last to make him go on a soul finding trip But what was it????? First book leaves us with a happy go lucky Carter but book two opens with him passed out We so needed Carter's POV in this book Book had too many flashbacks of Aylen' s story I started skimming them Too much of book was about herMINOR SPOILERSAuthor failed to tell us what was up with the prescription drug bottle Carter had Despite learning about Carter's past there were still gaps in the story It seemed he wasn't happy with the direction his life had taken but nothing was done about that It was mentioned that he didn't know if he could do what was coming up in his lifeassume acting but it was never mentioned again Even the ending leaves you with uestions Was that really a HEA??? Not very powerful one

  2. Gina Drayer Gina Drayer says:

    I like Ava Lore's Lonely Kings but I was really disappointed in this book My main complaint was AylenAnna I couldn't buy her as a character She wasn't at all what I'd expect from a virginal spent most of her life in an ultra conservative and abusive cult young girl She was too bold and brave at times I could have bought this transformation if she'd come into the life at a later age maybe 14 I could have even accepted her the way if she'd just come from an abusive home with a controlling step father Her back story really and her reactions really took me out of the realm of believablyStill looking forward to the next book

  3. Natalia Natalia says:

    And the author lost meThe story was nice but so farfetchedh was taken at the aged of 8 to a sisters wife type of cult In her pre arranged weadding day she decides to escape For me she was so flat H liked Carter in the first book in this we get to know his past drug problem but I couldn't connectReally miss the band and the music part in this bookAlready read the blurb for the next book and is another deasel in distress Not for me

  4. Dotti Elrick Dotti Elrick says:

    I fell in love with Carter in the first book and was really looking forward to his story I'm not sure how to really explain how I felt when I finished his story The book is well written but it just felt like something was missing Like large chunks of the story were missing Carter is still his lovable goofy self And in this book he gets to play the real life knight in shining armor when he rescues a stranger from what she claims is an arranged marriage Anna or as she renames herself Aylen is truly trapped in hell and being forced to be the eighteenth wife of a man forty years older than her Carter helps her escape and she ends up in LA with him her relatives and former church members hot on their trail Aylens story is truly awful and if she's caught she faces severe punishments She has been so sheltered she is lost in the real world no ID no money no friends outside the church no real clue how to survive on her own She needs Carter And as Carter had said he was bored and was willing to help her out and see where things ended upWe also learn about Carters backstory And the horrific things his father did to him in order to keep him in line and remain his cash cow His brother was his knight in shining armor now he gets to pay it forward and help out Aylen I was confused when I started reading this book I was lost at the beginning The last time we saw Carter he was getting himself together clean and sober moving on with his music and getting ready to start his acting career When we see him in this book he's drunk and passed out in a seedy motel in Utah A bottle of pills on the nightstand He tells Aylen he's on a meandering three week journey from New York back to his home in LA These things were never explained I suppose he had to have a reason to be in that hotel but an explanation of why and how would have been nice

  5. Liz Liz says:

    What an amazing story I was gripped from the first page and thoroughly enjoyed the ride It would've been read in one sitting if it hadn't been for life getting in the way The story starts with a girl walking into a strangers hotel room trying to get away from a threat The gentle friendship between Carter and Aylen the girl who walked into his hotel room was a delight A hardened rocker that has sampled all that life has to offer and the innocent girl who had witnessed such horrors in the ultra religious life she'd been made to endure The journey of discovery they both take as drive through states is addictiveI am completely hooked on this series every character that I've been introduced to have been compelling Carter and Aylen both stole my heart in this book just as Kent and Rebecca had before I can't wait to read the rest in this series

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    Ava girlyou've done it again You have written another awesome storyI couldn't help but feel so bad for Aylen and yet I felt so happy that fate had brought her to CarterCarter drew me in completelyI love how real he is all the timeHe had some heartache and mistakes in his past and I love how Aylen just sees the goodI loved their storyI also developed a strong hate for cults where men marry multiple womanI would chop their dick offseriouslyHowevergood news isI'm officially addicted to Ava Lore books

  7. Hanna Hanna says:

    35 stars While reading my rating changed from 2 to 4 and back to 2 and then to 3 It was uite a slow read I love Ava Lore's writing and this story was good but at times it felt a bit dragging Starting a new life and making a change in the way you think and see yourself takes time so I understand why the story kept drifting in slow motion at times Anna's cahnge into Aylen has been described very well and the story is believable

  8. Maria Maria says:

    loved this bookgreat story loved carter aahhhh need like him around can't wait for manny's story and hope to see one about Tanner

  9. Abi Abi says:

    Loved this book I cannot find anything I would change about it Well written great plot Intriguing characters An amazing read altogether

  10. Ginette Ginette says:

    An ok read liked the characters not sure what happened the end Feels like a lot was left to the imaginationjust my opinion

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